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I’ve been busy elsewhere lately and missed a comment from John Jones that had been sitting a while waiting for a reply (sorry about that, John). John’s question was about a Filter Forge filter used in my YouTube video showcasing some of the different possibilities. Here it is again if you missed it:

Anyhow, although I’ve replied to that comment I thought it more likely John and anyone else who is interested would catch a new post.

The filter in question was the first one. My notes have it as ‘Old Book’, which means it is Old Book Illustrator by Gene S Morgan. I don’t have a note of which preset I started from, or what modifications I made, but many of the presets are heavy on the ink effect so I either went with one that had lighter ink to begin with or I dialled back the Outline Detail to a low value. Playing around with that one slider will reduce the black marks to give it a more hand-drawn look, as long as you keep Outline at a high value.

Here’s the result of my own experiments:

Filter Forge effect on a cartoon style render

Old Book Illustrator filter example

My original render had a blue, kind of cloudy effect background, like a photographer’s studio backdrop. So if you want comic-book style figures without any distracting background, you could probably just try this against plain white or with no backdrop at all.

Filter Forge 4.0 is currently available in the Catch-Up sale on Daz 3D, and you can get the discount up to 50% off if you buy a couple of other things from the sale (there’s a lot to choose from).

I hope that’s helpful, and have a great October everyone! I’m busy working on a new project in Blender right now, although probably not something I’ll put up for sale. I’m also learning what I can of ZBrush during my free trial, which (sadly) expires this month. So I’ll maybe post an update on that soon.

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