PC Sale 2014 Catch Up Event

By popular demand, we have a catch-up finale sale today for the 2014 Platinum Club Anniversary! It’s not impossible that this will be a 2-day event, but unless we get confirmation of that, buy everything you want today.

This catch-up event is pretty much good news all round, giving us another chance to pick up some quality items from as low as 99 cents, along with bumper PC bundles and a generous 80% off thousands (yes, literally) of generation 4 items.

Do watch out though for the fact that DAZ Originals no longer have the increased discount that we PC members enjoyed during the sale month. We’re back to a standard 30% instead of 40%. That will make a difference when grabbing items you missed or if you need a new release in the cart to trigger a discount. However, you’ll save so much on everything else that I’m pretty sure you’ll still get yourself some amazing deals.

At time of posting, the Platinum Club releases during the sale don’t have the full PC+ discount, but this looks like an error that is in the process of being fixed.

Also note that there are 8-hour sales going on, that at the moment aren’t all that clearly advertised but include a whole lot of products. You can find them via the The 2014 Platinum Club Annual Sale page, top left banner. I’ve added a summary below for the one going on right now and will update this with any others that I catch.

One last thing… spend over $100 today and you’ll be eligible for an 11% discount on a gift card. If you have the funds, it’s a nice saving. The $100 worth of purchases and the gift card all have to be in the cart together to qualify.

2014 Platinum Club Anniversary Catch-Up Deals

    Crazy Deals: 11 Great Bundles of PC+ Products at $2.99 Per Bundle (50% off full price for non-members). I don’t remember the exact names for these but have tried to give you an idea of the themes below. There are around 10 products bundled into each, meaning you’re saving around $18 even on the usual low PC prices.

  • Deal 1 = Carnival I (*special price of $2.95)
  • Deal 2 = Carnival II
  • Deal 3 = Fantasy Castle
  • Deal 4 = Fantasy Places
  • Deal 5 = Mage Tower
  • Deal 6 = 50s Drive-In I
  • Deal 7 = 50s Drive-In II
  • Deal 8 = Yamaki Racing
  • Deal 9 = Titanic
  • Deal 10 = Regency (mostly)
  • Deal 11 = Sci-Fi Vehicles
    Anniversary Bundles: 6 Premium Bundles of Top PC+ Items at $9.95 Per Bundle. We didn’t have any bundles this expensive last year, but bear in mind the contents of these are either recent (e.g. Pirates and Vikings) or represent some of the very best of the Platinum Club (e.g. Jack Tomalin’s Aslan Court series). With the new PC+ now in place, you’ll pay more than the usual $1.99 per product for the newest of the items included in these bundles.

  • Bundle 1 = Aslan Court and Persian Palace
  • Bundle 2 = Pirates
  • Bundle 3 = Deco (12 Products)
  • Bundle 4 = Yamaki and Rama
  • Bundle 5 = Vikings
  • Bundle 6 = Future Earth
    99 Cent Category Sales: 672 PC+ Products at Just 99 Cents Each. The themes this year were as follows…

  • Spooky
  • Winter Holiday
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Fairy Tale
  • Modern
  • Far-Off Places
  • Regency
  • Sci-Fi
    Artist and Themed Sales Catch-Up — 8 Hours Only. You get 45% Off (40% off if you are not in the PC) all featured products. When this is finished, there will be a new 8-hour sale with different PAs and DAZ Original categories.

    As Chris has pointed out in the comments, you can get the discounts without the need to buy a new release. The first 8-hour sale had a pricing issue, but it looks like the DO discount for PC members will now apply for DAZ Originals in the selection.

    6 PM to 2 AM Mountain Standard Time (01:00 – 08:00 GMT):

  • I slept through this one but hope you caught it if you were around. It looks like the included vendors were Mada, Morris, Valandar, Sarsa, 3DCelebrity, Thorne, OrestesGraphics, marforno, Lyrra Madril, MindVision G.D.S., ArtCollab, Nouschka Design, V3Digitimes.
    9 PM to 5PM Mountain Standard Time (16:00 – Midnight GMT):

  • Alessandro_AM, JoLab1985, Fisty, UmbleFugly, The Management, Blondie9999, EmmaAndJordi, Moyra, DarkStarBurning, 4blueyes, goldtassel, slosh, LaurieS, ShanasSoulmate, deviney, and the DAZ Original Animals and Creatures Category.
    Now Finished — 12 AM (Midnight) to 8 AM Mountain Standard Time (07:00 – 15:00 GMT):

  • FeralFey, SmokeyDemon, Sabby, ForbiddenWhispers, Danie, Muscleman, Arien, Jack Tomalin, David Brinnen, Ringo Monfort, Kraig, Nikisatez, Dreamlight, GypsyAngel, Zoro_D, InaneGlory, and the DAZ Original People and Wearables Category.
    V4/M4 80% discounted items

    Buy a PC sale new release and you’ll be eligible for an 80% discount on a selection of 3229 V4/M4 sale items (how many do you already own?). You do need one of the sale’s new releases in your cart at the same time to trigger the discount. There are some fantastic, rarely-discounted products in this selection. Remember, V4 and M4 skin textures work on Genesis-based characters (that’s generation 5, not the latest generation 6 — see the following page for an explanation of the DAZ Original generations).

