Romantic Winter Cloak, Rebel Woman and New Giveaways

If you’ve been eager for something new, you’ll be pleased to see 5 fresh products hit the store today, along with a related promotion on Gypsyangel, Yura and WildDesigns. There’s a DAZ Originals (DO) item among them, so PC+ members can save even more.

The DO product is a clubwear (or poolside) outfit by Bobbie25 and Sarsa. The Romper for G2F is a one-piece halter neck and hot pants combo, which comes with a matching pair of high-heeled shoes. It’s an attractive blue and navy with a little bit of lace. As usual you can get extra textures in Sarsa’s add-on pack for a few more dollars.

Yura today brings us Anarchy for G2F, a tough outfit for a woman you don’t want to mess with. It features a biker-style jacket, leather skirt, ripped leggings, spiked boots and collar, plus a cropped top and gloves. Weapons props are also included.

If you prefer romantic heroines to angry rebel girls, look instead at Wintertide for G2F. A beautiful floor-length gown is topped by a fur-lined cloak. 4 sumptuous texture options are included. Perfect for that winter rendezvous. The many adjustment and movement morphs promise ease of posing.

I recently discovered for myself the wonderful character work that gypsyangel does, so I imagine her new girl Izarra (for G2F) will be a joy to work with. Her fantasy make-up and other options offer many creative possibilities and she has the gorgeous eyes that are typical of the Gypsy girls and guys.

Finally, if you’re feeling the need for speed, you need the On The Grid – Power Bundle by Denki Gaka. This is an add-on pack for the motorcycle products you might have picked up over the last year or two, giving these products a wide choice of vibrant and coordinating looks. (Hint: if you need the motorcycle helmets or XS Wear, they both have 70% off in the Genesis sale and the XS Wear bodysuit also fits G2F.)

You can still get some fantastic finds in the Genesis sale today, plus there are new freebies (link and details further down) to keep us all busy too.

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for this and all other current promotions. Links to current freebies and fast grab can be found further down.

The active promotions are:

  • Dead Sexy Promotion — With purchase of one of today’s 5 items, take 50% off 15 related items and get a 45% discount on the stores of Gypsyangel, WildDesigns and Yura.
  • Genesis Sale — 70% off Genesis products.
  • Editor’s Choice: January — Save up to $20 ($50 spend) on Zev0 and Stonemason.
  • Fantasy Riders — Buy one of the 3 new releases from Friday and you can save 50% on Design Anvil‘s store, DAZ Original animals (including fantasy creatures and dinosaurs); and a selection of 1387 DAZ Original Environments.
  • Ironclad New Year— buy one of Wednesday’s PA releases and you’ll get 45% off the stores of Porsimo, EmmaAndJordi and DarkMatter, plus 70% off 8 related monster and post-apocalyptic items.

New Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 13th January

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
Denki Gaka On the Grid – Power Bundle $20.97 $20.97
Yura Anarchy for G2F $15.37 $15.37
WildDesigns Wintertide for G2F $13.97 $13.97
Bobbie25, Sarsa DO: Romper for G2F $13.97 $9.78
gypsyangel Izarra for G2F $12.57 $12.57
Sarsa DO: Romper Textures $7.67 $4.60

Other Discounts Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 13th January

View the Fast Grab deals:

Artist Product You Pay You Save
deviney Ron’s Powder $7.49 $17.47
PandyGirl Imagine This: Leggings and Top $5.39 $12.57
OziChick, PandyGirl Classique Dress for G2F $5.09 $11.87
OziChick, PandyGirl Allure Dress for G2F $5.09 $11.87
OziChick, PandyGirl Sweet Dreams for G2F $4.79 $11.17
PandyGirl Imagine This: Turtleneck Tank and Skirt $4.49 $10.47
PandyGirl JDreamer Corset Set for G2F $4.49 $10.47
deviney Ron’s Engraver Marks and Screens $4.49 $10.47
PandyGirl Elegant Curves for G2F $3.59 $8.37

Get the Weekly Freebies:

You can still get Tech Drones right now, but a new freebie by Collective3d is also now available. This is a handy prop set for your contemporary interiors: Kitchen Counter Stuff.

—> NEW: Get a fresh selection of 12 older products available for free today. These will be available possibly for a week, possibly for more, but if you want them don’t leave it too long as they will change at some point. Note that with texture sets you’ll need to own or buy the matching base outfit to be able to use them, but you can usually pick up these older outfits with a big discount in the various sales.

  • Dark Priest Poses for M5
  • James for M5
  • Otherworldly Wonders: Tamesis
  • Garden Pavilion
  • Anime Nurse Textures* (Anime Nurse has 70% off at the moment)
  • Lyndsey*
  • Starla Hair Colors*
  • Open Front Dress Textures*
  • Kids Toys*
  • Veranil M4 Unimesh Fits*
  • RM Willow for Stephanie 4*
  • Gillian*
  • Sethos*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone.

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