Flash Sales: 60% Off Characters, Outfits and Brushes

You can’t beat a good flash sale, and today there are 5 of them. Together they give you a wide choice of characters, clothing, environments, and even postwork brushes. There are no end dates/times on these, so we should probably assume they are today only. New products are excluded, but the discounts are being displayed on the store pages so it should be clear which are in and which are out. Also the banner says that the sales exclude anything that’s in the Flashback Sales for 2014 and 2013 products.

Let’s take a look at who’s included:

The AntFarm

I love the quirkiness of this vendor, who can be relied on to always come up with something different and exciting. Ignoring the 4 products which are still new, there are an amazing 210 products in this sale. I have always found The AntFarm’s products to be good value even at full price, so this sale has made them real bargains.

I’m hesitant to make recommendations as it’s such a personal thing, and you might love completely different models to those that catch my eye, but here’s just a few of my own not-to-be-missed choices. Also take a look at the extensive Never series for fantasy and steampunk style adventures, the KillZones series (not my thing but great for horror), and DeadWater for a new take on the Wild West. The little bots are a lot of fun too and very low cost.

Product Sale Price You Save
Lazer Cat $6.78 $10.16
Gothic City $8.78 $13.17
School’s Out $7.98 $11.97
The Colony $9.18 $13.77
Death Cap HD $5.58 $8.37
Shanty Town $7.98 $11.97
Archimedes Prime $3.98 $5.97
Buddy Bot $6.78 $10.17


This is Ron’s store, with his varied selection of brush packs for postwork effects. The deviney brushes are highly-regarded and most of us have at least some of them. Most will work in GIMP so you don’t need to use Photoshop, though watch out for layers files which you won’t currently be able to import into GIMP. Also the newest products use Photoshop Custom Shapes and I’ve never tried those in GIMP. If most or all of the contents are stored in .abr files you are good to go. You’ll simply need to locate your GIMP brush folder and copy the .abr there.

Everything in Ron’s store is included, which means 85 products, some of which are bundles. The bundles do offer the best value if you don’t own the individual contents of them.

Product Sale Price You Save
Ron’s Atmospheric Bundle $11.98 $17.97
Ron’s Horror Bundle $11.98 $17.97
Ron’s Water Bundle $11.98 $17.97
Ron’s Grunge Bundle $11.98 $17.97
Ron’s Background Images and Textures $9.98 $14.97
Ron’s Apocalypse $7.58 $11.37

Magix 101

Creative landscapes and futuristic cityscapes, and that huge WorldBase with its add-on packs… that’s what you’ll find among the more recent offerings in this store of 86 products. There’s a lot of Victoria 4 hair choices in the older products.

My top picks here are:

Product Sale Price You Save
The All New Worldbase XT Lushlands $9.18 $13.77
Trees and Skies Pak for WorldBase-XT $7.98 $11.97
Air-Worlds $4.78 $7.17


This top-quality vendor has some sensational products for Genesis 2 characters. There’s everything from halflings (Ferdibrand Goodchild for G2M) and wizards (The Great Wizards for G2M) to Roman and Greek soldiers. Whether you like Steampunk (The Aviatrix for G2F), sci-fi (Apocalipsa for G2F), or even fairytale (Queen of Hearts for G2F), it’s all here.

If you own Lee 6, or use your own G2M-based male character for martial arts and other Asia-inspired renders, don’t miss the Chinese Traditional Outfit for G2M or the Shaolin Monk Uniform for G2M.

All of Mec4D’s work features high realism with natural-looking draping. She has 18 products included in the sale.

Product Sale Price You Save
Ferdibrand Goodchild for G2M $9.18 $13.77
The Great Wizards for G2M $9.18 $13.77
The Aviatrix for G2F $11.98 $17.97
Apocalipsa for G2F $9.98 $14.97
The Vampire Huntress for G2F $9.98 $14.97
Shaolin Monk Uniform for G2M $7.18 $10.77


Artemis3d has 46 products in the sale, the majority of them female characters. It’s hard to pick and choose from them, but Kalini for Mei Lin 6 and Jasmina for V4 and G2F have that something different that makes them stand out in a crowd.

Also don’t miss Grrr for Rawr! at just $3.58. This is an add-on texture for that cute outfit, with 4 colourful new options.

Product Sale Price You Save
Kalini for Mei Lin 6 $7.18 $10.77
Jasmina for V4 and G2F $7.18 $10.77
Grrr for Rawr! $3.58 $5.37

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

The active promotions are:

  • Kibri And Aeon Soul — buy Kibri Bundle PLUS Tae Ceti Overseer and you’ll get 40% off each and 50% off the stores of Aeon Soul, Slosh and Lyoness.
  • Savings Flashback 2014 / Editor’s Choice 2014 — an increasing discount of 40% for 1, 50% off for 2, and 60% off for 3 or more from a selection of 96 products.
  • Savings Flashback 2013 /Editor’s Choice 2013 — an increasing discount of 45% for 1, 55% off for 2, and 65% off for 3 or more from a selection of 94 products.
  • HiveWire3D: Birds and Botanicals Sale — 15% off all sale products, plus you can use your reward points for an increased saving.

Other Discounts Today on DAZ3D: Saturday 31st January

Flash Sales: As above, Artemis3d, The AntFarm, Mec4D, Magix 101 and deviney all have 60% off right now.

View the Fast Grab deals:

If you are looking for the Skull Cove bundle, it is now only in the 2013 Flashback sale and not Fast Grab. You’ll get it for 65% off if bought with 2 other eligible products from that selection.

Artist Product You Pay You Save
3D Universe Sandy Bay Seaside Village $17.39 $40.57
3D Universe Skull Cove Island $8.99 $20.97
3djoji RobberKook Toon Boat $8.99 $20.97
3D Universe Village Buildings $8.39 $29.57
3D Universe Skull Cove Buildings $8.39 $29.57
3D Universe Konrad for Genesis $8.09 $18.87
3djoji The Priory $7.49 $17.47
ARTCollaborations The Enchanted Glade $5.99 $13.97
3D Universe Skull Cove Props $5.09 $11.87
3D Universe Skull Cove Pirate Ship $3.59 $8.37
3djoji Safari Off Road $2.99 $6.97

Get the Weekly Freebies:

It’s not just Keiko who is enjoying Valandar’s Karaoke Machine — this week’s giveaway. Any of your characters can sing along if you pick it up today.

Also take a look at a fresh selection of 12 older products available for free for a limited time:

  • Easy Going Poses for M5
  • DLD Stone Shaders for DAZ Studio
  • Colors for Elements Hair*
  • Harajuku Textures for Lily Dress*
  • Cozy for Day Dreamer*
  • Revelrie Midway*
  • Revelrie Midway Interiors*
  • Bonny for Elverado*
  • Thereto and Fore*
  • Rosemarie*
  • Argmar*
  • Royal Highness*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone. (The M5 poses can be used with other figures.)

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