Kimo 7: Breaking Out the Box

Kimo 7 from Daz 3DIt’s been a long time since I felt inspired to write a post for a new DAZ Original character… And that’s not a slur on previous characters. Several of them, Kalea 7 included, have been amazing.

Kimo 7, as the male half of this partnership, does the Polynesian beauty justice. With his Pacific Islander features and stockily muscular physique he breaks out of the bounds of conventional releases but still has plenty to offer to those who need a fantasy warrior or hero. No need for a band of clones to fight evil (or good) in your renders, Kimo’s darker skin and distinctive features are a reminder that a whole lot of people on this planet are not white magazine-cover models.

Making him even more versatile, Kimo has a collection of impressive add-on characters that have released with him. I knew as soon as I caught glimpses of a couple of works-in-progress that these would be exciting. The PAs who have participated in Kimo’s release have gone all out to break new ground with him.

Makani for Kimo 7, by gypsyangel, is every bit as gorgeous as we expect from this character creator (long a favourite of mine). His intricate tribal tattoos and dusky skin tone are paired with those striking eyes that are a hallmark of gypsy’s work. This guy could be a Polynesian god, romantic lead, or a villain who is a true match for any hero you can throw his way.

Alexander for Kimo 7 is by Darwins Mishap(s), a fairly new vendor at Daz who is passionate about his work. Alexander adds originality to the Kimo line with not one but two morph and skin texture combinations for Kimo. Choose from a bronzed and tattooed tough guy or a pale and brooding villain (with the option of more modern tattoos). These characters too have beautiful eye options. I also love how different their head morphs and skintones are from each other, meaning you really do get a double package of characters here. While they scowl their way through the promo images, their expressive eyes hint at a softer side.

Watch out, those of you who can’t resist a handsome hunk. Now you’ve not only got gypsy boys to tempt you but Hinky Punk is here with the Hinkyhunks. Following on from the Dae for Lee 7 (how did I miss him?) we now have Keanu for Kimo 7. Deep, brooding eyes and still a hint of Kimo’s wide jaw make this guy exotic and dangerous. He sports an optional eye-catching tattoo across his torso. Also tanned and muscular, FWSA Ipo HD for Kimo 7 is a must-have for Fred Winkler and Sabby fans. Both more of an everyman and at the same time closer to his ethnic roots in his appearance, Ipo will bring diversity to any group. He has two beard and a clean-shaven option, as well as the HD morph that is standard for Genesis 3 characters from this pair.

All four of these characters use the Genesis 3 base male UV maps so you can recreate their look to some extent with only the free male figure, but the morphs won’t look the same without the Kimo 7 morph. Ipo is in the starter bundle, and both Ipo and Makani are in the Kimo 7 Pro Bundle, along with two great-looking hairstyles and the usual collection of poses and clothing.

JayBird Hair by goldtassel and Kylan Hair by AprilYSH both look excellent and of course can be used on any character, not just Kimo. Personally, I’ll probably make my own bundle as a couple of the characters aren’t in it in any case, but the Pro bundle in particular is always great value. I don’t know how well he will sell overall, but Kimo 7 is definitely a hit for those of us who love variety and can use more men in our renders!

Kimo 7 from Daz 3D

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