Victoria 6 is a Gypsy on Day 7 of HolliDAZ

Looking into my crystal ball, I see a familiar face in a new gypsy disguise. Yes, Vicky 6 has become a Romany with her new outfit, hair, poses and textures. I see 2 new characters for Victoria too.

But first, what’s today’s giveaway in our 3d advent calendar? We must have been very good, because again we’ve been given 2 beautiful products from our DAZ PA friends. The first one is Drop Jewelry, kindly contributed by -esha-. This pendant and earrings set has a choice of gemstones so your party girls can sparkle in any outfit. Also don’t miss Stacia for V6 by Sabby and FWArt. She’s a youthful teen girl whose textures work with the G2F base and whose unique shape uses Victoria 6. A great way to add a younger character to your library if you didn’t buy Belle 6, or a BFF for Belle if you did get her.

*** What’s New? ***

Darc Clan and Fisty have collaborated on an elaborate gypsy-style outfit for G2F. The Ghawazee Coat combines full skirt, short blouse, skirted coat, waist scarf, and flat shoes. There are some colourful material options, and if you look further into the promos you’ll see how this versatile 6-piece outfit (2 different blouses are included) can be mixed and matched to create more contemporary styles too. You’ll need to add Valea’s Gypsy Hair for G2F for the full effect. No messing with poke-through or fiddly scarf posing, the hair and satin scarf are an all-in-one here.

For perfectly-coordinated outfits, Shox-Design has conjured up matching texture packs for both products. Get a variety of folk-costume styles for the Ghawazee outfit and then pair it with the hair and scarf combination of your choice.

Sedor can make your Romany girl dance with BWC Gypsy Poses for V6. These poses look enchanting and include the tambourine and crystal ball. They will work beautifully with the Ghawazee outfit. FWArt’s new character Mirela (HD) is for V6 and is the perfect woman to wear the gypsy look. If you love all these products, save some money with the Gypsy Bundle. Only the textures will need to be bought separately.

This theme of exotic beauty and mystery might make your thoughts turn to Sultans and their palaces. Time for your own Harem? Ansiko thinks so, with the elaborately-tiled Harem environment. Independent wall props make it easier for you to find the perfect camera angle.

My own pick of the day (though I’m beguiled by the poses) is of course Predatron’s Holly Bushes. 18 bush props with berry and frost options. No Christmas render is complete without them!

*** Special Promotions ***

HolliDAZ is where it’s at. Nothing else seems to be running right now, but with those fantastic free gifts and tempting new products I suspect few of us will grumble.

Quick Links:

Jump straight to the HolliDAZ 2014 page to view your rewards and eligible new items.

Any other current promotions can be found via the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage.

New Today on DAZ3D: Friday 12th

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
Various Gypsy Bundle – HD Character, Outfit, Hair and Poses $33.57 $33.57
Ansiko Harem $18.87 $18.87
FWArt FW Mirela HD for V6 $11.87 $11.87
Darc Clan, Fisty Ghawazee Coat for G2F/td>

$11.87 $11.87
Valea Gypsy Hair for G2F $11.17 $11.17
Predatron Holly Bushes $10.47 $10.47
Sedor BWC Gypsy – Poses for V6 $9.77 $9.77
Shox-Design Ghawazee Textures $8.37 $8.37
Shox-Design GShoXoloR for Gypsy Hair $6.97 $6.97
-esha- Drop Jewelry Free* Free*
FWArt, Sabby FWSA Stacia for V6 Free* Free*

* Free for 2 days only, and this product will not earn rewards (‘punches’) or discounts.

