Predatron Flash Sale, Realistic M6 Character and PC+ Bargains

Definitely worthy of the ‘Flash Sale’ name, the MindVision G.D.S. 60% sale came and went in a flash. I hope you caught it as that store has some great products. The Bluebird3D sale for PC+ members is now also over, but Predatron is up next. A banner should be appearing in store soon. In any case you’ll see 60% off on non-new Predatron items if you are logged in and a PC+ member. Predatron has a huge selection of products so you’re guaranteed to find something there to add to your asset library.

A few new releases today including Gareth HD, who is a gorgeous high-definition character for Michael 6 from Raiya. It’s also PC+ release day where you can join in the fun at the fair.

Welcome to the new vendors in store. There have been a fair few lately including a couple of new names if I’m not mistaken today.

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

The active promotions are:

  • Real World — Buy 1 of Wednesday’s new releases (excludes PC+ products) and get 50% off selected PA stores plus 60% off related items (mainly with a Viking and warrior theme). The artists you can save on are The AntFarm, ironman13 and Raiya.
  • Guest Pass — PC+ pricing for non-members on a selection of items.
  • Fantastic Warriors — Buy 1 of Monday’s new releases and get 45% off selected PA stores plus 60% off related items (mainly with a Viking and warrior theme). The artists you can save on are Mattymanx, RawArt, SWAM, 3D-GHDesign, and Faveral.

New Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 8th April

Artist New Release Intro Price
IH Kang Waitress Uniform for G2F $17.47
GeeSee3D Exam Room $13.97
Raiya Gareth HD for Michael 6 $12.57
ablaze All Business Presentation Poses for G2F $11.17
The AntFarm Porta Potty $9.07
ironman13 i13 Vegetables $8.37
ironman13 i13 Sandwiches $8.37
ironman13 i13 Doughnuts $8.37

New to Platinum Club Plus today:

Artist New Release PC+ Price
David Brinnen, Forbidden Whispers PC+: The Waltzers $3.49
FeralFey PC+: Tilty-Whirly Poses for Genesis 2 $2.79
Moyra PC+: Seasons for the Casual Wear Overalls $2.09
Sarsa PC+: Damsels for Edwardian Suit $2.09
Sarsa PC+: Shabby State Room $2.09

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 8th April

Flash Sales and PA Store Sales:

  • 60% Off Predatron — PC+ Members Only
  • 85% Off Dreamlight

View the Fast Grab deals:

NOTE: These tend to change over later in the day, but the above link will always take you to the current selection.

Artist Product You Pay You Save
Morris Bounty Character For Giselle 6 $5.99 $13.97
Morris Sulaiman for Michael 6 $5.39 $12.57
OziChick Neena $5.39 $12.57
OziChick Designer for Lux Living Room $3.89 $9.07
OziChick Designer for Luxury Bedroom $3.59 $8.37

Get the Weekly Freebies:

This week PC+ members can get Demon Soul witch doctor props from Nathy for free, and everyone else can pick it up for nothing if buying something else. PC+ members can also claim the April giveaway, petipet’s Space Stones.

Don’t miss the 12 older products which are available to everyone for free for a limited time. This time we’re getting a remix of previous selections so chances are you’ll own a good few of them. The City Bus Stop seems to be a perma-freebie that also shows up in this section.

  • Hip Retro Dress
  • Night Out for Nightlife V4*
  • Trail Blazer Textures*
  • Enchanted Textures*
  • Exotic Movie Dress Textures*
  • La Paz Textures*
  • More Deadly Edges
  • Reby Sky Magnet Fit*
  • The Iron Gate
  • Garden Escape Planters
  • Garden Escape Well
  • Garden Escape Arbor Gate

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures for outfits, and won’t work unless you also own the matching outfit. The Reby Sky product will only be useful to you if you own Reby Sky.

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