January 2014 Deals on DAZ 3D: 27th – 2nd (Feb)

3D Models on SaleAnother week, another set of offers, deals and sales from one of the most popular 3D model stores.

If you’re wondering why I’m being so loyal to DAZ3D, while neglecting equally worthy sites such as Renderosity or Hivewire3D, it’s simply that I write about what I know.

Renderosity has always been geared towards Poser users, in particular those who prefer female characters in skimpy outfits. I know, I know… there are some excellent artist-vendors over there with products that work with DAZ Studio and Genesis, and it’s not all underwear and pouting girls, but that content can be hard to find. I prefer to recommend based on products that I buy, and a marketplace I buy from on a regular basis.

Hivewire3D is also a good site and a must-visit if you are using Dawn in your renders. I’ve happily spent my own money there, on Ken Gilliland’s excellent 3D bird models. Their promotions are more about value stacking bundles than sales, though.

As for DAZ 3D, it’s a marketplace I know and love. After a year of using it, I’m also a lot more familiar now with their often confusing model of sales and promotions. I’m sharing in these weekly posts the same information I wish I’d had at my fingertips as a new 3D content buyer. It sure would have saved me some money! I hope it can do just that for you.

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Want to get straight to today’s deals? Visit the Fast Grab section, which will match the current date.
You can also grab the current weekly free* 3d model right here. (It will be the first listed item on the page.)

For more information on the ins and outs of the deals (and what that ‘free*’ means) see the notes.

Now to the end of January 2014 goodies. Catch them while you can…

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD
28th 3rd Feb Weekly Freebie Outdoor Fun Tossing Games ARTCollaborations Free*
2nd 3rd Artist Birthday Sale Entire Store Canary3d 50% Off
31st 2nd Fast Grab pw Shaders Bundle Poseworks $23.99
31st 2nd Fast Grab CandeeCurlz Hairstyle Neftis3D $4.49
31st 2nd Fast Grab Guillaume Hair Genesis / M4 Neftis3D $4.49
31st 2nd Fast Grab Sharon Hair V4 / Genesis Neftis3D $4.49
31st 2nd Fast Grab Beautiful Black Hairstyles Neftis3D $4.49
31st 2nd Fast Grab CoreySpikes Hairstyle Neftis3D $4.79
31st 31st Flash Sale Entire Store Dreamlight 50% Off
30th 31st Flash Sale Entire Store Predatron 50% Off
30th 1st Top Sellers 28 best-selling products Various 30% Off
30th 30th Fast Grab Troll Forest Bundle DAZ 3D $13.49
30th 30th Fast Grab Bashers and Bludgeons blondie9999 $4.49
30th 30th Fast Grab M4 Legionnaire Mystique- $5.08
29th 29th Fast Grab Teensy for K4 Thorne, Sarsa $4.49
29th 29th Fast Grab Shamus O’Shaughnessy for K4 Thorne, Sarsa $4.49
29th 29th Fast Grab Dynamic Skinny Jeans and Blouse (K4) DAZ 3D $3.89
28th 30th Fast Grab Anatomy 4 Pro Bundle DAZ 3D $68.99
28th 30th Fast Grab Female Anatomy Bundle DAZ 3D $29.99
28th 30th Fast Grab Male Anatomy Bundle DAZ 3D $29.99
28th 30th Fast Grab Deck the Halls Bundle DAZ 3D $32.28
28th 30th Fast Grab Deck the Halls Bundle 2 DAZ 3D $32.28
28th 30th Fast Grab The Kids 4 Pro Bundle DAZ 3D $29.99
28th 30th Fast Grab Safari Starter Bundle DAZ 3D $29.99
28th 30th Fast Grab Predator vs. Prey Dinosaur Bundle DAZ 3D $29.99
28th 28th Flash Sale Entire Store RingoMonfort 50% Off
28th 28th Fast Grab K4 Salopette Mystique- $3.58
28th 28th Fast Grab Retro and Junkyard Jetpacks Valandar $1.79
27th 27th 2013 Favorites Project EYEris DimensionTheory 70% Off = $5.99
27th 27th 2013 Favorites Skull Cove Complete 3D Universe 70% Off = $19.49
27th 27th 2013 Favorites Horned Barbarian Bobbie25, Sarsa 70% Off = $5.99
27th 27th Artist Sale Entire Store OziChick 30% Off
27th 27th Flash Sale Entire Store Valea 60% Off
27th 27th Flash Sale Entire Store Val3dart 60% Off
27th 27th Fast Grab Safari Furniture for Kids4 Capsces Digital Ink, The3dZone $2.99
27th 27th Fast Grab AntsPants2 Mada $4.49
27th 27th Fast Grab Jael Hair Neftis 3D $5.09
22nd 29th Artist Sale Entire Store First Bastion 1=30%, 2=40%, 3=50%
21st 27th Weekly Freebie Action Kicker Boots Sarsa, Xena Free*

I don’t include “buy this, get a discount on that” promotions. Too complicated. I’ll just note that this week saw a 3 day Year of the Horse Promotion in which you could (among other things) get $10 off the horse category, a free Millennium Horse (that’s the old one) and 70% of DAZ Horse 2 (that’s the 2013 one)… provided you bought 2 from a small selection of new releases.

Those new releases include the ARTMakeover merchant resource which does look lovely — and I very much appreciate that Ann thought of us GIMP users and included PNGs with the PSD files. As you’ll know if you’ve looked around my site, I enjoy doing digital face paint / fantasy make up myself. So I can see how much work Ann has put into this. While I still want to try doing this kind of thing for myself too (had a go with a face paint, with OK results for a first attempt), Ann’s pack would be a fantastic place to start. That one is heading straight for my wishlist.

It looks like we’re being treated to some high-value bundles in Fast Grab this week. Clearly guts attract a good price these days — the regular retail price of the Anatomy Pro Bundle (for generation 4) is $229.95 crisp US dollars.

Another old but good bundle is Kids 4 Pro. There hasn’t really been anything to match this since it was released way back then. Genesis comes with a ‘basic child’ morph that can be used for either gender, but it took an independent PA, Zev0, to give us more refined male and female child morphs for Genesis and Genesis 2 (generation 6). While these new morphs are more versatile in some ways and let you use the latest generations, the advantage of a DAZ Original like Kids 4 is that a bundle gives you a lot of content at a great price. Like what? Well, for Kids 4 Pro, a range of clothing, hair, poses, morph sliders and additional characters (custom skin materials and morphs). Which is even better when discounted by 70%!

The only real decision, then, is do you stay with generation 4 for your child characters and pick up Kids 4 to join Victoria and Michael 4, or do you morph your newer Genesis figures? Or you could do both.

The Safari Starter Bundle is even older, but wild animal models aren’t easy to come by in this 3d world, so grab it while it’s at 70% off if you see a use for African animals in your renders. If dinosaurs are your thing, then the Predator vs. Prey pack would be well worth a look — like Kids 4 Pro and the Safari bundle, it’s down from $99.95 to $29.99.

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