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No new products but you can get some great discounts if you are shopping at DAZ3D today. However, if a day without a new release is a glum one for you, I suggest you stop by Hivewire 3D where Lisa’s Botanicals/Fab3d have a new Mud Hole product. This realistic natural prop is compatible with both DAZ Studio and with Poser, as I believe are all of Lisa’s creations.

Back to those discounts… Did you catch the 75% off Dreamlight sale last night? Well it’s still going on today, with 170 out of his 174 priced products having this generous discount. As we know, Dreamlight products tend to be pricey, so this is a welcome chance to snatch up those you’ve had your eye on. His training normally includes hour after hour of video tuition, so I imagine you’ll get some great value out of them.

If you want to learn to model, or improve on your skills, check out his Master Hexagon 2.5 series. With the discount, these cost only $3.74 each, and could kickstart a new career. Well worth giving up a fast food lunch for! You can choose from Basic Organic Shapes: Pipe, Dinosaur and Head; A Car Body and Tires with Rims; Sexy Genesis Outfits: Dress, Skirt and Top; or Model a House, Door, Ballustrade and Window.

All of the above are included in the Hexagon Revisited – Create Models & Money product, also on 75% off right now at $24.24. Yes, that total is more than the individual items, but it has a couple of additional modules. It might be worth comparing this full pack with the separate videos though, to see which is the right choice for your needs.

There are some great-looking older products in the Dreamlight store on DAZ, but watch for compatibility with the latest version of DAZ Studio with these. The more recent products will be fine, I just recall some of the older light sets have been an issue for some. For example, you’ll want to get the newer Light Dome PRO – R rather than an older version. Of course, if you take a chance and a product doesn’t work in your version of Studio, you’ll be able to return it as long as you do so within 30 days.

Nightshift3D is also on sale at the moment, although it’s a Flash Sale so it could be on for a couple of hours or could last days. You can get 60% off the 103 non-new items in his store.

There’s a Platinum Club Plus Promotion happening too. Need to renew your membership soon? There’s 25% off right now, and buying an annual membership will give you 40% off a selection of PA stores. Or you could spend $10 on PC+ products to get the same discount of 40%. Spend $20 and it increases to a 50% discount. 18 PAs have their stores included in this one, so that’s several hundred (around 700-800, at a guess) products to choose from. I’ve listed the stores below.

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

The active promotions are:

  • Platinum Will Show You the Way — 25% off annual PC+ membership. Buy this or spend $10 on PC+ items for a 40% discount on selected stores. Spend $20 on PC+ items and save 50% on those stores. Offer applies to the stores of 3DCelebrity, WillDupre, 3djoji, WildDesigns, Slosh, Shox-Design, Sickleyield, Shimuzu, Arien, Cornucopia3D, Cris Palomino, DarkStarBurning, Digital I Designs, DimensionTheory, DemonicaEvilius, Diane, FirstBastion, Fuseling.
  • Dreamlight Sale — Get an amazing 75% off (excludes new products) for a limited time.
  • Give a Bot a Hammer — Buy 2 or more of Thursday’s new releases and you’ll get Hazard Zone for free, plus 40% off deviney, Sedor, DzFire and Kibarreto. You’ll also get an exclusive discount of 52% on 12 top sci-fi items, including more brushes from deviney, bots and cyborgs.

New Today on DAZ3D: Friday 20th February

None so far today.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Friday 20th February

Flash Sales:

Nightshift3D — Save 60%

View the Fast Grab deals:

These are changing quite quickly at the moment so keep an eye on them.

Artist Product You Pay You Save
DAZ Originals Victoria 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Michael 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
Countess, Silver Alisra $5.39 $12.57
Countess, Silver Kronos $5.39 $12.57
Countess, Silver Paige $5.39 $12.57
Sabby, Silver Daisy $5.39 $12.57
Fred Winkler Art, Sabby Tiffany $5.39 $12.57
Fred Winkler Art, Sabby Wachiwi $5.39 $12.57

Get the Weekly Freebies:

ARTCollab’s handy Decor Basics is the current weekly model giveaway. No purchase needed.

Choose from a variety of 12 older products, all currently available for free :

  • Dovecote Folly
  • AH-9200X – Fast Attack Aircraft (Carrara)
  • Trader DL
  • The Iron Gate
  • Teensy for The Kids 4*
  • Textures for Winter Flower*
  • Prophecy for Shadowcaster*
  • Almirena Dress Textures*
  • Textures for Epiphany Gown*
  • Chicari for V4*
  • Wicked Wear Future Textures*
  • Temptress Textures*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone. (Teensy textures can be used on a Genesis base, but you’ll need the morphs package for her shape; Chicari is a complete outfit that V4 that will work with mixed results on later generations.)

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