Arabella and her Gloriously Gothic Bundles

Well, I had no particular plans to shout about the arrival of Arabella, the latest Daz3D figure release for Genesis 3 (generation 7). I don’t have anything tied-in with her release. As it happened, my last outfit (Ernestine Outfit for Genesis 3) was accidentally tied in with Josie, who is a beautiful character but just like with my Milonga shoes and Bethany, the outfit just happened to have a Josie fit and wasn’t otherwise specific to her.

So while I love her slender figure, the prospect a generation 7 Vampire-Goth didn’t have me all that excited. However, I think Daz and the PAs have outdone themselves on Arabella 7 and her bundles. I don’t know if you are a fan of the Gothic look but with Halloween just around the corner those outfits are going to appeal to a lot of 3D artists. There’s also plenty of choice.

Queen of Shadow is a lovely if skimpy (but this is pure fantasy so why not) take on a corset and skirt. Some elegant button boots and a villainess style collar complete the outfit. Of course, long boots with killer heels, paired with a corset, is a must-have look for this genre and Deadly Night Shade ticks all the boxes there with some great detail. Speaking of detail, Bloodcrystal is a dress with some fantastic lacing and matching sandals. My own fave today though was the Ghost Bride Dress by Nikisatez and Sarsa, which jumped in my cart almost quicker than I could blink.

I don’t think I’ve said enough good things about Nikisatez‘s work since she launched at Daz, and that’s because a lot of her early work had a focus on skimpy and figure-hugging outfits that I personally couldn’t use. However, her releases at Daz have become far more diverse as time has gone on. There are some real gems even for those of us looking for less of the ultra-sexy stuff and more of the romantic gowns or just cute, contemporary clothing.

In fact, if you ever want a change from the Morphing Fantasy Dress, you don’t have to go much further than Nikisatez. For Genesis 2, she has the Arthurian Outfit and Voodoo Queen Outfit, plus the glamorous Classic Evening Gown and several chic but not-too-provacative shorter dresses (the provocative outfits are there aplenty too, so we’re all happy). Now Genesis 3 gets Ghost Bride, which Sarsa has brought further to life with her elegant texture work.

It just goes to show how versatile a skilled artist can be, and that you shouldn’t make too many assumptions based on a vendor’s early work, or even their most recent.

Back to Arabella, you’ll also be able to pick up some new hair and characters, whether in the bundles or bought separately. Hot on the heels of FWSA Indigo and FWSA Jade, Fred Winkler and Sabby have another duo of characters, FWSA Mina and FWSA Hannah, and Silver and DemoicaEvilius have again paired up to bring us a beautiful vampire girl Vyria. I’ve just noticed that Hannah has PC+ pricing, while Mina and Vyria will both get a DAZ Original discount, so you might not even need to choose… just get all three!

Add some poses and leather lingerie and there’s no end of choice today even if you don’t opt for a bundle. The bundles do represent great value though if you have the funds… and you deserve a treat for Halloween after all! 🙂

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