PA Sale 2016 — Don’t Miss It!

If you are new to 3D art, you might be wondering what the PA Sale (this year it’s called The Premier Artist Festival 2016) is. What’s so special about it, when there are sales on year round?

Well, it’s not your everyday sale, that’s for sure. This is when you can make some great savings on just about every item in the whole store. Almost all the Daz3D vendors will be involved. Each day, a selection of PAs (that’s us 3D artists who sell via Daz) will release some fantastic new products. These will have a 40% off, right out the gate. Buy 2 and you’ll get 50% off. That’s a bigger discount than you’ll get on brand new PA items at any other time.

The qualifying items are those that are new on the day you shop, plus the 2 previous days (“still new” releases). So you’ll always have plenty to choose from. There are also even bigger savings on related items which are listed under ‘Mega Fastgrab’ and this section will change each day. Every artist who has a new release will also have a sale on all of their older products. There’s no better time to snap up items on your wishlist!

The sale began on Monday with one of the year’s most exciting releases: TerraDome 3. I’ve spent a lot of hours working with TD3 and can tell you it is awesome! While I admire the work of many artists at Daz, regular readers will know I’m not the type to jump up and down. But TerraDome 3 is amazing, and I’d recommend it to everyone who renders with Iray. It is so versatile, and the HDR skies and morphing terrain mean you can use it for just about anything.

The best part of the PA Sale is that if you miss any days and later wish you’d bought, there will be catch-up sales. Watch out for them, mid-sale and again at the end. If the sale is extended more than a month, there could be sales every 2 weeks. But we won’t know for sure (no, not even vendors) until it happens, so best to keep watching.

PAs In the Premier Artist Festival (August 29th – September 2nd)

It’s very early days yet, and remember you’ll have a second chance to catch anyone you’ve missed.

    29th August

  • Traveler
  • Colm Jackson
  • Esha
  • Pixeluna
  • MortemVetus
  • IndigoJanson
    30th August

  • Darwins Mishap
  • Muze
  • Yura
  • gypsyangel
  • DzFire
  • Shox-Design
  • IndigoJanson (2nd release)
    31st August

  • IgnisSerpentus
  • midnight_stories
  • SimonWM
  • chungdan
  • Pixeluna (2nd release)
  • shadownet
  • ShanasSoulmate
    1st September

  • Islandgirl
  • Posermocap
  • Mstene
  • ImagineX
  • SWAM
  • Sveva
  • Sedor
  • Fisty & Darc
  • Sabby
  • Fred Winkler Art
  • Lilflame
  • Neftis3D
  • SilvaAnt3D
  • Vyktohria
    2nd September

  • Nikisatez
  • OziChick
  • Belladzines
  • Khory
  • Ironman13
  • Chungdan

There’s a whole of talent right there, and it’s only just getting started! Be sure to take a look at any unfamiliar names, because earlier in the year a lot of our friends at RDNA joined forces with Daz3D. Besides, sometimes the smallest stores can have some real hidden gems.

Stand-out new releases for me so far are of course the TerraDome3 and its add-ons, plus the Sky Gods products from midnight_stories which look amazing. Plenty of other cool stuff there too, depending on your interests. My own contributions to the sale have been Road ‘n’ Rails for TerraDome 3, and the Radio Astronomy Telescope which was also designed for TD3 in mind but can be used independently too. They missed fixing an updated promo on that one, showing the included arrays, but there are a couple of presets with it so I’m sure you’ll figure it out easily enough. (I don’t normally release products so quickly after one another, it just worked out that way this time.)

If you’d like to participate in next year’s PA Sale as a vendor, check out some of my older posts on becoming a Daz PA:

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