The Genesis 3 (Realistic) Males

The Genesis 3 Men: Michael, Lee, Kimo, Gianni, Leo, and free base male

Here’s the promised graphic of the male figure morphs from Genesis 3, minus The Guy 7 who as a toon doesn’t fit well into this line-up. It was a bit of a squeeze to fit them all on and the text is tiny. If you struggle to read it, the figures are as follows: Genesis 3 Male (white outline), Michael 7 (blue), Lee 7 (red), Kimo 7 (orange), Gianni 7 (purple), Leo 7 (green).

Kimo 7 was released a couple of days before this was made, so no males since that release have been included. For an Iray render comparison of the Generation 7 men, see my newer post: Choose Your Hero: Genesis 3 Men Compared.

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