9 Irresistible Reasons to Join the Platinum Club

Platinum Club accessWhat was I thinking? It took me the best part of 9 months to sign up for the Platinum Club at DAZ 3D. In that time, I could have saved so many dollars on those products I just had to have.

The PC might not be for everyone, I understand that. I even wrote a post on the top 10 ways to save money without joining the Platinum Club. If you won’t or can’t be a PC member, then take a look at how you can still make the most of discounts – and watch my weekly sales threads here.

However, these days I can’t imagine not being part of the DAZ3D PC. Here’s why:

* $1.99 and $2.99 Products… Over 2.5K of Them!

Build your library with sets, clothing, hair, and props. With the exception of just 100 or so products, these are priced at just $1.99. However, even the select few that go to $2.99 represent good savings on the non-PC price.

All genres are included. Whether you like Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror… even Steampunk and Toon… you can fill your cart without breaking the budget.

Jack Tomalin fans (and aren’t we all?) can go crazy in his store, where a large proportion of his popular models are priced for the PC.

* 30% Discount on All DAZ Originals

DAZ Originals aren’t just Victoria and Michael… they include hot new figures such as Olympia and Teen Jayden. It also includes the animals such as the Horse 2 or the Millennium Cat. The savings soon add up when buying bundles.

How about clothes? There are over 2000 DAZ Original clothing and accessory items in store, from outfits for the latest figures all the way back to classics for generation 3 figures such as Aiko 3 and David 3.

Need hair? There’s hair! Over 400 listed.

Get some Bargain 3D Hair

* $6 Coupon Each Month

Take $6 off one DAZ Original purchase each month. New items are now included so it’s easier to find something to use your coupon on. There used to be a lot of grumbling about the coupon because you can’t use it on $1.99 or $2.99 items, but shop around and you can find some great products for less than $10.

Tip: You can use your $6 coupon on an item that costs less than $6 if you don’t want to add any extra payment, but the coupon will be used up.

Another tip: Some of the PA vendors have products that have been bought out by DAZ. If their store goes on Flash Sale, you can check to see if there are any products with DAZ as a co-creator. Then use your coupon on the discounted price to pay even less.

* Extra Discounts for New DO Character Releases

If you like to be ahead of the crowd and get new figures when they first appear, being in the PC will make it more affordable. Everyone gets the standard 30% off, but PC members get more.

For example, Teen Jayden‘s list price is $39.95. However, PC members could get him on day of release for just $19.58. That’s a 51% discount! For non-PC, you’d pay $27.97 for the same character.

* Sneak Previews on New DO Character Releases

Ever wanted to be a VIP? When you’re in the PC, you’ll be treated to early previews of the latest releases. It’s fun to be in the know!

* An Exclusive Quality Freebie Each Month

PC members get their own monthly free 3D model. Sometimes it’s a vehicle, sometimes a set. See past monthly freebies here or the current PC model here.

Platinum Club members expect the best, so DAZ knows to put some of its best content creators onto this task. Petipet and Jack Tomalin are just two of the top designers whose work appears.

I love it when the first of the month rolls round and I get to see what I can download. And I love it when it goes through the cart with the No Payment Information Required message.

January 2014 PC Freebie

Free to PC Members in Jan 2014: sea, sky, rock and all!

* A Free Model Every Week – No Purchase Needed

If you are not in the PC, you need to buy something to be able to pick up the weekly freebie. That can be hard on the budget… or means you end up missing out on some great models because there was nothing else you wanted to buy that week.

PC members don’t have these worries. Each Tuesday / Wednesday you can stop by and grab the free item. That’s in the region of 52 free 3d models a year. They include props, sets and, well, see for yourself what was given away each week in 2013.

* An Exclusive Forum with PC-Only Contests

Want a more private place to exchange views and advice with some of the most enthusiastic users, or to have fun and maybe win a prize in a contest? Then head for the Members Only forum.

This is also where you see those previews, plus it’s the hub for the PC Annual Sale.

Jack Tomalin and Jen Greenlees look after us there, with behind the scenes help from Sara and other members of the DAZ team.

* A Month-Long Sale Extravaganza

Did I mention the PC Annual Sale? If the summer’s at an end, get your party hat on. The PC Annual Sale happens round about October each year.

It includes a stack of new releases with introductory discounts – some at the PC price of $1.99.

Last year there were also bundles of older products at very low prices, and one mega-bundle of 20 products for free. We were also treated to 99 cent category sales of PC items (e.g. hairstyles, or everything sci-fi).

Buyers during the sale earned points towards Pro bundles and other prizes.

My Verdict

Honest Opinion? Yes, I’m glad I joined the Platinum Club. In one sense, it saves huge amounts of money. Yet I do wonder if I would I have bought quite so many discounted models if I wasn’t a member?

Without all those models and freebies, though, my runtime would look pretty empty. I’d only be able to buy during Flash Sales and Fast Grab, which is a hit and miss way to build your model library. It’s also high-pressure, which can mean either buying things you didn’t want or denying yourself things that you did.

PC is an excellent investment and can be a genuinely exciting club to belong to when the annual sale rolls around. Even better, if you watch and wait, you can sometimes pick up the membership at a discount. Look out for discounts on ‘top selling products’ – PC membership isn’t always included but sometimes it is.

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