AEDM Day 3: Light

Hands around 3d lightbulbI’ve had to put the story-telling aside today as I wanted to explore a different side of 3D art — making my own content.

Working with professionally-made models like those in the DAZ 3D store is a wonderful time-saver. Not to mention that other people’s artistry is a joy to discover, sparking new ideas and making concepts come to life.

This pleasure comes with a price tag, and is not without its own challenges. Combining 3D models from different artists and lighting them to create a believable scene needs patience and some amount of skill. As 3D artists often need to remind others: even when working with readymade content there is no magical “make art” button.

Creating your own models takes things to a whole new level. At first, it seems almost like a backwards step. After all, who can come close to the output of the pro model creators, who have been doing this for years? Time and experience, possibly also quality training and professional software, can make all the difference between an amateur effort and a pro one. (Though a pro will still impress even if only given entry-level software.)

As I recently posted, I am at the clunky stage. The stage where all the hours that go into my models don’t seem fully justified by the results, and an unexpected error can wipe out a day of work. It’s a stage we all need to work through if we want the freedom of being able to create what we imagine, rather than relying on someone else to create something that will do and that they will sell to us.

I thought today I would make a quick lightbulb for my day 3 theme of Light. I knew the creating of it would be a nice project at just the right level of challenge… and I was right. Trying to light the thing convincingly has taken much longer than planned (3D lighting being a complex and endlessly frustrating creature). I know I’m being unfair on myself, and that creating the model was an achievement to be proud of, but when your theme is “Light” you feel you ought to show some light at the end of it.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and I will have to keep my daily projects fairly simple. Still, when we wrestle with problems, we usually end up learning something. I hope you too learnt something today and are enjoying your creative journey, especially those of you participating in AEDM.

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11 Responses to AEDM Day 3: Light

  1. I’m so grateful you talked about the clunky stage. Earlier today I was in my backyard studio with my hands all over my current project. It was like a deep prayer. I recognize now it was me embracing the clunky rather than wishing the clunkiness away.

    That was something unique and new to me and then, by happenstance, we posted near each other in today’s art everyday month check in. Synchronicity rocks.

    Love what you created today & look forward to learning more about 3-D models as the month progresses!

    • Indigo says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for visiting. I think this is what makes something like AEDM special, when we don’t just create in isolation but also talk about the process. We begin to see that there are many experiences we share.

      Sadly I’m having trouble leaving comments on Typepad blogs. If you — and anyone else with one — see that I’ve visited but didn’t comment, it was a technical issue, I promise. Keep up the great work with AEDM, I’m enjoying your collages and prompts.

  2. I would say you truly saw the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. I really enjoy seeing your progress, even though you are more critical of yourself than any of us who have NO idea how you make these models would ever be.

    • Indigo says:

      LOL, thanks Elizabeth (and of course the incredibly handsome Bleubeard). It’s a funny thing, working with 3D. It can either seem very easy (especially when other people made the content — although that’s like saying a photographer has no skill because they simply point a camera) or incredibly complicated and mysterious. Like most things, it falls somewhere between the two. I appreciate your support.

  3. janice says:

    This is so fascinating to me. I can’t even imagine learning to do this! I love the way you are at peace with the process…very wise to keep pushing forward. It will be so worth it! Your light bulb is stunning. Happy AEDM! xo, janice

    • Indigo says:

      I think you’d take to it like a duck to water, Janice! If you love altering photos and playing with creative apps, you are halfway there. In any case, thanks for your encouragement and for stopping by.

  4. Carol Samsel says:

    Amazing!!! I am in awe of those who can do 3D ♥

  5. I have absolutely no knowledge of what you are doing and how you are doing it, but I am quite impressed by what you apparently consider “clunky.” I definitely think you are being too hard on yourself!

  6. Your light picture is really cool! They shadows and light look perfect. Like a photo!

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