Using Older 3D Content on New Genesis 3 (V7 and Friends)

Skin Textures from Genesis 2 Female to Genesis 3 Female

Process used linked to below (with thanks to J.Cade)

So you have your gorgeous new Genesis 3 Female characters Vicky 7, Bethany 7, Eva 7, and their sisters. Now you’d like to use some of that vast library of clothing, characters and other stuff you love on them, right?

While there’s some great new outfits coming out for them (and expect some new treats in the upcoming PA Sale… starting soon), there’s no need to let the old and not-so-old content for Genesis 2 Female characters, Genesis, and Victoria 4 gather dust. Here’s a quick look at some of the recently-released utilities that can breathe new life into things you bought for generation 6 (Genesis 2) and earlier.

Auto-Fit Genesis 2 Female — Free and Included in DAZ Studio

Now, what you need to know here is that your free Genesis 3 Female base and the characters built on her (e.g. Victoria 7) can wear Genesis 2 Female clothing right out the box. DAZ Studio includes an auto-fit clone that, when you try and put a G2F item onto Genesis 3, will prompt you with a dropdown box to select Genesis 2 Female and the clothing type. Do this and then it will snap right onto your Genesis 3 figure. The fit might not be perfect for some items, with clinging (especially the chest) and zig-zagging tear areas below the crotch being common. Also expect to have mixed results with included clothing morphs and pose-matching drapes.

SY Ultra Templates for Genesis 3 Female(s)

The SY Ultra Templates for Genesis 3 Female(s) are from Sickleyield, so you know they’re going to be good. These will improve on the auto-fit and give you extra handles for those things like long skirts and loincloths. The magic happens behind the scenes, all you need to do when you see the auto-fit dropdown is to select the best template that describes the clothing item, e.g. tight dress). They also help with matching the clothing to pose when your character needs to sit and kneel.

Wear Them All – Autofitting Clones and Clothing Smoothers

Valzheimer brings us a complementary product to cover those non-G2F figures. Wear Them All will let you add Genesis, Genesis 2 Male (Michael 6 and friends), Victoria 4 and Michael 4 clothing to your Genesis 3 Female, Victoria 7 and the other ‘7’ girls. Several clothing smoothers are included so you can get the best possible end result.


OK, so that’s clothing sorted. The second product above also helps with hair, but this is less of a tricky area in any case. But how about characters?

Genesis 2 Legacies for Genesis 3 Female: Classics and Genesis 2 Legacies for Genesis 3 Female: Beauties

These 2 products are from Slosh, and will allow you to apply your beloved Genesis 2 DAZ Original shapes to Genesis 3 Female. From there you can mix and match them with generation 7 female characters, giving you many more morph options. The heads and bodies are separate, which makes them even more versatile.

Or, as Slosh suggests, you can use them as a base from which you can transfer other Genesis 2 Female morphs to your Genesis 3 characters — though you’ll need to do the work of transferring them yourself. More on this further below.

Getting Genesis 2 Female (Generation 6 Female) Textures on Genesis 3 Female (Generation 7)

The above product won’t be able to transfer the UV maps (needed to apply skin textures correctly) to your Genesis 3 family of characters. The good news is that you can do this yourself, at zero cost, if you don’t mind some work. This has been made possible by talented new DAZ PA J.Cade who shared his process in the DAZ forum.

This is not a quick or easy process, but is definitely do-able. I worked through it last night and now have some basic diffuse textures from a favourite Genesis 2 (Victoria 6) character on Victoria 7. Why not give it a go… and pass on your thanks to J.Cade if you find it useful.

Transferring Morphs from Genesis 2 Female/Victoria 6 to Genesis 3 Female/Victoria 7

Kattey in the DAZ Forums is the expert on transferring morphs, if you are willing to take the time to do it yourself. There may be products to automate this in the future if you’d rather spend the money for a one-click solution. Here’s Kattey’s thread.

Other folk have dropped in with helpful input so it’s worth browsing that thread, despite its length. If you want to cut to the chase, here’s the Genesis 2 Female to Genesis 3 Female morph transfer process:

I haven’t done this myself yet but if I give it a go I’ll let you know how it went.

Image Info: The image shows a Victoria 6 character skin texture (diffuse only) applied to Victoria 7, with thanks to J.Cade for sharing the process. Original character and pictured skin materials by Gypsyangel, an excellent character creator whose Genesis 3 work I will definitely be buying.

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