Pretty Things for Your Female Characters

It’s cute little outfits on all sides today. From a flirty fairytale outfit to a head-turner of an evening dress, and a stylized school uniform to a sweet dress and jacket combo, Genesis 2 Female can take her pick.

Autumn Rain for G2F caught my eye first as this dress, jacket and boots outfit was made by Dogz, who pays attention to every last detail. All elements of the outfit are nice, with the jacket looking like one of those items you’d use again and again — much like the hooded top from the vendor’s Mall Girl set. The skirt of that dress is short but cute, and I like its textures. I also love that the boots go from cheerful wellies to a stylish pair of black leather or crocodile skin look leather boots.

Hailey Dress for G2F by Charlie is an attention-grabber for different reasons. This little number wouldn’t look out of place on an Academy Awards red carpet. Charlie is an exciting new PA, who gets extra points for including matching footwear with those gorgeous dresses. This sensational dress and heels combo comes in maroon, gold, blue and black.

For something younger, take a look at tentman’s sailor-style school uniform, School Days. You’ll be familiar with this look from manga, but it also makes a fun out-of-school outfit for a fashionable young 3d woman. Nice detailing and shaping work here, and the choice of two lighter and two darker textures make it adaptable for other genres.

Fairy Dell Outfit is the DAZ Original in today’s pack, also available in the new bundle. This Bobbie25 and Sarsa creation is a fairytale and fantasy style with corset, detached sleeves, and a double-layered skirt. Sarsa’s textures in the add-on pack are fun and feminine. The DM’s Retreat Bundle packs the dress with a new goldtassel hair (complete with romantic, flower circlet) and of course the DM’s Retreat product itself. This pretty, flower-bedecked nook is the perfect place for secret lovers’ meetings. It includes romantic pair poses for V6 and M6.

All these and a new character for Aiko 6 can be found today on the 2014 Platinum Club Sale page.

Day 22 New Releases

*NOTE: The discount on the asterisked (*) products is a bonus discount that lasts for day of release and the following day only. Buy quick if you want these products at the best price and you’re in the PC+.

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
DAZ Originals DO: DM’s Retreat Bundle $28.67 $17.20 $13.76*
Dogz Autumn Rain for G2F $13.97 $13.97 $11.17*
Jimda Kiyomi for Aiko 6 $12.57 $12.57 $10.05*
Charlie Hailey Dress for G2F $10.47 $10.47 $8.37*
tentman School Days $9.77 $9.77 $7.81*
Bobbie25, Sarsa DO: Fairy Dell Outfit for G2F $13.97 $8.38* $6.70*
goldtassel DO: PixiePerfect Hair for G2F $13.97 $8.38* $6.70*
Danie, marforno DO: DM’s Retreat $10.47 $6.28* $5.02*
Sarsa DO: Fairy Dell Textures $6.97 $4.18* $3.34*

Day 21 New Releases: Last Day for any Bonus PC+ Discounts on PA/DO Products

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
DarkMatter P.U.G. Land Strider $17.47 $17.47 $13.97*
Kibarreto SkyBridge $15.37 $15.37 $12.29*
DAZ Originals DO: Mech Girl Bundle $23.77 $14.26* $11.41*
DarkMatter P.U.G. $13.97 $13.97 $11.17*
the3dwizard Mech Girl Texture Expansion $8.37 $8.37 $6.69*
Imaginary_House DO: Restricted Hallway $11.87 $7.12* $5.70*
goldtassel DO: REV Hair for G2F $11.87 $7.12* $5.70*
the3dwizard DO: Mech Girl for G2F $11.87 $7.12* $5.70*
DarkStarBurning, MindVision G.D.S. DO: Textures for Mech Girl for G2F $9.07 $5.44* $4.35*
PC Team PC Anniversary Crazy Deal 8 – Cars and Bikes $65.75 $2.99* $2.99*
ForbiddenWhispers PC: Slightly Mad for Horror Movie Patient $7.67 $1.40* $1.67*

Current Category Sales

    NEW Started on Nov 5th

  • 45% Off (40% Non-PC) New Release Artists: With purchase of a new release, get 45% off stores of Goldtassel, Marforno, Sarsa, Bobbie25, Tentman, Dogz, ForbiddenWhispers, The3dwizard, MindVision G.D.S., Imaginary_House, DarkMatter, and Kibarreto.
  • 99 cent Far Off Places Sale: 77 PC products with an Exotic or Old World theme, including several Jack Tomalin and other architectural pieces, plus ancient era boats.
    Started on Nov 4th

  • 30% Off Sci-Fi Items: Save more if you are in the Platinum Club, up to 58% for non-PC items.
    Started on Nov 3rd

  • DAZ Big Cat 2 is Half Price: It’s no longer on the scrolling banners but the Big Cat 2 is still available at 50% off today. There are 7 breeds included, from lion and tiger to jaguar, puma and even a saber-toothed tiger.
  • 40% Off Over 90 Artist Stores, PC members save 45%
    Started on Oct 29th (Ends soon)

  • 99 cent Modern Sale: 147 contemporary-themed PC products including the Dream Home range, shaders, poses, hair, props and vehicles. (60% Off usual price for non-members.)
    Started on Oct 21st

  • Lilith 6 Back on Intro Pricing
  • Selection of V4/M4 80% discounted items Buy a PC sale new release and you can get 80% off any of the 323 V4/M4 sale items as long as you add them to your cart at the same time as making your PC purchase. We’ve been on Category 4 a while now. You can reach the current selection via the link below, and then head to the V4/M4 sale banner.

Quick Link to PC Sales: The 2014 Platinum Club Annual Sale page

Fast Grab and Free Stuff

Fast Grab: A late changeover yesterday left us with 3 products, which could change at any time today.

  • Victoria 6 Pro Bundle by DAZ3D: $37.49
  • Satsuki for Genesis by Sarsa and Thorne: $5.08
  • Olympian Goddess by IgnisSerpentus: $4.79

Weekly Freebie: Those Printers by Valandar include must-have office fixtures to give your scenes a little more realism — plus a 3d printer just for fun!

Valkyrie Poses for Shieldmaiden by FeralFey has appeared as the new PC freebie. Modern Modules is zero-priced right now for PC members, but today was the last day so don’t delay.

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