Summer Dreams on a Wintery Sunday

With all the snow and ice around, summer seems a long way off to many off us — though not of course to those of you in the southern hemisphere, where I hope you’re enjoying that sunshine. G2F, Aiko 6 and their sisters are all dreaming of hot days and beach bathing today too, with a couple of new bikinis hitting the store shelves.

Not the most interesting releases this month from where I’m standing, but others might have been waiting impatiently for new swimwear for Vicky, Aiko, Olympia and friends, and if so you’re in luck. Especially as the bikinis, their textures and the Aiko6 poses are all DAZ Originals with extra discounts for PC+ members.

You can buy the Ring Bikini and Sun Hat for G2F, the Sea Bikini for G2F or the DM’s Sensual Aiko 6 (vol 2) individually, or get them together in a Just Beachy Bundle. There are 40 different poses in the Sensual Aiko product, giving lots of variety for the figure with the endless legs, but all are of the pin-up type. Ideal, then, for showing off her new bikini!

There’s also a PA release today, and it is EJ Nieves, another beautiful elf with soulful eyes from EmmaAndJordi. What makes Nieves different is her Dark Elf and Ice Queen options. She includes intricate body and face paint. An enchanting character package, and it’s easy to see her as your less toony version of Elsa or Anna, as well as being perfect for Fae and Elven races.

And that’s pretty much it for today, other than continuing to collect and use HolliDAZ rewards now we’re into week 4, and yes you can still catch up with the limited-time HolliDAZ freebies too.

Quick Links:

Jump straight to the HolliDAZ 2014 page to view your rewards and eligible new items.

Any other current promotions can be found via the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage.

New Today on DAZ3D: Sunday 28th

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
DAZ Originals DO: Just Beachy Bundle $27.97 $19.58
EmmaAndJordi EJ Nieves $12.57 $12.57
Bobbie25, Sarsa DO: Ring Bikini and Sun Hat for G2F $11.87 $8.31
Renderwelten DO: RW Sea Bikini for G2F $10.47 $7.33
Various DO: DM’s Sensual Aiko 6 – II $10.47 $7.33
Bobbie25, Sarsa DO: Ring Bikini Textures $8.37 $5.86

HolliDAZ Discounts

Note that in week 4 we have a discount both on ‘punchable’ items and on the gift cards:

Punches earned this week Discount on Gift Cards Save on ‘punchable’ items Save on featured 2014 ‘best of’ products
5 – 9 5% 5% 40%
10 – 14 10% 10% 50%
15+ 15% 20% 60%
Date Added Promotion What’s Included Discount
26th HolliDAZ Best Of 2014 Discounts 93 products to choose from 40% – 60%

View the Fast Grab deals:

No change since Christmas Eve:

Artist Product You Pay You Save
Stonemason Sector 15 $9.89 $23.07
Stonemason The Tin Can $8.99 $20.97
Nightshift3D Sci Fi Medical Gear $5.99 $13.97
PandyGirl The Looking Glass $5.09 $11.87
Nightshift3D Steampunk Weapons $4.79 $11.17
PandyGirl Imagine This: Turtleneck Tank and Skirt $4.49 $10.47
PandyGirl Jewelry Box-Everyday $4.49 $10.47
Predatron, Diane Toon Snow Scene $4.49 $10.47
Predatron, Diane Penfold the Penguin $4.49 $10.47

Get the Weekly Freebies:

The weekly freebie is Lizard Tribe Props by Valandar, and the City Bus Stop is still available too. All of the HolliDAZ freebies are currently still available, but I predict they will vanish when the staff are back in the office (could be tomorrow). There’s nothing new right now in the older freebies, which are as follows:

  • Scorching Black and Red
  • Enchanting Textures*
  • Fantasy Basic Wear Textures*
  • V5 Summer Set
  • Sortilege*
  • Anime Dress for Genesis Textures*
  • Bewitching for Genesis
  • Scoopback Mini Dress for Genesis
  • Exotic Movie Dress Textures*
  • La Paz Textures*
  • Cheyenne V4 Unimesh Fits*
  • Quad Tank

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone.

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