It’s ALL on Sale (and Michael 6 is free!)

What else is there to say? Just about everything in the store is on sale right now, providing you buy a March Madness item. All the new releases so far this month (my street set included) will qualify you for savings on all sale products!

The only items you won’t get a discount on are those that are still new but were released before the March Madness event began. I have a couple of those on my wishlist that I’ll pick up at a later date.

IMPORTANT: Note that one of the items must be a March Madness release for you to get the discount on the other one.

Remember, if you buy 2 or more March Madness releases, you can also get Michael 6 for free. I don’t know how many of us already own him, but this is a fantastic opportunity for newer 3D artists to welcome Mike to their libraries. I picked him up for just $4 in December, haven’t used him since but I’ve been a slow convert to Genesis 2. It’s hard to argue with 4 bucks though, and even harder to argue with ‘free’, so don’t miss out.

Quick Link:
March Madness — Buy 1 new release at 40% off; buy 2 new releases with 50% off. Currently includes everything released this month and most other items in the store.

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