Cute and Lively New Releases (Not Just for Keiko!)

There’s a stack of new content to admire and maybe acquire today. As you’d expect, much of it is associated with the launch of that new anime cutie on the block, Keiko 6. There’s plenty here that will work with other figures too, so if you don’t care for Keiko’s look you can still pick up something for your preferred G2F-based female model. It’s also a Wednesday, which is PC+ release day, and there are 5 new releases to enjoy.

Did you pick up The Maid Outfit, School Girl for G2F, or Shinjuku Outfit yesterday? All of these clothes work on all the G2F-based figures. Today you can get the add-on texture sets created by Sarsa: The Maid Outfit Textures, School Girl Textures, and Shinjuku Outfit Textures. There’s also Arien’s Tomoe for Manga-Anime Battlesuit to give this suit 4 new textures.

Fae Folks for G2F by Shox-Design is an adorable fairy outfit with 5 different leafy textures, shoes and hat. There’s a look here for each season. For something more real-world, Pumps 3 for G2F are by dx30 and with all their colour options will be a useful accessory for contemporary female renders.

Some of the new pose and expression packs today will look at first sight like they are just for Keiko, but in fact even these are usable with the free Genesis 2 Female and other G2F-based figures. For instance, EmmaAndJordi’s Ogenki Desu Ka Mix And Match Expressions for Keiko 6 will work on other G2F characters so everyone can have fun with these 30 full face expressions plus all those mix-and-match combinations. Sedor’s BWC Cute n Smexy Poses have versions created to work flawlessly on Victoria 6, alongside the same 16 poses just for Keiko’s shape, plus they can be adapted for other G2F figures. The Capsces Digital Ink pose packs, Capsces Fun and Frivolous Keiko 6 and Capsces Cute and Casual Keiko 6, will need some adjustment but I’ve used CDI poses on characters they weren’t intended for. Meanwhile, Navi’s Hayaku! for Keiko 6 include a G2F version of each of the 24 poses (and their mirrors).

The only Keiko-only products I can see are Fuseling’s morphs FSL Genki Keiko 6, which will add loads of versatility to Keiko if you bought her, and also the DP Keiko 6 Carrara Shaders by RingoMonfort to add for your shader collection if you use Carrara. You can also pick these shaders up bundled with Aiko 6 shaders and dynamic hair in the DP Anime Bundle.

You can save 40% on the stores of artists mentioned here if you are buying or have bought a Keiko 6 bundle.

Platinum Club Plus Releases

In the Platinum Club +? Then you’ll get a highly-discounted rate on the other 5 new releases now in the store. Snow Light is another gorgeous Moyra texture for the recent Winter Fantasy Gown, with 2 new wintery looks. Aave Nainen is lending her talents to the PC+ with her new draping morphs, Matching Morphs for MFD. It has 20 morphs to match the G2F base pose set. The popular End of Summer hair also gets a new look with a new shader from Dimension-Theory (make sure you have both of the required products, which are PC+ items).

If you could use a new realistic setting for all your models, the Shaded Haven Gazebo Cafe is the place to go. It was created with great attention to detail by ForbiddenWhispers and FWDesign. My personal favourite today is -esha-‘s Flaming Katy, a pretty flowering plant with many different options. I have her Primroses and Crocus and both are beautiful.

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

New Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 28th January

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
RingoMonfort DP Anime Bundle $20.97 $20.97
Shox-Design Fae Folks for G2F $17.47 $17.47
Fuseling FSL Genki Keiko 6 $12.57 $12.57
Capsces Digital Ink Capsces Fun and Frivolous Keiko 6 $10.47 $10.47
Capsces Digital Ink Capsces Cute and Casual Keiko 6 $10.47 $10.47
RingoMonfort DP Keiko 6 Carrara Shaders $9.07 $9.07
Sedor BWC Cute n Smexy – Poses for Victoria 6 and Keiko 6 $9.07 $9.07
Navi Hayaku! for Keiko 6 $9.07 $9.07
EmmaAndJordi Ogenki Desu Ka Mix And Match Expressions for Keiko 6 $8.37 $8.37
dx30 Pumps 3 for G2F $6.97 $6.97
Muscleman Action Poses for Animated Shapes $6.97 $6.97
Sarsa DO: Ninjuku Outfit Textures $9.07 $6.35
Sarsa DO: The Maid Outfit Textures $9.07 $6.35
Sarsa DO: School Girl Textures $9.07 $6.35
Arien DO: Tomoe for Manga-Anime Battlesuit $8.37 $5.86
ForbiddenWhispers, FWDesign PC+: Shaded Haven Gazebo Cafe $11.87 $3.49
DimensionTheory PC+: Style Theory End of Summer Hair $10.47 $2.79
-Esha- PC+: Flaming Katy $10.47 $2.79
Aave Nainen PC+: Matching Morphs for MFD for G2F $7.67 $2.09
Moyra PC+: Snow Light $7.67 $2.09

Other Discounts Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 28th January

Flash Sales: None right now.

View the Fast Grab deals:

Stock up on some Nightshift3D sci-fi and industrial products, or enjoy large-scale natural and futuristic fantasy environments from Magix101. As I mentioned yesterday, you might like Somerset Valley even if nothing else suits your genre, as this nature environment is packed with versatile content including a whole lot of trees.

Artist Product You Pay You Save
Magix101 Shantara City $11.39 $26.57
Magix101 Somerset Valley $6.89 $16.07
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Tech Corridor $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Reactor Chamber $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Engineering Shaft $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Security Checkpoint $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Control Center $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Containment Tank $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Landing Bay $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Computer Room $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Medical Lab $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Stasis Chamber $5.99 $13.97
Nightshift3D Odysseon Station Corridor Junction $5.99 $13.97
Magix101 Somerset Lodge $5.69 $13.27

Get the Weekly Freebies:

We have a new weekly freebie, and do I see a Keiko theme? You can now pick up your very own Karaoke Machine, courtesy of DAZ3D and Valandar.

Also take a look at a fresh selection of 12 older products available for free for a limited time:

  • Easy Going Poses for M5
  • DLD Stone Shaders for DAZ Studio
  • Colors for Elements Hair*
  • Harajuku Textures for Lily Dress*
  • Cozy for Day Dreamer*
  • Revelrie Midway*
  • Revelrie Midway Interiors*
  • Bonny for Elverado*
  • Thereto and Fore*
  • Rosemarie*
  • Argmar*
  • Royal Highness*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone. (The M5 poses can be used with other figures.)

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