Wrap Up of the DAZ PA 2013 Christmas Giveaway

Elf in Festive Hat2014 already and if you’re like me you are ready to jump into a fresh new year, full of enthusiasm for all that’s new and shiny. Before we forget 2013 too quickly, here’s a quick wrap-up of the DAZ 3D Christmas Giveaway from the PAs (vendors). While I had fun coming up with verses for the freebies during the event, I figured that anyone looking back in 2014 or beyond would prefer a quick reference.

Note, most of these are no longer free and as special releases may not be available to buy. This list is for reference purposes. If you missed the 2013 Giveaway, look out in December for the next one. Any 3D enthusiast or digital artist can download the models and resources for free during the promotion. With the exception of the Day 2 lighting/tutorial resource which was for Bryce, all items were compatible with DAZ Studio and I believe also with Poser.

Image shows Darc (Day 1) wearing Sun Hair (Day 6) and DA Festive Hat (Day 13).

Day Item Vendor
Day 1 Darc (Male elf character) FWArt & Fisty
Day 2 Bryce Pro Golden Lighting David Brinnen and Horo
Cattitude Poses (for DAZ Big Cat 2) Elliandra
Day 3 Toon Furniture Slosh
Day 4 Sitting Vicky for Victoria 6 (poses) Sedor
Day 5 Camera Magic: Sketchcam Basic Zigraphix
Day 6 Sun Hair for Genesis 2 Male Fisty
Day 7 T-Shirt Dress for Genesis Aave Nainen
Day 8 Camera Magic: Toon Cam Basic Zigraphix
Day 9 HIS Ear Stuff (earrings for males) Karth
Day 10 ‘Arachlace’ Smart Prop (necklace) AprilYSH
Day 11 Tyllo StarGates (tiling textures) Teresa Tyllo
Day 12 Tyllo Barockian (tiling textures) Teresa Tyllo
Day 13 DG Metal Overlay Shader Presets Destiny’s Garden
DA Festive Hat Design Anvil
Day 14 Simple Veins HD Sickle Yield
Wheely 3D Toon Model 3djoji
Day 15 InaneGlory’s Lights and Lamps Xtra InaneGlory
Day 16 Belly Control for Genesis 2 Males Zev0

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