Meet Haley, Plus Discover More for Mei Lin and a Paris Street

With so much new content hitting the Daz store each week I’d have a hard time these days keep up with all the deals! Today is special, because I was so impressed with the new releases, coming as they do at the end of a week of good discounts and offers, and the Kimo 7 release. Not only is there new content for Mei Lin 7 but a 3D Universe character and an appealing new environment too. I suspect pay day can’t come quick enough for many of us now!

Haley — the All American Teen with the Big Smile

Haley is a 3D Universe girl, a fresh-faced American teen looking for all the world like a young Britney Spears. She’s slightly toony to fit in the rest of the 3D Universe line of youngsters, but totally gorgeous with it. Angel wings or not (she has some in her promo), I can see Haley flying off the shelves today! The Haley bundle is under $5 extra and so very much worth finding those few additional dollars for, since you’ll get her outfit, boots and necklace. The character herself comes with that cute blonde hairstyle and as a Genesis 3 morph she should fit into plenty of the other clothes in your library too.

Congratulations to ile-avalon on the Esprit d’Autrefois Street Scene

Ile-Avalon has both my respect and (good-natured) envy today with the beautiful Esprit d’Autrefois. This is a very classy streetfront that comes complete with the trolley car. Congratulations to the vendor for such a detailed and appealing debut environment. There are extra discounts available today for those lucky enough to be able to add both Haley and Esprit d’Autrefois to their carts.

Mei Lin Just Got Even Lovelier with Adorable Akiko and Dangerous Beauty Lan

While I think she deserves to share top-billing, Akiko for Mei Lin 7 is a stand-out release from Virtual World who is bound to draw a lot of attention regardless. This Asian beauty takes realism to the next level. Pair her with the right hair and you’ll almost believe this girl could come alive. Speaking of hair, there are a couple of lovely styles in her promos, but I don’t know if they exist in 3D or were hand-painted onto her portrait.

Lan for Mei Lin is also a head-turning character who brings something different to Mei Lin. She’d make a gorgeous assassin or villain.

A couple of graceful pose sets round out the day’s offerings, and Victoria 7 on the sun-drenched Streets of Tuscany (Muscleman’s promos) is not to be missed!

I bet Marketing enjoyed making their banner for the Haley promotion — they had so many eye-catching images to work with. I don’t know how long that page stays live so won’t link to it directly but you can find Haley and today’s other new releases on the Daz 3D store homepage. While you’re there, remember that the 50% off DAZ Originals is currently still on, plus there’s an Iray update (at a cheap PC price) for Jack Tomalin’s The Library, and a $2 dress from the talented 3D seamstress Aave Nainen with a 50% off purchase from her store.

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