After School Fun and Wrapped Gifts in HolliDAZ

A mix of real life teen fun and ‘schoolgirls’ who are strictly fantasy today. Bluebird 3d is back with an expansion to recent release After School Hangout, with a BBQ At The Park expansion. This fun meeting place for teens includes the shelter, terrain with grass, a BBQ, picnic table, and some picnic food, cups, cloth and cutlery too. You can also add to the original environment with Poses for After School Hangout (and doesn’t young Belle look enchanting in that main promo?). These poses for both Belle and Brodie bring the playground to life.

As for the fantasy ‘schoolgirl’, this female model is all grown up and just playing dress-up as part of Pretty3D’s Hot Uniforms series. You can choose from Hot Uniforms – School Girl for G2F with its temptress outfit, or the School Girl Hair for G2F. Get both in the School Girl Bundle. Buy any of these and you can get 70% off Pretty3D’s store too.

Zev0 is the master of bringing characters to life with morphs for specific body parts. Today he releases Tongue Control for G2M and G2F. For some fun and some seriously creepy previews of what this can do, take a look at the promo art!

My own favourite today, and definitely one I want to pick up some time, is Gifts O Terror and Cheer from Orestes Graphics. This simple concept has been very nicely done and now it’s hard to imagine any festive scene being complete without Orestes’ gifts all wrapped up under the tree. There are some fun shapes in the Halloween selection too.

Classic jewellery will look good on both contemporary and historical characters, and Amaranth has kindly made the C-Elegance Jewelry part of the PA giveaway, so get your finery today.

Quick Links:

Jump straight to the HolliDAZ 2014 page to view your rewards and eligible new items.

Any other current promotions can be found via the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage.

New Today on DAZ3D: Friday 19th

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
Bluebird 3d BBQ At The Park $20.97 $20.97
Pretty3D School Girl Bundle $14.48 $14.48
Zev0 Tongue Control for G2M and for G2F $13.97 $13.97
Orestes Graphics Orestes Gifts O Terror and Cheer $10.47 $10.47
Pretty3D Hot Uniforms – School Girl for G2F $9.48 $9.48
Pretty3D School Girl Hair for G2F $8.37 $8.37
HilligerMedia Poses for After School Hangout $6.97 $6.97
Amaranth C-Elegance Jewelry Free* Free*

* Free for 2 days only, and this product will not earn rewards (‘punches’) or discounts.

HolliDAZ Discounts

Note the changes from last week:

Punches earned this week Discount on ‘punchable’ releases Save on featured PA Stores Save on featured 2014 ‘best of’ products
5 – 9 5% 20% 40%
10 – 14 10% 30% 50%
15+ 20% 40% 60%
Date Added Promotion What’s Included Discount
19th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Zev0 – Bluebird 3d – HilligerMedia – Orestes Graphics – Amaranth 20% – 40%
18th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Dark Sisterhood Bundle – The Mad Chemistry Lab Bundle – Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female – Urban Sprawl 2 The Big City 40% – 60%
18th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Dreamlight – Jepe- Frozen – FirstBastion – FW Art – Sabby – Fisty – Kayjay – Teresa Tyllo 20% – 40%
17th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Country Resort Bundle – Mec4D Hoplite Soldier for G2M – Mec4D The Spartan for G2M – Shackled! for Genesis 2 40% – 60%
17th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Andrey Pestryakov – Nikisatez – Predatron – Fuseling – FeralFey 20% – 40%
16th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Lilith 6 Pro Bundle – Michael 6 Pro Bundle – Genesis 2 Female Morphs Bundle – Gianni 6 Pro Bundle 40% – 60%
15th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Aiko 6 Pro Bundle – Utopia Cityscape Blocks – Milena Bundle – Liquid Pack – Motel Bundle – FW Joanie HD 40% – 60%
14th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Studio Light Pro – DAZ Dragon 3 Pro Bundle – Wildenlander HD for G2M – Faveral’s Wine Cellar – Advanced Wood and Metal Shaders Bundle – Rock & Grass Bundle – Giselle 6 Pro Bundle – FM Night Builder 40% – 60%
13th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Eclypse for G2F – Ron’s Background Images and Textures – Gianni 6 – Via Serena Bundle – Maxim HD for Michael 6 – Actual Eyes 4 – i13 Visions in White – Mec4D DarKon for G2M – Genesis Generation X2 – Stephanie 6 Pro Bundle – Olympia 6 Pro Bundle – aniMate2 40% – 60%

View the Fast Grab deals:

There have been a couple of new additions to this selection, both from Nightshift3D. Also note the extra discount on Dreamlight which is still available at the moment but is linked to HolliDAZ promotion.

Artist Product You Pay You Save
DAZ Originals Olympia Pro Bundle $37.49 $84.47
Dreamlight Hexagon Revisited – Create Models and Money $17.45 $79.50
Dreamlight Film Noir 3D Style – Back To Black & White $14.21 $64.74
OziChick, PandyGirl Say it with Music Bundle $16.79 $39.17
Dreamlight Real Cars – Render Realistic Cars In DS $7.19 $32.76
Nightshift3D Acheron Pit $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Observation Deck $5.99 $13.97
OziChick, PandyGirl Moonlight Falls Dress for G2F $5.09 $11.87

Get the Weekly Freebies:

Go steampunk this week with the Extraordinary League props by Nathy. The HolliDAZ freebies today are the Artificial Christmas Tree n’ Poses (last chance), and also Teresa Tyllo’s 2 new shader preset packs: Ornamental Walls and Ceilings and Glassy World.

All of the following older items are being given away for free for one week (more or less). Make sure you pick up those that interest you — mostly texture sets but there are some full outfits among them.

  • Scorching Black and Red
  • Enchanting Textures*
  • Fantasy Basic Wear Textures*
  • V5 Summer Set
  • Sortilege*
  • Anime Dress for Genesis Textures*
  • Bewitching for Genesis
  • Scoopback Mini Dress for Genesis
  • Exotic Movie Dress Textures*
  • La Paz Textures*
  • Cheyenne V4 Unimesh Fits*
  • Quad Tank

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone.

*** Renderosity Flash Sales ***

There are some unmissable sales over on Renderosity (thanks to Chris, who let me know yesterday about 70% off Sabby products there). I don’t normally include Renderosity deals as it’s primarily a Poser marketplace. While I have every respect for Poser vendors and customers, as a DAZ Studio user I’ve found you have to pick and choose there to find compatible products. However, I’ve noticed some excellent vendors quietly introducing DAZ Studio support, so don’t overlook Rendo for some amazing products. You’ll find some of the names familiar even if you normally shop at DAZ.

Right now there are 48 hour flash sales going on. Today you can grab the following discounts on all but new products in the following stores:

  • Sabby – 70% | -Wolfie- – 70% | Anagord – 70%
  • OziChick – 65%
  • PandyGirl – 60% | Zeddicus – 60% | Navi – 60% | Kaleya – 60% | TheToyman – 60% | renapd – 60% | MargyThunderstorm – up to 60%
  • Sickleyield – 50% | WildDesigns – 50% | lilflame – 50% | Sveva – 50% | whitemagus – 50% | winnston1984 – 50%
  • reciecup – 45%

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