Tuesday is Shoes-Day… Plus New Curvy Model Bethany 7

Genesis 3 Female ShoesHeadline news today is that the lovely Bethany 7 has joined the Genesis 3 family of female DAZ Original characters. She joins Victoria 7 and Eva 7, all of whom can be used on your Genesis 3 Female base (available free as part of the DAZ Studio Starter Essentials download that you get with your equally free copy of DAZ Studio).

I think Bethany looks gorgeous in her promotional renders, so congratulations to everyone involved in her release.

On a personal note, I’m delighted to announce the release today of my Milonga Shoes for Genesis 3 Female(s). These are not specifically for Bethany, but will fit her as well as her sister characters. The shoe design and name were inspired by the Tango. These are shoes you can dance in, or wear to the office, or show off just about anywhere.

I like variety but don’t have much use for 20-inch heels myself, so finally created the shoes I had always wanted to buy. They are of course compatible with both 3Delight and Iray. (I use 3Delight a lot and will always put as much care into those materials as I do into Iray ones.)

Another thing you too might have wanted in shoes is the ability to easily retexture them. Well, I couldn’t agree more, so you’ll find that the Milonga shoes are shader-friendly and you can easily coordinate them with an outfit using any shader presets that you own or have created.

Customize Genesis 3 Female shoes with shaders

Create your perfect shoe using your own shader presets

Novica has created a lovely image using Milonga Shoes, showing a very glamorous Summer and her feline friend relaxing on the sofa. Be sure to stop by her Art Studio thread in the DAZ forums to see the original and also pick up all kinds of helpful hints for DAZ Studio. As I’ve mentioned before, Novica is a real fount of knowledge when it comes to using DAZ Studio content. She has also recently started a useful Iray References thread to organize the information that has (until now) been scattered about the forums.

A render of Summer for V7 wearing Milonga shoes.

‘Summer’ shoes off Milonga Shoes. View the original in Novica’s Art Studio thread.

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