Quick Link to PC Sales: The 2014 Platinum Club Annual Sale page

Flash Sales, Fast Grab and Free Stuff

No changes here but I’ll give you a re-cap in case anyone hasn’t seen these yet.

Fast Grab:

  • The Rooftop by Nightshift3D: $5.99
  • The Watts Building by Nightshift3D: $5.99
  • Packratt Storage Units by Nightshift3D: $5.99
  • Generator Room by Nightshift3D: $5.99
  • High Voltage by Nightshift3D: $5.99
  • Cooling Tower by Nightshift3D: $5.99
  • The Boiler Room by Nightshift3D: $5.99
  • Chopping Block Garage by Nightshift3D: $5.99
  • G34RH34D Mechanic Equipment by Nightshift3D: $4.79
  • G34RH34D Mechanic Tools by Nightshift3D: $4.79
  • Hazmat Drums by Nightshift3D: $4.79
  • Fire Extinguisher by Nightshift3D: $3.59

Weekly Freebie: Big Guns SciFi Weapons by Valandar is free for everyone (add it to your cart with a paying-for item if you’re not in the Platinum Club). Skyship Avrora by petipet is a special extra giveaway for PC members only. Don’t delay on either of these, the skyship will soon lose its free price-tag and the guns will be replaced by a new weekly freebie.

Remember to get your extra free 3d models from the new limited-time freebies page (it’s a different one from the one above where you’ll find the PC+ freebie and some semi-permanent giveaways):

  • Garden Escape Porch
  • Zombie Graveyard Bundle
  • Cheyenne Accessories
  • Steam Dragon Poses
  • Scarlet Nights Hair Expansion
  • Aged – The Secret Garden
  • NightOut for NightLife V4
  • Playtime
  • Wicked Playsuit Textures
  • Trail Blazer Textures
  • Casual Friday Textures
  • Trendy Style Textures

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9 Responses to PC Sale 2014 Catch Up Event

  1. Chris Hunt says:

    It’s perhaps worth noting a couple of differences between the catch-up sale and the original sale rules. Firstly, the eight-hour 45% off sales on particular artists do not require you to buy a new release to trigger them – which is good.

    Secondly, according to the banner at least, the M4/V4 80% sale (which still needs a new item) does not stack with other discounts. So it’s not worth waiting for ArtistX to rotate onto the 45% off list to get an 89% discount. That said, I’ve just added an otherwise discounted V4/M4 item to my cart and the discounts DID stack – so maybe you should get in there and buy what you want before someone at DAZ notices…

    PS. Whilst I’m not keen on the idea of sales that only last for 8 hours, at least they’re telling us in advance how long it’s lasting, and telling us exactly when it starts and finishes. Dare we hope that this is a sign of things to come?

    • Indigo says:

      Many thanks for these additional notes, Chris. I just stopped by to update with the latest 8-hour sale. Yes, knowing the approximate end time is always useful… even though I’ve seen 4-hour flash sales last days before, I think we can expect these ones to stay on track.

  2. Chris Hunt says:

    Oh, and it looks like the catch-up sale will last three days.

    The link to the 45% selected artist sale (currently, an hour and a half after it should have changed) goes to daz3d.com/final-day-1-sale-1. You can change the numbers in that URL to see what’s coming up in the future – so the rest of today’s sales will (presumably, and eventually) be final-day-1-sale-2 and final-day-1-sale-3. The pages already exist with all the products listed, but with no 45% discount on the prices. It works up to and including final-day-3-sale-3. You get a page not found error if you look for day 4.

    So if there’s a particular artist you’re after, you can find out when (s)he’s going to be on sale – and whether you’re going to have to plan a late night/early morning/long lunchbreak to buy the things that you want.

    • Indigo says:

      That’s interesting, and useful to know. Thanks for the tip! The ‘day 1’ in the URL had led me to hope earlier that there would be a second day (there usually is) but it’s good to know that it will be a 3 day event. Got to make those funds stretch a bit further…

  3. Les Henderson says:

    One thing I find helpful when looking for freebies is to do a search for $0.00 in the top right search box.

    Although you can’t then filter products you own, each product has an icon that shows whether it’s been purchased. A green outline means you haven’t picked it up yet.

  4. Chris Hunt says:

    I can confirm that – contrary to what it says on the banner – other discounts DO stack with the 80% off V4/M4 sale.

    So forget my previous advice – if there’s something you’re after in the V4/M4 sale, wait for the matching artist sale to get a double discount.

    @Les What I tend to do is go to the Shop page, leave it displaying All items (minus those that I own), and set the sort order to “Price Low-High”. The free items are the first ones listed – ignore it once they start asking you for money (as if).

    • Indigo says:

      Great, this agrees with what someone else was saying. You are also supposed to get a DAZ Original discount on top of 45% sale items where applicable, although it wasn’t working right earlier.

      By the way, comments should now publish immediately for you and others who have previously had them approved. 🙂

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