Sensational Sci-Fi Stuff at PC+ Prices, and Genesis 2 Fast Grab

Oh no… a Genesis Blow-Out sale! These are hard to resist. This time we’re getting 65% off over 1000 products. Yes, last time round we got an extra 5% but honestly unless you are buying an unusually expensive item you are not going to notice much of a price difference. In many cases, it will be cents rather than dollars.

The trouble with browsing when not logged-in is you see so many products in the selection that you paid more for in the past. However, there are still bargains to be had. The original Genesis (generation 5) remains a hugely versatile 3d model with the ability for characters to wear the full range of clothing and hair regardless of gender. There are also unique characters such as Hiro 5 and Hitomi who don’t have generation 6 counterparts right now (I’ll leave it for others to argue whether or not Keiko 6 can replace Hitomi…).

This is one of those straightforward sales we all enjoy, with no ‘buy this to get that’ conditions. Just a straight-up discount of 65% according to the banner, or 66% if you look at the individual discounts.

If that’s not temptation enough, there are some stars from the Genesis 2 family in Fast Grab today with 70% off the pro bundles of Michael 6, Victoria 6 and Gia 6, plus the base figure for Giselle 6.

Being a Wednesday, it’s also a PC+ release day. We’re still with a mostly sci-fi theme here. Ravnheart has created the SS Marcoor Corridor, which looks incredibly detailed with cool console panels and lots of attention to the texturing. This one will be flying into carts today. Sarsa meanwhile is expanding the versatility of the GIS set with her add-on textures. Today we get the Andromeda for GIS Skyway and Expansion. Also from Sarsa, Andromeda for GIS Empress offers 2 new looks for this outfit.

Coming back to Earth, we have a treat from Jack Tomalin with Exemplar for the Bandstand. The lovely model gets a makeover, so clear off the snow and enjoy its warm weather charms. The add-on set included lights and ivy props. Plus, David Brinnen and ForbiddenWhispers continue their shader pack series today with Woodland Leaf Floors DAZ Studio Shaders.

Today is your last day to get one of the week’s non-PC+ new releases to ‘lock in your savings’ and get a discount on March Madness, which really is just around the corner… I can’t wait!

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

The active promotions are:

  • Genesis Blow-Out — 65% off any of 1060 Genesis (generation 5) products.
  • Fantasy & Future — Buy 1 of Tuesday’s new releases and get 40% off selected PA stores plus 8% off gift cards. Buy 2 for 45% off plus 10% off gift cards, or 3 for 50% off the stores and 12% off the gift cards. The artists you can save on are The AntFarm, JoLab1985, Ansiko, Rajraja, and smay.
  • Lock in Your Savings — Buy any Monday-Wednesday new release (PA items) and get an unspecified discount on your first March Madness purchase, along with 50% off the stores of: PandyGirl, WildDesigns, HilligerMedia, Sickleyield, Winterbrose, Lyoness, ForbiddenWhispers, David Brinnen, FirstBastion, Oskarsson.
  • Undead On Sale — 56 products with multibuy savings of 30% on 1, 40% on 2, and 50% on 3 or more. No new release purchase required.
  • Dreamlight Sale — Get an amazing 75% off (excludes new products) for a limited time.

New Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 25th February

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
Ravnheart PC+: SS Marcoor Corridor $11.87 $3.49
David Brinnen, ForbiddenWhispers PC+: Woodland Leaf Floors DAZ Studio Shaders $10.47 $2.79
Sarsa PC+: Andromeda for GIS Empress $7.67 $2.09
Sarsa PC+: Andromeda for GIS Skyway and Expansion $7.67 $2.09
Jack Tomalin PC+: Exemplar for The Bandstand $7.67 $2.09

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 25th February

Flash Sales:

Stonemason –– 60% off entire store

View the Fast Grab deals:

Artist Product You Pay You Save
DAZ Originals Victoria 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Michael 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Gia 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Giselle 6 $13.49 $31.47
Countess, Silver Alisra $5.39 $12.57
Countess, Silver Kronos $5.39 $12.57
Countess, Silver Paige $5.39 $12.57

Get the Weekly Freebies:

The Toy Piano from Thorne is this week’s freebie. We’ve gone back to the giveaways being free only with a purchase, unless you are in the Platinum Club in which case you can pick them up without this requirement.

Take a look through the new selection of 12 older products, all currently available for free:

  • Tera Poses For Hiro 5
  • Juggling Act for V4
  • Cocktail Dress for V4
  • CatSuit (dynamic)
  • Wands of Wonder
  • Just A Girl – Expressions for S4
  • Bad Boy M4 Unimesh Fits*
  • Fashionable Movie Dress Textures*
  • Astrid for Stephanie 4*
  • Serpentine*
  • Jolie Textures for Dianny*
  • Horlamin*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone. The S4 character needs V4.2 morphs++ to achieve the correct shape.

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