Amazing Eyelashes and Interior Design for 3D Rooms

I’m running behind today but here’s a quick summary of what’s new today. First up, there are new products. Six in total (two of these being male/female versions of a texture conversion utility). Those eyelashes by smay and AIFan are real head-turners! This looks like a fun product for female portraits using G2F-based characters. I also love the look of the Fuseling morph set, Daring for Belle 6. Fuseling always seems to create great morphs with lots of variety, so this is a must-have if you own young teen girl Belle.

Meanwhile, Oskarsson has created a snug corner in The Nook for small interior renders. While we’re on the subject, add some ambience to all your interiors with InaneGlory’s new Lights and Lamps 3 set. Lighting can do a lot to change a mood, both in digital art and the real world.

That Resources and Add-Ons Sale is still on, with 50% off a whole variety of interesting and useful products. There’s lighting, shader packs, and all kinds of other things from a whole range of DAZ vendors.

You have another chance today to buy a new release and get 40% off a purchase of the products in the PA and PC Anniversary Sale Flashback. There are 83 in total, presumably the most popular from those released in the recent sales.

6 new products in the store also means an update to the participating artists with 47% off in the Flashback on PA Stores promotion. This list is now lead by the following PAs (but bear in mind others with small stores can also be found there — only the biggest make the list):

The AntFarm (205)
Thorne (173)
DAZ Originals (122)
Sarsa (108)
DraagonStorm (92)
Sickleyield (83)
Mada (72)
FWArt (61)
Fisty (58)
IgnisSerpentus (57)
Oskarsson (52)
Sedor (43)
smay (40)
Handspan Studios (38)
Marieah (36)
OptiTex (30)

New Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 4th

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
InaneGlory InaneGlory’s Lights and Lamps 3 – Ceiling and Wall Lamps $16.07 $16.07
DraagonStorm V4 Skins Batch Converter to G2F $13.97 $13.97
DraagonStorm M4 Skins Batch Converter to G2M $13.97 $13.97
Oskarsson The Nook $11.87 $11.87
smay, AIFan Nuances of Perfection – Eyelashes $10.47 $10.47
Fuseling FSL Daring for Belle 6 $8.37 $8.37

Flash Sales, Fast Grab and Free Stuff

Flash Sales:

  • None right now.

View the Fast Grab deals:

  • If you still have some budget left for Photoshop brushes (most work in GIMP too), check out the 74 Ron’s brush collections in Fast Grab, including amazing value bundles and 86% discounts. Also find a few Predatron and Diane items there, such as Predatron’s Fantasy Places and Predatron’s Building Bundle, which both represent huge savings.
    Update: The selection has now changed. Choose from:

  • Pool Table Vignette by Predatron – $5.99
  • Glute and Breast Movement for Genesis by Zev0 – $4.79
  • The Devils Toybox by Stonemason – $4.59
  • Toe Control for Genesis by Zev0 – $3.59

Get the Weekly Freebies:

The latest freebie is Valandar’s Lawn Ornaments garden props. The set includes a wooden miniature windmill and lawn flamingos. If you are also in the Platinum Club, get a set of Polearms by Merlin Studios (normal price with intro discount $10.47).

There are also 12 NEW older items which you can grab over the next few days. They include a lot of texture sets but there is also a Genesis dress and a M5 pose set which are well worth picking up:

  • M5 Photographic Poses
  • Hip Retro Dress
  • Hip Retro Dress Textures*
  • Animal Instinct Textures for Wicked Red Carpet*
  • Scifi Bunny For Genesis Textures*
  • Blair*
  • Mage Somber Textures*
  • Pretty Dress Textures*
  • Reby Sky Magnet Fit*
  • The Sacred Rouge Textures*
  • Laufeia*
  • Tellus Mater*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone.

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