Genesis 2 Teens are Ready for Christmas and PC+ Goes Sci-Fi

Wednesday is Platinum Club + release day, and there are also some cute new Belle and Brodie products with a Christmas Elf theme today. If you are tempted by a new release (sorry, PC+ items not included), you’ll be able to take advantage of 2 different sales that are currently running exclusively for buyers of new products.

The first of these is the PA and PC Anniversary Sale Flashback. 83 recent releases are available to you with a 40% discount on them all. These include Mei Lin, some of the popular PC sale bundles, the Railway products by Dogz, and much more. I haven’t tested it, but it looks like it will stack with a 50% discount on a couple of products in the Resources sale, namely Ron’s Blood II and Sphere of Light Environment Lighting.

The other sale that depends on purchase of a new item is the Flashback on PA Stores, which gets you a 47% discount on the stores of artists behind the latest products. These artists have changed and at the moment there are 696 products covered by the discount from these vendors:

The AntFarm (205)
Thorne (173)
DAZ Originals (108)
Sarsa (108)
Sickleyield (83)
Mada (72)
FWArt (59)
Fisty (58)
IgnisSerpentus (57)
Sedor (43)
Handspan Studios (38)
Sabby (22)
Fuseling (22)
DestinysGarden (18)
Marieah (17)
ShanasSoulmate (17)

If none of the ‘selected new items’ catch your eye (note: not all PA releases are included, for instance the Cryptozoic Crab seems to be off the menu), sadly there’s no other way to access these discounts. But you can still enjoy the 50% Off Resources and Add-Ons Sale. There are 958 products in this one, which includes some fantastic light sets, useful shader preset packs, and of course all of those brushes from Ron for making your postwork easy.

There’s also a 50% Off Flash Sale right now from Enchanted Pixie, who has worked on a number of fantasy characters for Genesis 2 Female figures.

Getting back to the new stuff, along with a Belle 6 morph resource kit (poor, neglected Brodie…) there are two new characters for Belle and Brodie, Christmas Elf themed outfits for Genesis 2, extra textures for the outfit, and some Belle and Brodie elf poses. These are all bundled up in a Christmas Elves Bundle. If you like the new Gingersnap and Peppermint teen characters but don’t own Belle and Brodie, you can use Gingersnap materials with any figure that will take V5 maps (e.g. Victoria 5 and the free Genesis 2 Female) and Peppermint will likewise work on characters that use M5 UV maps. You won’t however get the full benefit of the shape morphs.

PC+ has gone sci-fi this week with an outfit, texture add-on, plus a new GIS environment texture. There’s also a new Sarsa texture expansion for the male Viking outfit.

Finally, don’t forget Fast Grab for fantastic deals on a wide selection of Ron’s postwork brushes.

New Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 3rd

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
Various Christmas Elves Bundle – HD Characters, Outfit, Expansion and Poses $34.97 $34.97
FWArt, Sabby FWSA Gingersnap and Peppermint HD Bundle $17.47 $17.47
Fisty Ginger Snap Outfit for Genesis 2 $13.27 $13.27
FWArt, Sabby FWSA Gingersnap HD $11.87 $11.87
FWArt, Sabby FWSA Peppermint HD $10.47 $10.47
The AntFarm Cryptozoic Crab $10.47 $10.47
Sedor Gingersnap and Peppermint – Poses for Belle 6 and Brodie 6 $9.07 $9.07
Handspan Studios, Thorne Belle 6 Morph Resource Kit $9.07 $9.07
Ravenhair GIS Empress for G2F $11.87 $2.79
Moyra Irulan (for GIS Empress for G2F) $7.67 $2.09
Sarsa Norsemen II for Viking for G2M $7.67 $2.09
ForbiddenWhispers Forlorn GIS Project $7.67 $2.09

Flash Sales, Fast Grab and Free Stuff

Flash Sales:

  • Enchanted Pixie — 50% Off

View the Fast Grab deals:

  • 64 Photoshop brushes by deviney (Ron) in Fast Grab right now with up to 86% off (and the bundles are an absolute steal). Also find a few Predatron and Diane items there, such as Predatron’s Fantasy Places and Predatron’s Building Bundle, which both represent huge savings.

Get the Weekly Freebies:

Get the new Lawn Ornaments from Valandar, a cute and kitsch prop set complete with pink flamingos! PC+ members can also pick up their December freebie, the Polearms set from master of all things Medieval, Merlin Studios. They will set you back $10.47 if you are not in the PC (why not join?).

There are also 12 NEW older items which you can grab over the next few days. They include a lot of texture sets but there is also a Genesis dress and a M5 pose set which are well worth picking up:

  • M5 Photographic Poses
  • Hip Retro Dress
  • Hip Retro Dress Textures*
  • Animal Instinct Textures for Wicked Red Carpet*
  • Scifi Bunny For Genesis Textures*
  • Blair*
  • Mage Somber Textures*
  • Pretty Dress Textures*
  • Reby Sky Magnet Fit*
  • The Sacred Rouge Textures*
  • Laufeia*
  • Tellus Mater*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone.

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