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Birdie and Pencils by Robert McclintockWho do I admire? People who create things of beauty and wonder, naturally. But there is so much creative talent scattered in the world. So more than this, I would say I admire people who create consistently. People with staying power.

I came across the person I’m featuring today via the Creative Every Day challenge I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

I did the challenge once but I fully intend to do it again. Today’s inspiring person does the challenge day in day out. Maybe not in strictly 24 hour bursts, but her participation is continuous through the weeks. She shows up. She creates. She shares.

It sounds easy, but most of us will agree it’s anything but. We want to create, we even thrive on creating. But showing up each and every day, no excuses? That’s hard.

‘Blue Belta’ (Mayumi Wakabayashi), an artist from Japan, can’t fail to inspire with her staying power. That’s only half the story, as her coloured pencil art also happens to be enchanting. She is skilled at capturing the small things in the world around her, and often adds touches of her own personality too. As Belta reveals to us the things that delight her, we can’t fail to be charmed by the artist herself.

Looking back, Belta’s work is gorgeous right from the beginning of her art blog. Making art such a central part of your life the way that she does can only benefit your skills, though. Not to mention the joy that connecting with creativity on an almost daily basis brings.

This level of commitment is something Danny Gregory encourages in his much-loved book, The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are. It’s an uplifting read that will gently push you towards making art something you do each day, and away from the self-criticism that gets in the way of so many of us.

As someone who owns and loves this book, it was wonderful for me to come across Belta on Flickr and to see this documenting of daily life in action.

Not everyone has the skill that has won Belta many admirers, but we can all improve if we show that kind of dedication. And maybe the small details of our own lives will become fascinating images and words when seen by others in far off lands, just as I love to discover what this artist has shared from the world around her each week.

Thanks for inspiring me today, Mayumi aka Blue Belta.

Image Credit: Birdie and Pencils by Robert Mcclintock:

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