A Model Lookalike, New Girly Outfits and Extra Realism for Skin

New for Tuesday, 8 products all about making Genesis 2 female characters look their best. There are a couple of skin products for more realistic results (Parris and ForbiddenWhispers are the artists behind these), a mix of outfits from Hongyu’s casual denim and PandyGirl’s slinky dress to Oskarsson’s Sunday best. There’s fantasy poses from who else but ironman13, adding to a popular series, and drapes from -esha- for creating softer backdrops for your character renders. And, if you are craving a new character, Lyoness today introduces Nicolette, a girl with model looks and plenty of attitude.

Update: Flash sales return with 60% off Andrey Pestryakov, who has a store full of temptations from the natural world, and also 60% off Alessandro AM with his wonderful furry creations.

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

The active promotions are:

  • Draped in Beauty — You’ll get 40% off each if you buy 2 or more from Sunday’s new products. Also save 50% on the related PA stores: -esha-, PandyGirl, ironman13, Hongyu, Oskarsson, ForbiddenWhispers, Parris, and Lyoness.
  • The Light of Learning — Buy the new tutorial (DAZ Studio Beginner to Advanced), Reality 4 or Luxus to get a 60% discount on a wide range of tutorial products.
  • The Future Looks A Lot Like… — You’ll get 40% off each if you buy 2 or more from Sunday’s new products. Also save 50% on the related PA stores.
  • Mythical Weekend — With the purchase of 1 of Friday’s new releases, get 50% off selected PA stores plus 60% off related items (mainly with a Viking and warrior theme). The artists you can save on are Andrey Pestryakov, ironman13 and Design-Anvil.

New Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 14th April

Artist New Release Intro Price
Parris Macro Skin for Genesis and G2F $24.47
Lyoness LY Nicolette $12.57
Oskarsson Sunday School Dress for G2F $12.57
PandyGirl Celebration Outfit for G2F $12.57
Hongyu Cowgirl 3 for G2F $11.87
-Esha- Studio Drapes: Base Pack $11.17
ironman13 Sexy Fantasy Pose Collection $10.47
ForbiddenWhispers Extreme Closeup: Freckles for G2F $9.07

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 14th April

Flash Sales and PA Store Sales:

  • 60% Off – Andrey Pestryakov
  • 60% Off – Alessandro_AM
  • 60% Off – Aave Nainen

View the Fast Grab deals:

NOTE: These could change over later in the day (early evening if you are in Europe).

Artist Product You Pay You Save
wowie Beautiful Bends M4 $10.49 $24.47
Flipmode Wet, Sweat & Rain for G2F $5.99 $13.97
Slosh Diana Boots for G2F $3.89 $9.07
Slide3D Kitty Hat $2.09 $4.87
Slide3D Kitty Hat Wild Collection $2.09 $4.87

Now changed to:

Artist Product You Pay You Save
Flipmode Easy Environments: Oasis $5.09 $11.87
IgnisSerpentus Dark Elves for G2F $4.49 $10.47
IgnisSerpentus Terrors of the Deep: Jellyfish $4.49 $10.47
Denki Gaka Uniforms for Cure You $3.89 $9.07
IgnisSerpentus Portuguese Man-O-War $3.29 $7.67

Get the Weekly Freebies:

Valandar’s Votive Candles and Stand are a really nice giveaway this week. Non members can get this product free by adding it with a purchase. PC+ members can also claim the April giveaway, petipet’s Space Stones.

Don’t miss the 12 older products which are available to everyone for free for a limited time. This time we’re getting a remix of previous selections so chances are you’ll own a good few of them. The City Bus Stop seems to be a perma-freebie that also shows up in this section.

  • Hip Retro Dress
  • Night Out for Nightlife V4*
  • Trail Blazer Textures*
  • Enchanted Textures*
  • Exotic Movie Dress Textures*
  • La Paz Textures*
  • More Deadly Edges
  • Reby Sky Magnet Fit*
  • The Iron Gate
  • Garden Escape Planters
  • Garden Escape Well
  • Garden Escape Arbor Gate

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures for outfits, and won’t work unless you also own the matching outfit. The Reby Sky product will only be useful to you if you own Reby Sky.

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