Victoria 6 Turns Up the Heat for Valentine’s Day

After a dry spell yesterday (February 12th), 6 new products have burst into the DAZ store today to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Vicky’s clearly hoping at least some of you will take her on a date tomorrow, as she’s dressed up in some of her most seductive outfits yet. I don’t think I’m her target audience here, but I don’t doubt the ribbon outfit in Sweet Holiday Nights for G2F will win over many of her fans. It has strategically placed red satin ribbon, tied with a bow, and looks pretty convincing. The ribbon wrapped shoes, also finished with a big bow, are a nice touch. The props are included too: a big gift-wrapped present and an over-sized floor pillow. Shox-Design has some extra looks for this saucy outfit and its props in the Sweet Holiday Night Textures pack. You’ll get 4 new sets of materials for the outfit and the present, and 8 choices for the pillow/cushion.

Umblefugly and Sarsa have teamed up for the Sinful Nights Lingerie and Overcoat for G2F combo. The coat has a great flow to it as it catches in the breeze, and can be worn opened or closed. It also has a ton of other morphs to get it looking just right. The lingerie is a 4-piece set and is black and lacy. Sarsa’s texture pack has 4 alternative looks for both overcoat and undies, which I guess you could also mix-and-match.

If you need a catwalk queen to model these new outfits for you, Fisty and Fred Winkler Art (FWArt) have a girl for you. Natalia (HD) is a Victoria 6 character who belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine. She has the wide range of options you expect from this pair, and included a set of jewellery which you can also use on any other G2F girls.

Finally, a product that will go down a ‘storm’ — and is on my own must-buy list — is the Pose Builder for Genesis, G2F and G2M by Zev0 and DraagonStorm. At last, we can mix and match all those different poses we’ve all built up. There’s a promo video that shows it in action and it looks easy and intuitive to use. Zev0 is also having a birthday sale, and if you buy this or any other of today’s new releases you can get a 65% discount on his store. The Share The Love promotion will also give you a 50% discount on 221 selected items, and 50-60% off poses.

What happened to Thursday 12th February?

It’s a rare day when there’s nothing new at all to see on the DAZ3D website. Yesterday was one of those days, at least it was until very late (European time) when the Dragon Forge showed up. This fun prop by Valandar is imaginative and looks great in the promos with smoke curling from its nostrils (you can add that yourself in postwork). If you buy any other new release (providing it costs over $2, which is going to be everything unless you are an old-style PC member), you’ll get it for free. However, if you just want the forge, it’s not expensive to buy.

And that was that for Thursday 12th, there weren’t even any changes that I noticed to Fast Grab yesterday. HiveWire 3D also had no new additions, although the 80s Arcade was only recently launched and is a DAZ Studio product. It also has a pose pack, and you can get those bundled with the arcade, so check that out if it’s something you can use. Also get your entry in for Ken Gilliland’s Songbird ReMix Open Render Season 2015 contest. The competition is really hotting up with some great art already showing in the entrants’ gallery.

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

The active promotions are:

  • Share The Love — Get a new release from Friday’s selection and you’ll be eligible for Zev0’s 65% off birthday sale, plus 50% off 221 products from the participating artists, and can also get 60% off Genesis poses and 50% off Genesis 2 poses.
  • Zev0 Birthday Sale — See above, required purchase off one of Friday’s releases.
  • Dragon Forge — For a limited time this is free with purchase of a new release.
  • A Bit of Mystique — Buy 2 of Wednesday’s new PA releases for 40% off each and $4 off a $6+ spend on any individual DAZ Original product. Also take 45% off (or 40% if you only buy one new product) the stores of PandyGirl, ShanasSoulmate, bitwelder, Handspan Studios, Phantasmagorical Scenes, Shifting Images, Rajraja, and Slide3D.
  • Platinum Club Extravaganza — With a new release, get 40% off a selection of 2669 PC/PC+ products. All PC members eligible for the discount.
  • Packed Up Ready for School — Buy one of Tuesday’s new PA releases, get 30% off 1, 40% off 2, or 50% off 3 school-themed products from a selection of 14.
  • Lost in a Strange Land — Buy one of Sunday’s new releases, get 45% off the stores of Aako, David Brinnen, Dega, Eva1, Horo, Merlin Studios, Simon WM, and The AntFarm. You’ll also get a 45% discount on Gianni 6, Michael 6 and Jayden 6, and an 8% discount on Gift Cards.
  • HiveWire3D: Birds and Botanicals Sale — 15% off all sale products, plus you can use your reward points for an increased saving.

New Today on DAZ3D: Friday 13th February

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
Zev0, DraagonStorm Pose Builder for Genesis, Genesis 2 $25.17 $25.17
Sarsa, Umblefugly DO: Sinful Nights Lingerie and Overcoat for G2F $17.47 $12.23
Shox-Design, Umblefugly DO: Sweet Holiday Nights for G2F $17.47 $12.23
Fisty, Fred Winkler Art FW Natalia HD for Victoria 6 $13.27 $13.27
Sarsa DO: Sinful Nights Textures $9.07 $6.35
Shox-Design DO: Sweet Holiday Night Textures $9.07 $6.35
Valandar DO: Dragon Forge $5.57 $3.34

Other Discounts Today on DAZ3D: Friday 13th February

Flash Sales: None right now.

View the Fast Grab deals:

Artist Product You Pay You Save
DAZ Originals Michael 4 Pro Suite $59.99 $139.97
DAZ Originals Victoria 4 Pro Suite $59.99 $139.97
DAZ Originals Predator vs. Prey Dinosaur Bundle $29.99 $69.97
DAZ Originals Dinosaur Bundle $8.99 $20.97
ARTCollaborations Star Struck Twinkle for A4 $6.59 $15.37
HH Drache Casual Days $3.29 $7.67

Get the Weekly Freebies:

This week we can all pick up a free pack of Back to Class! School Props to set the scene in those school-themed renders.

Choose from a variety of 12 older products, all currently available for free (Dovecote Folly was one of my earliest purchases, congratulations if you’re getting that one for nothing as it’s a lovely set):

  • Dovecote Folly
  • AH-9200X – Fast Attack Aircraft (Carrara)
  • Trader DL
  • The Iron Gate
  • Teensy for The Kids 4*
  • Textures for Winter Flower*
  • Prophecy for Shadowcaster*
  • Almirena Dress Textures*
  • Textures for Epiphany Gown*
  • Chicari for V4*
  • Wicked Wear Future Textures*
  • Temptress Textures*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone. (Teensy textures can be used on a Genesis base, but you’ll need the morphs package for her shape; Chicari is a complete outfit that V4 that will work with mixed results on later generations.)

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