Genesis3 Female Figures: Let Her Inspire You

It took a little more time to put together comparison renders of the Genesis 3 series of realistic female 3D models than it did the males (view Michael 7 and his brothers here). There are so many more of them! Rune 7 was added just a couple of days ago so at least I was able to include her.

The Realistic Female DAZ Original Models

Comparison of Generation7 3D Women

There are 12 female models here (possibly more if I’ve updated this post after publication), representing the realistic and semi-realistic spectrum of DAZ Original women and girls. You’ll see I’ve included Izabella 7, who is clearly a fantasy character. However, her figure and skin materials work well for real-world characters, and her ‘other-worldliness’ is from the neck up, so she’s a versatile figure who crosses genres. The top row shows the earliest figure releases, after that I’ve mixed it up a bit as it was useful to see Rune7 close to Gia, Olympia and Karen, while Mei Lin 7 and Kalea 7 are a contrast to the North American and European skintones of the upper rows.

Rune is a Warrior Female Figure from DAZ

Rune 7

We all know that beauty is the main-selling point of the female DAZ Original figures and their spin-off characters. The men don’t escape unrealistic ideals either. They are all intended as starting points, in any case, to morph into your own vision.

Even with ‘ideal’ proportions, there’s good variety in build. Arabella 7 and Teen Josie 7 are the most petite and slender of the bunch, with Victoria 7 and Eva 7 representing supermodel looks, and Bethany 7 and Olympia 7 the softly curvy girls. Strong fantasy women with hourglass figures and muscle are well-represented too by Karen 7, Gia 7 and now Rune 7 (who is the first to have a push-up bra effect – a look you might prefer for clothed figures).

In terms of skintone, Kalea looks lonely right now but she brought some welcome diversity to the line-up along with Mei Lin. The rest of the figures do at least represent different variation in ‘white’ skintones, from the ethereally pale Arabella and Izabella, and the Nordic Eva and Celtic Rune, to more Mediterranean or Californian (or mixed heritage) skintones of Victoria, Bethany and Teen Josie. It works well that these figures are commissioned from different artists, as their different styles and working methods bring additional variety. After all, in real life, some of us are more blue-toned like Gia or Mei Lin, and some have more olive skin like Bethany.

Don’t Like These Skintones? Too Tanned? Too Something Else?

Victoria 7 is the Flagship Female 3D Figure

Victoria 7 — New Version of a Classic 3D Figure

You wouldn’t be alone if you felt the first few figures were two tanned and not quite what you wanted, or if you preferred a different ‘look’ in general for the original skin textures. Several DAZ PAs have created alternate skin material settings to use with the texture maps. Most notable is IG Iray Essentials from InaneGlory. This is a range of figure-specific ‘high quality custom Iray materials’ for the earlier Genesis 3 adult characters (those created for DAZ Studio 4.8). If you are a 4.8 rather than a 4.9 user, these will ‘correct’ (depending on your point of view) the issues of the original skin material settings, replacing the tan with a pinker tone and introducing other material tweaks. InaneGlory was also kind enough to release many Genesis 2 figure material products free as part of the 2015 Christmas giveaway, giving customers a chance to try them out.

Whether you want your Victoria7 and sisters to be bronzed or pink, high or low shine, or some other variation is of course down to personal taste. Other PAs (artists selling via Daz 3D) have skin material solutions that work with the figures’ original textures but tweak them in various ways. This could bring them closer to the look you want. You can see some of them in the Genesis 3 Female resources and add-ons section of the Daz 3D store. The EcVh0 Skin Shaders for Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 2 Female, and Karen 7 are well worth a look, and don’t miss Human Essentials for Iray by VincentXyooj which will work on male and female figures across different generations.

East Asian Female Figure Mei Lin 7

Mei Lin 7

Not in that category, but found within the stores of Sickleyield and Fuseling (search by vendor here), is Beautiful Skin Iray Genesis 3 Female(s) (there’s a male version and a bundle too) which will work with the original textures of the base Genesis 3 Female figure and Victoria 7. It also includes mapless presets to use on figures that have other UV maps, and offers a wide range of realistic and fantasy choices, plus a wet skin look. Also missing from the resources but found in the store of V3Digitimes is Iray Smart Converter and Advanced Skin Managers for Genesis 3. This clever tool lets you easily tweak Iray skin surface settings to achieve the perfect custom look. Again, there’s an impressive range of options here.

There may be others, and if I’ve missed them it’s only because they seem to end up in a variety of categories and it takes some rooting around to find them. Leave a comment if you know a good one that people should know about!

How about the Toons and Anime Girls?

Yes, the popular Girl 7 is mising, as Guy 7 was from the male comparison. Both are fantastic Toon characters and it would be interesting to see a toon line-up that included these DAZ Originals plus LadyLittlefox’s Star7, along with The Little Ones, Haley and other toon characters from 3DUniverse, plus the many toon add-on characters. (At time of writing, there is no Aiko7 release, but she’d possibly belong here too.) I don’t own enough of them to do that, sadly, but maybe someone else out there will?

Compare With the DAZ Males

Comparison of Generation7 3D Men

Compare the Genesis 3 Males (Michael7, Leo7, Gianni7, Lee7, Kimo7) with…

Comparison of Generation7 3D Women

…the Genesis 3 Females.

The female renders use the same lighting and backdrop as the one for the males, so you can get a good idea of how certain male-female pairings look together if you view them side-by-side. I used a PA’s light set-up, and the main aim was to be consistent rather than to achieve the perfect lights-exposure combination for Victoria or any of the other figures.

Because the female figures have a lower average height than the males, I did have to reposition the camera. Poor little Teen Josie would otherwise have lost more than her fingertips. It’s not a big change, but not a true comparison of the female to male heights. Sticking within the female line-up though, the camera was the same for them all.

Those guys are definitely outnumbered… even leaving Teen Josie out the picture (she’s been warned about older guys) and maybe Izabella too, that’s 2 or 3 female figures for each male. What would your perfect pairings be?

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