Choose Your Hero: The Genesis3 Men Compared

The other day I shared an outline comparison of the Genesis 3 male line-up from December 2015 to May 2016. Well, all except The Guy 7, since the focus was on realistic ready-to-use 3D males.

Today I’m sharing some portraits of the generation 7 males (so far). This time you can also compare their skin tones and materials, as the lighting is the same for each portrait and there is no postwork. I haven’t included the base male, since he doesn’t have Iray materials.

Comparison of Generation7 3D Men

One small point of difference: Gianni, Lee and Kimo were rendered using Iray in DAZ Studio Pro 4.9 (if you don’t have it, you can pick it up for free on the official Daz site). Michael and Leo were also rendered with Iray, but in DAZ Studio Pro 4.8. As you might know, there was a difference in skin shader setup between these two versions. If you are rendering in 4.8, you need to apply the ‘Legacy’ skin materials. If using the HD morphs, which I’ve done with most of the guys here, you also should remember to turn off the normal maps. I think they are on by default so nothing needs changing if you don’t have the HD morphs. I don’t seem to have them for Leo, and really must buy them.

While the men are subject to the same idealism as the female characters, below the neck at any rate, I do like the diversity in the line a great deal. Every one of the figures so far has brought something different to the group and all have high-quality skin materials to match their morphs.

Michael 7

Michael launched in December 2015, or was it the end of November? Anyhow, he was long-awaited, as we’d already seen several of the female characters by then. Michael is of course the iconic male, and there was never any doubt he would be created or released ahead of any other male 3D figures. As with Victoria, Michael is a lightly-tanned Caucasian (probably North American) and has similar proportions to a male model, with more muscular definition and realism than the free base Genesis 3 Male. This makes him a must-buy for many users.

3D Male Michael7

Leo 7

I mentioned above that I’ve somehow missed picking up the Leo 7 HD morphs and I plan to put that right. In the meantime, please don’t judge Leo harshly next to the other guys. It’s not his fault he’s lacking a little in definition and I think he’s a fantastic character. Love those long limbs and he has a very believable face. I’m not sure how tall he is but he’s clearly got every other 3D guy beat in that department. His skin tone is ruddier than the sun-kissed Michael, but that adds some realism. Technically Leo seems to be paired with the gorgeous Olympia 7, but I find his skin materials and general look go well with Gia 7. She’s quite pink-toned too, and has a slightly battle-worn look to her that Olympia, to my mind, lacks.

3D Male Leo7

Gianni 7

Gianni made his first appearance a generation ago, possibly as a much more muscular and ideal replacement for everyman David. he’s a handsome fantasy hero type, even more ideal and muscled than Michael. Larger than life, and looking ready for action, you get the impression this guy could take on anything you threw at him. My choice would be to match him up with goddess-like Olympia, but his name suggests Gia 7 as his female counterpart, so you have a choice.

3D Male Gianni7

Lee 7

Lee was another figure who first launched with generation 6, and saw a welcome return in generation 7. As you can see, what he lacks in height he makes up for in muscle tone. From Bruce Lee to J-Pop or K-Pop, Lee does a fine job of representing Asian guys (stereotypes and all). If you’re looking to pair him with an Asian lady who combines beauty and martial arts prowess, then Mei Lin 7 is his match.

3D Male Lee7

Kimo 7

Kimo 7 impressed me so much I wrote a whole post on him. He gave us something new and exciting with his Pacific Islander look, making him not only an ethnic match for tropical beauty Kalea 7 but a great addition in his own right. In terms of build, he’s taller and stockier than Michael 7 but not quite as tall as Gianni 7. It goes without saying that the so-called ethnic figures are under-represented, and many will still miss Darius 6, but at least with Kimo’s bronze skintone the Genesis 3 Male line-up has become a little less pale.

3D Male Kimo7

Guy 7

Is it fair to leave out The Guy? Probably not, even though most of us wouldn’t use him together with the realistic figures. However, the realistic lighting and hair used here don’t do him justice and I’d hate for anyone to be put off buying him so I’ll forget that one. You’d need to go for a more toon style to show off Guy’s unique look. If you buy him in a bundle, you’ll get some good starter content that fits with his toon look. The Guy is of course the partner for The Girl 7, and the two of them look great together.


All the guys have the same pose and expression — a slight scowl from FeralFey’s excellent Big Drama Expressions male pack. I find those expressions very useful, and they have dials so you can add anything from a hint of an expression to full-on drama. The hair is Colin Hair by goldtassel, which is one of the most versatile generation 7 hairs for guys. Lighting is from the Inane Glory and DestinysGarden Iray portrait set (great for working with realistic photographic light props), with the backdrop texture from quite an old set by Diane which is so good I just keep on using it. The model is wearing the lower half of the Peasant Outfit for Genesis 3 Male. (And no, I don’t normally spend my days rendering bare-chested men, but it served a purpose here!)

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