Workout Wear, Summer Bikini, and Flowering Shrubs

There are fresh products in store today, which together form part of a Get Ready for Spring promotion. The bikini is more summer than spring, but along with a warmer outfit, poses, jewel accessories, and a nature pack, the products form an interesting selection with something to tempt most of us.

Nikisatez is the artist behind the Pre Workout for G2F outfit. This is a 3 piece set with training shoes, close-fitting workout pants, and a zipped-up jacket. The two included textures let you have a pair of female characters wearing this and not looking the same. OziChick has an add-on pack with 4 more textures if you want to try some different looks.

The Hottie Bikini HD for G2F is also a Nikisatez creation and will be popular with its ruched fabric and clasp detailing that create a realistic feel. You get 8 plain colours to start you off, but if you are happy to keep it plain you can create further colours with the diffuse/specular dials, as the PA points out in the description. For a patterned finish, look again to OziChick who has 6 more textures with a variety of modern patterns paired with contrast fabric.

EmmaAndJordi are on a mission to decorate your G2F figures. The Bejeweled Bundle 2: Arm Cuffs, Bangles, Rings and Toe Rings is a bumper pack of rings and bangles, with many more options than I could fit in here. There are some exceptionally pretty designs, all with that mystical fantasy feel that we love these vendors for. If you have elven women, faeries or mystics among your characters, this is the pack for them. Some of the rings in particular have a youthful feel that would also be great for your teens.

Mattymanx poses are not to be missed, and this vendor’s latest set (Various Poses 2 for G2F) is a triple combo for leggy anime girls Aiko and Keiko, and also for Victoria 6. A versatile selection of sitting and standing poses.

For bringing nature into your renders, Andrey Pestryakov is one of the names to watch. He has now bundled 4 of his bush and shrub props into one set, so you can save on the individual purchase prices. The Nature – Bushes Bundle includes a pack of mixed leafy bushes, along with the flowering shrubs Hibiscus, Oleander, and Rosa Majalis.

Did you enjoy the Flash Sales yesterday? These have now finished, but featured 3 excellent stores. I find it interesting once these limited-time sales are over to see what was popular enough to make it into the What’s Hot scrolling banners. It looks like many people took advantage of the MindVision G.D.S. discounts to get Actual Tears and the Actual Hair Bundle, along with that Casual Denim outfit. (Update: there are now 3 new stores listed as Flash Sales, with 50% off each.)

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

The active promotions are:

  • Get Ready for Spring — Get an increased discount of 40% if you buy two or more from Friday’s new releases. Also get 40% off (PC+ members get 45%) the PA stores of Nikisatez, OziChick, Mattymanx, Andrey Pestryakov, and EmmaAndJordi with any 1 item bought these new releases.
  • Get Your 3D Print On — Buy one of the four 3d-printed figurines (Lee 6, Mei Lin 6, Keiko 6, or DAZ Dragon 3) and you’ll get a $20 discount on DAZ Originals. For PC+ members, there’s also a bonus 50% saving on PC+ products if you use the code PCPRINT (this will only work if you have bought or own a printed figure).
  • Speed of Light — Buy 2 of Wednesday’s PA releases and get 35% off, buy 3 or more for 40% off. Plus you’ll get 40% off (or 50% if you buy 2 or more new releases) a selection of 121 sci-fi products and the same discount on the stores of Ansiko, Lyrra Madril, EmmaAndJordi, Dreamlight, and Chinchbug.
  • DAZ Gets Gritty — Buy one of Tuesday’s 8 new releases and you’ll be able to get 40% off the stores of The AntFarm, JoeQuick, E-Arkham, Yura, RawArt and Dreamlight.
  • 3D Printing: Buy Compatible Genesis 2 Figures — all Genesis 2 based figures will be 3d print compatible, and right now you can get a discount on them: 45% off one, 55% off two or more bought together.
  • 3D Printing: Buy Compatible Poses — pick up a discount on Genesis 2 poses, which you’ll be able to use with the print compatible figures: 40% off, increasing to 50% for PC+ members.
  • Valentine’s Comes Early — buy a new release from the 5 Valentine’s themed products and you’ll get 45% off any of 112 related items.
  • HiveWire3D: Birds and Botanicals Sale — 15% off all sale products, plus you can use your reward points for an increased saving.

New Today on DAZ3D: Friday 6th February

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
Andrey Pestryakov Nature – Bushes Bundle $24.46 $24.46
Nikisatez Pre Workout for G2F $13.26 $13.26
Nikisatez Hottie Bikini HD for G2F $11.87 $11.87
EmmaAndJordi Bejeweled Bundle 2: Arm Cuffs, Bangles, Rings and Toe Rings $11.17 $11.17
Mattymanx Various Poses for G2F $11.17 $11.17
OziChick Textures for Pre Workout Outfit $9.07 $9.07
OziChick Textures for Hottie Bikini $8.37 $8.37

Other Discounts Today on DAZ3D: Friday 6th February

Flash Sales:

  • Trendyrenders — 50%
  • OziChick — 50%
  • Kibarreto — 50%

View the Fast Grab deals:

A new selection has just arrived for the weekend.

Artist Product You Pay You Save
DAZ Originals Michael 4 Pro Suite $59.99 $139.97
DAZ Originals Victoria 4 Pro Suite $59.99 $139.97
DAZ Originals Predator vs. Prey Dinosaur Bundle $29.99 $69.97
DAZ Originals Dinosaur Bundle $8.99 $20.97
OziChick, PandyGirl Beach Bombshell for G2F $3.59 $8.37
HH Drache Casual Days $3.29 $7.67

Get the Weekly Freebies:

Get Nightshift3D’s Industrial Pneumatic Tools and build up your 3D library at no cost — you never know when they could be just what you need. PC+ members this month can also get Alien Collector by petipet.

Also take a look at the current selection of 12 older products available for free for a limited time:

  • Easy Going Poses for M5
  • DLD Stone Shaders for DAZ Studio
  • Colors for Elements Hair*
  • Harajuku Textures for Lily Dress*
  • Cozy for Day Dreamer*
  • Revelrie Midway*
  • Revelrie Midway Interiors*
  • Bonny for Elverado*
  • Thereto and Fore*
  • Rosemarie*
  • Argmar*
  • Royal Highness*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone. (The M5 poses can be used with other figures.)

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