HolliDAZ Discounts

Punches earned this week Discount on Gift Card purchase Save on featured PA Stores Save on featured 2014 ‘best of’ products
5 – 9 5% 10% 20%
10 – 14 10% 20% 40%
15 15% 30% 60%
Date Added Promotion What’s Included Discount
12th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Predatron – Shox-Design – Sedor – FWArt – Sabby – Valea – Fisty – Darc Clan – JGreenlees – Ansiko – ~Esha~ 10% – 30%
12th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Temptation and Drama for G2F – Boris HD for G2M – Sci-Fi Bedroom – Gianni 6 Pro Bundle – Abandoned Interiors Warehouse – Phoebe HD Bundle – After School for G2F and V4 – Skin Builder Pro for G2F and Genesis – Bryce 7 Pro 20% – 60%
11th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Raiya – Dogz – MattyManx 10% – 30%
11th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts G2F Mixed Morph Resource Kit – Prototype – Mec4D The Great Wizards for G2M – Wet, Sweat and Rain for G2F – Advanced Light Presets for AoA’s Lights – Ocean Wide – Tied Up! for Genesis 2 – Lofn Bundle 20% – 60%
10th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Jack Tomalin – Freja – WildDesigns – Aave Nainen 10% – 30%
10th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Viking Village Bundle – Measure Metrics for DAZ Studio – Stephanie 6 HD Add-On – Suite 2101 – Domina Character and Outfit Bundle – Rural Chateau Fallen – Beautiful Bends for G2M – Lofn Bundle 20% – 60%
9th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts No new additions (all previous items still available) 20% – 60%
8th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Fiends Forever Starter Bundle – Olympia 6 Add-On Bundle – Stephanie 6 Pro Bundle – Cat World Regenesis HD Bundle – Dental Plan 2 HD Bundle – Jessica Dress Bundle – AT Drone – M3D Base for G2M and Cole Bundle 20% – 60%
6th-7th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts M6 Pro Bundle – V6 Pro Bundle – Jayden 6 Pro Bundle – Carrara 8.5 Pro – G2F Bot Armor – Aging Morphs 2 Bundle HD – The Abandoned City – The Abandoned City 2 – aniMate 2 – G2F Morphs Bundle – The Girl 6 Pro Bundle – Teen Josie 6 Pro Bundle – Teen Jayden 6 Pro Bundle – Olympia 6 Pro Bundle – Teen Josie Add-On Bundle – Look At My Hair – DM’s Secret Chamber Bundle – Generation 4 Legacy Shapes for G2F – Generation 5 Legacy Shapes for G2F – Generation 5 Legacy Shapes for G2M 20% – 60%

Flash Sales, Fast Grab and Free Stuff

Flash Sales:

  • None right now

View the Fast Grab deals:

These appeared late in the day yesterday. Watch out for another changeover later today.

Artist Product You Pay You Save
DAZ Originals V6 Pro Bundle $37.49 $84.47
ARTCollaborations, NeilV 1 The Dungeon Bundle $14.99 $34.97
ARTCollaborations The Control Room $8.99 $20.97
deviney Ron’s Horror Bundle $8.99 $20.97
deviney Ron’s Explosions $7.49 $17.47
deviney Ron’s Powder $7.49 $17.47
deviney Ron’s Light Fusion $4.49 $10.47
PandyGirl Princess Collection 2 $4.49 $10.47
Artemis3d Nova for Victoria 6 $3.89 $9.07
Artemis3d Jersey for G2F $3.89 $9.07
Artemis3d Naaru for Giselle 6 $3.89 $9.07
PandyGirl Queen’s Reign Vol 1 $3.59 $8.37
PandyGirl Elegant Curves for G2F $3.59 $8.37
JoeQuick Classic Banded CyberArms for G2M $2.99 $6.97
PandyGirl Jewelry Box – Earrings $2.69 $6.27

Get the Weekly Freebies:

Anyone can get a set of Christmas Earrings for G2F for free this week, to get you in the holiday mood. PC+ members can also get Polearms props during December.

The HolliDAZ freebies today are Dial-an-Elf, Make it FUZZY!!! (last chance for both of these), Drop Jewelry, and FWSA Stacia for V6.

The 12 older free items no longer seem to be changing frequently so it’s a familiar line-up by now:

  • M5 Photographic Poses
  • Hip Retro Dress
  • Hip Retro Dress Textures*
  • Animal Instinct Textures for Wicked Red Carpet*
  • Scifi Bunny For Genesis Textures*
  • Blair*
  • Mage Somber Textures*
  • Pretty Dress Textures*
  • Reby Sky Magnet Fit*
  • The Sacred Rouge Textures*
  • Laufeia*
  • Tellus Mater*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone.

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