Celebrate a 3D Christmas Eve

No need to wait for Santa, there are already presents in the DAZ3D store, a handsome and completely free male counterpart for Dawn at Hivewire 3D, and more big savings at Renderosity too.

At DAZ you can get 3 gifts today from the PA vendors: The Artemesia Gown by MartinJFrost, which is a generous freebie given its realism and versatility; the creative Angel of Retribution by Canary3D (this vendor produces a lot of fun stuff and just look at those shader presets with this one!); and Lumina Hair MATs by wowie which will give you a new shader designed to make hair look its very best. Rush them all through checkout before you get caught up in Christmassy stuff and forget about them!

It’s also PC+ release day, and today sees a glossy goldtassel hair for G2F or V4, Flirty Hair, with optional colours. Plus there are some Industrial Wall Shaders, and a simply beautiful Princess of Winter texture by Moyra for the Morphing Fantasy Dress.

The PAs also bring us some Christmas magic. The Cocktail Hour Dress for G2F is by the prolific Nikisatez… who I swear must never sleep. Short, sparkly and ruffled, it’s a perfect fit for the occasion. The 4 extra textures in OziChick’s add-on pack offer even more fun.

Sci-fi fans, meanwhile, can pass over the glitz and instead get the detailed Space Hunter for G2M outfit by Arien and Bobbie25. As an extra bonus for PC+ members, this one is a DAZ Original. Be sure to pick up the textures too.

Also don’t miss Real Short Hair for G2M by Laticis Imagery, which is an impressive new take on 3D hair with realistic results. I predict it will be a popular release. Reptilian 6 buyers, also take a look at Amazing Skins and the Saurian Pose Pack for your new friend, and Movie Maker owners can today get a Circular Hall expansion from Dreamlight.

New Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 24th

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
Arien, Bobbie25 DO: Space Hunter for G2M $13.97 $9.78
goldtassel PC: Flirty Hair for G2F $13.97 $3.49
V3Digitimes Amazing Skins for The Reptilian 6 HD $13.27 $13.27
Laticis Imagery Real Short Hair for G2M $13.27 $13.27
ForbiddenWhispers, David Brinnen PC: Industrial Walls DAZ Studio Shaders** $11.87 $2.79
Nikisatez Cocktail Hour Dress for G2F $11.17 $11.17
goldtassel PC: Flirty Hair for V4** $10.47 $2.79
Arien DO: Space Hunter Outfit Textures $9.07 $6.35
Design Anvil Saurian Pose Packs $8.37 $8.37
OziChick Textures for Cocktail Hour Dress $8.37 $8.37
goldtassel PC: Colors for Flirty Hair** $7.67 $2.09
Moyra PC: Princess of Winter** $7.67 $2.09
Dreamlight Movie Maker Circular Hall $6.97 $6.97
wowie Lumina Hair MATs Free* Free*
Canary3D Angel of Retribution for G2F Free* Free*
MartinJFrost The Artemesia Gown for G2F Free* Free*

* Free for 2 days only, and this product will not earn rewards (‘punches’) or discounts.
** Not eligible to earn a punch.

HolliDAZ Discounts

This is now week 3, so note the changes from last week (gift cards are back on the menu, and the extra discount on punchables is off):

Punches earned this week Discount on Gift Cards Save on featured PA Stores Save on featured 2014 ‘best of’ products
5 – 9 5% 20% 40%
10 – 14 10% 30% 50%
15+ 15% 40% 60%
Date Added Promotion What’s Included Discount
24th HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Design Anvil – Canary3D – V3Digitimes – Dreamlight – Nikisatez – OziChick – Laticis Imagery – MartinJFrost – wowie 20% – 40%
23rd HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Luthbel – Luthbellina – DestinysGarden 20% – 40%
22nd HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts DAZ Studio Dirt Shaders – Kelsie Hair for G2F and V4 – Mec4D Dragon Rider for G2M – Modular Sci-Fi Kit 02 40% – 60%
22nd HolliDAZ PA Store Discounts Nikisatez – EmmaAndJordi – Shifting Images – NFXstudios – SWAM – Muscleman 20% – 40%
21st HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Xiao Mei Bundle – Aiko 6 Pro Bundle – Creature Creator HD for G2M – Modular Sci-Fi Kit 02 40% – 60%
20th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts Urban Sprawl 2 The Big City – Lee 6 Pro Bundle – Gianni 6 HD Add-On – Nature Lake 40% – 60%

View the Fast Grab deals:

3 new additions from PandyGirl today (these appeared later yesterday).

Artist Product You Pay You Save
Stonemason Sector 15 $9.89 $23.07
Stonemason The Tin Can $8.99 $20.97
Nightshift3D Sci Fi Medical Gear $5.99 $13.97
PandyGirl The Looking Glass $5.09 $11.87
Nightshift3D Steampunk Weapons $4.79 $11.17
PandyGirl Imagine This: Turtleneck Tank and Skirt $4.49 $10.47
PandyGirl Jewelry Box-Everyday $4.49 $10.47
Predatron, Diane Toon Snow Scene $4.49 $10.47
Predatron, Diane Penfold the Penguin $4.49 $10.47

Get the Weekly Freebies:

The weekly freebie is Lizard Tribe Props by Valandar. There are 3 HolliDAZ givewaways today: the Lumina Hair MATs, Angel of Retribution, and Artemesia Dress. You can also get yesterday’s IBL Light by DestinysGarden (last chance).

The older freebies reappeared. These are the ones that were up before, so while you get an extra chance to get them there’s nothing new here.

*** Renderosity Flash Sales ***

Today and tomorrow you can get discounts on older (6 months +) products in the following stores, but if you are a DAZ Studio user and don’t have Poser do double-check that the product and its materials will work in Studio:

  • 70%: wenke | 1971s | Tipol
  • 60%: parrotdolphin | TwiztedMetal | rebelmommy | antje | Darkworld | Val3dArt
  • 55%: Angelmoon
  • 50%: 2nd_World | addy | DemianFox | Godin | skarland | ryverthorn | Frequency | Rocketship3D | Jean_C | RPublishing | mrsparky | MOONWOLFII

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