Day 2 of HolliDAZ with Free G2F Shoes

This weekend sees the beginning of the Christmas 2014 DAZ promotion: HolliDAZ. There’s a new freebie every day (get it quick before it expires), plus a chance to earn rewards and discounts by filling up your DAZ ‘punch meter’. You’ll get a point for each qualifying purchase. You’ll also find some tempting new models and other products in store each day.

*** What’s New? ***

Things are hotting up today. There are 8 new products in total. 4 of these are outfits, and I’d say Hipster Girl for G2F is the pick of the bunch. This cute ensemble by art-feld includes not just a sweatshirt and hot pants, but Converse-inspired footwear, hipster glasses and a smartphone. There are loads of texture options for all items, and even some hand poses so she can be glued to her phone. Little Lottie is a demure outfit by Lyrra Madril that is reminiscent of the Alice in Wonderland outfit for for earlier generations. The other 2 outfits are also for G2F but are both on the skimpy side.

Andrey Pestryakov’s Nature – Bush Oleander looks like another amazing plant prop set with 10 variations. One for the wishlist. Continuing this theme, RajTaja has a Blossoms and Vines Photoshop brush set for some beautiful postwork effects (the .abr format normally works with GIMP too).

You will of course also want to meet golden girl Lennox by Lyoness, who is slender enough to grace a catwalk and is ready for her close-up shots too. Finally, don’t miss Beloved Poses by the talented MattyManx. These 15 couple poses (and mirrored versions, making 30 per character in all) are all about romantic moments.

*** Special Promotions ***

Those 3 Flashback Sales are still on, so that’s 47% off selected PA stores, 47% off 8 superhero themed items, and 40% off some popular recent releases. All 3 of these sales require a purchase from a selection of releases dating from earlier in the week. Note that yesterday’s and today’s releases aren’t eligible.

Also get 60% Off Kids 4 Compatible Products, choosing from 259 products including outfits, hair (suitable for adult characters too), characters and various other products. You’ll find the Kids 4 base there too. Extra discount applies on that and other DAZ Originals if you are in the PC+.

Plus of course we have HolliDAZ, which I’ve added a quick summary for below.

Quick Link:

Banners for all current promotions and a preview image of each new release can be found on the DAZ Store Homepage.

New Today on DAZ3D: Sunday 7th

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
MattyManx Beloved Poses $13.27 $13.27
Art-Feld Hipster Girl for G2F $13.27 $13.27
Lyoness LY Lennox $11.87 $11.87
Lyrra Madril Little Lottie $10.47 $10.47
Amaranth, Shox-Design DO: Diana Outfit for G2F $13.27 $9.29
Andrey Pestryakov Nature – Bush Oleander $8.37 $8.37
RajRaja Blossoms and Vines $7.67 $7.67
Sarsa, Xena DO: Strapless Romper for G2F $10.47 $7.33
tentman Indoor Shoes for G2F Free* Free*

* Free for 2 days only, and this product will not earn rewards (‘punches’) or discounts.

HolliDAZ Discounts

Punches earned this week Discount on Gift Card purchase Save on featured PA Stores Save on featured 2014 ‘best of’ products
5 – 9 5% 10% 20%
10 – 14 10% 20% 40%
15+ 15% 30% 60%
Day Promotion What’s Included Discount
7th Money Off Spend over $30 $5.00
7th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts MattyManx – Lyoness – Art-Feld – RajRaja – Andrey Pestryakov 10% – 30%
6th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Stonemason – Artemis3d – Shox-Design – Lyrra Madril – HilligerMedia 10% – 30%
Week 1 HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts M6 Pro Bundle – V6 Pro Bundle – Jayden 6 Pro Bundle – Carrara 8.5 Pro – G2F Bot Armor – Aging Morphs 2 Bundle HD – The Abandoned City – The Abandoned City 2 – G2F Morphs Bundle – The Girl 6 Pro Bundle – Teen Josie 6 Pro Bundle – Teen Jayden 6 Pro Bundle – Olympia 6 Pro Bundle – Teen Josie Add-On Bundle – Look At My Hair – DM’s Secret Chamber Bundle – Generation 4 Legacy Shapes for G2F – Generation 5 Legacy Shapes for G2F – Generation 5 Legacy Shapes for G2M 20% – 60%

Flash Sales, Fast Grab and Free Stuff

Flash Sales:

  • None right now.

View the Fast Grab deals:

Artist Product You Pay You Save
Predatron, Diane Boudoir Bundle $19.49 $45.47
Nikisatez Lyre Lyre for G2F $5.99 $13.97
Nikisatez Alibi Suit for G2F $5.39 $12.57
PandyGirl The Looking Glass $5.09 $11.87
Neftis3D Evil Queen Set for G2F $5.09 $11.87
PandyGirl Music In Motion $4.79 $11.17
PandyGirl Imagine This: Leggings and Top $4.49 $10.47
PandyGirl Jewelry Box-Everyday $4.49 $10.47
Neftis3D Glam Party Ensemble for G2F $4.49 $10.47
MartinJFrost Regal for the Marie Louise 18th Century Gown $4.49 $10.47
Neftis3D Angelissa Hair Set $3.89 $9.07
Neftis3D CitySwan Bundle $2.99 $6.97

Get the Weekly Freebies:

Lawn Ornaments is the weekly freebie and Polearms is the PC+ free monthly model. Today you can also pick up the bonus HolliDAZ freebies, Kids 4 UVs (last chance!) and Indoor Shoes for G2F.

There are also 12 older items which you can grab over the next few days. They include a lot of texture sets but there is also a Genesis dress and a M5 pose set which are well worth picking up:

  • M5 Photographic Poses
  • Hip Retro Dress
  • Hip Retro Dress Textures*
  • Animal Instinct Textures for Wicked Red Carpet*
  • Scifi Bunny For Genesis Textures*
  • Blair*
  • Mage Somber Textures*
  • Pretty Dress Textures*
  • Reby Sky Magnet Fit*
  • The Sacred Rouge Textures*
  • Laufeia*
  • Tellus Mater*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone.

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