Humble Homestead: A Rural 3D Environment

360 Degree Countryside Environment for 3DIt’s a funny feeling seeing a product launched, often long after the weeks of work that went into it. It’s best described a small glow of pride mixed with a fierce hope that customers will like it and find it a fun and useful addition to their libraries.

I designed my Humble Homestead in the Hills 3D environment to be a versatile set for renders and animations, while solving that problem of having a gaping void in the background. The mesh hills, which are won’t add much to the render time at all, create an illusion of much larger hills for a far off background. That’s why I decided it was important to have in the hills as part of the title. Even though the hills are a backdrop, they are what makes this environment useful and lets you customize it with the skies of your choice.

They also allow for 360 degree compositions or animations, and whether you are working with 3Delight lights and skydomes or trying out the Sun-Sky method of realistic day-night lighting in Iray, you can place the sun just where you want for the shadows and mood you are going for.

I’m pleased with how it all turned out, as there is a lot of space there for everything from a single character’s lonely wanders to battle scenes. However, it was vital to me that what worked at a distance was also good for close-up work, and a huge amount of attention was given to the stonework of the cottages and to the grass in particular. There are also a lot of props, some of them (such as rocks) wildly unexciting but good for set dressing. I’ve made sure you can move these around, hide or delete them, or even load them all on their own, so that you’ll end up with the environment surround that suits your needs.

Rural Thatched Cottage Models for 3D Renders and AnimationsThe project was inspired by crofters’ cottages here in Scotland, and they could easily fit into an Irish or Northern European setting or just an imagined historical fantasy scene. I liked the idea of doing something weathered, but also wanted to include a white-painted version as this is such a classic look in this part of the world. I figured then you’d have a choice between a neat and cosy cottage and one that was a rundown, maybe abandoned.

Initial tests of this in Iray look promising but I’d like to see what someone more skilled than me with Iray will do with it. Remember to apply the Iray glass shader to the windows and convert other surfaces as needed if giving this experiment a go.

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I was at first surprised to see my enviornment as part of a promotion titled Bring the Fight (although last time my street was accompanied by the ultimate skimpwear outfit, so why ask questions?) but this time I can see that it might actually fit. After all, what a great staging ground for a fantasy battle! Hey, point the Warmachine Cannons at the humble cottage if the mood takes you, or have that amazing Hob Troll hurl boulders at the door!

3D Models of Cottage and Hills

Humble Homestead Makes a Lovely Painting (Processed in Filter Forge)

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