More for Monique and Darius (Day 2)

Did you treat yourself to Monique 6 or Darius 6 yesterday? Maybe you’re getting both of them… they make a great couple! If so, you might be interested in some of the new characters and other content out today for the hot new African 3d characters.

OziChick today presents River, a handsome male build on the Darius 6 base. He may look like a hero, but he has a gentle side too (you can see it in those eyes). It doesn’t say in the description what UVs were used, so best to assume you need to own Darius 6 to be able to use his skin texture. You’ll definitely need Darius for the shape. Pair him up with Riya for Monique 6, also by OziChick. She’s a sultry beauty with 14 different makeup options.

If Monique is a touch too fair-skinned for you, then look at getting Zuri by Dark-Elf. She adds a welcome darker African skintone. Zuri includes a spectrum of bold makeup options and different eye colours too. If on the other hand you just want new shapes for Monique, then Fuseling has a morph set out. FSL Regal Monique 6 has a fantastic variety of shape dials that will completely transform this new figure.

Medea Hair is an eye-catching new braided hairstyle from SWAM. It includes rasta textures and beads too. It has fits for G2F and V4. Why not pick up the add-on pack too? It gives the hair a couple of new styles — an updo and a knotted tail.

For more expression, you need the Find Your Mojo Mix and Match Expressions for Darius 6 by EmmaAndJordi with its 30 full face plus the same again in mix-and-match expressions. Also look out today for the Everyday Training Suit for G2M by tentman to give Darius and the other guys something new to wear. Or how about Simply Casual Boxers and Shirts for G2M by Slosh for something to wear around the home? Both outfits can be worn by any G2M-based figure so there’s plenty to choose from today, even if you passed on the new characters for now.

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The active promotions are:

  • March MadnessBuy 1 new release at 40% off; buy 2 new releases with 50% off. These can include selected non-new items and artist stores — there are too many to list and these will change daily so check the March Madness 2015 page for all details. Note: If you buy 2 or more items, you can also claim a free item (currently Collective3D Bathroom Stuff).
  • Dreamlight Sale — Get an amazing 75% off (excludes new products) for a limited time.

New Today on DAZ3D: Friday 27th February

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price
SWAM Medea Hair for G2F and V4 $13.27 $13.27
OziChick River for Darius 6 $12.57 $12.57
OziChick Riya for Monique 6 $12.57 $12.57
Dark-Elf DE Zuri for Monique 6 $12.57 $12.57
tentman Everyday Training Suit for G2M $12.57 $12.57
Slosh Simply Casual Boxers and Shirts for G2M $11.87 $11.87
Fuseling FSL Regal Monique 6 $11.17 $11.17
EmmaAndJordi Find Your Mojo Mix and Match Expressions for Darius 6 $9.07 $9.07
SWAM Medea Hair Add-On for G2F and V4 $7.67 $7.67

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Friday 27th February

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None right now.

View the Fast Grab deals:

Artist Product You Pay You Save
DAZ Originals Victoria 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Michael 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Gia 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Giselle 6 $13.49 $31.47
Countess, Silver Alisra $5.39 $12.57
Countess, Silver Kronos $5.39 $12.57
Countess, Silver Paige $5.39 $12.57

Get the Weekly Freebies:

If you are buying something else, you can get the Toy Piano for free this week.

Also find 12 older products being given away for a limited time:

  • Tera Poses For Hiro 5
  • Juggling Act for V4
  • Cocktail Dress for V4
  • CatSuit (dynamic)
  • Wands of Wonder
  • Just A Girl – Expressions for S4
  • Bad Boy M4 Unimesh Fits*
  • Fashionable Movie Dress Textures*
  • Astrid for Stephanie 4*
  • Serpentine*
  • Jolie Textures for Dianny*
  • Horlamin*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone. The S4 character needs V4.2 morphs++ to achieve the correct shape.

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