February 2014 Sales on DAZ 3D: 3rd – 9th

Grab a DAZ3D Discount: Feb 2014A new week, a new month, and a whole new raft of sales and offers heading our way from 3D model marketplace DAZ3D. As usual, I’m collecting them all here for you in one easy-to-read format.

If you read this in a feed, remember to check back here at IndigoJanson.com through the week as new discounts are added daily!

All the deals in the table below are discounted products, no other purchase required. The only exception is the weekly freebie, where ‘free’ can mean ‘free with purchase’ if you are not a Platinum Club member. Changeover and sale end dates can also vary. For all the nitty gritty, see the notes in the first post in this series.

This week’s freebie is an especially nice one and something I’d even buy another item to get if I wasn’t already in the Platinum Club. We’re also seeing category sales (teens and generation 4) lasting several days plus an exclusive discount for PC members. Also more ‘2013 FAVS’ which include the gorgeous Church Bundle by Merlin Studios — I’d snap that up with a 70% discount if I didn’t already own it.

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Don’t worry if you’re too late for these bargains from the first week of Feb 14, here’s what’s available in Fast Grab right now.
Why not grab the current free 3d model too? (Look for the item on the top row, first-listed.)

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD
4th 11th Weekly Freebie Elevator Hallway Imaginary_House Free*
8th Limited Time Flash Sale Entire Store Xilia78 70% Off
8th Limited Time Flash Sale Entire Store XP Pointblank 70% Off
7th 9th Fast Grab Genesis SciFi Starter Bundle DAZ 3D $14.98
7th 9th Fast Grab Sirius Labs 3DLust $11.99
7th 9th Fast Grab Captain Bobbie25, Umblefugly $7.49
7th 9th Fast Grab KOLT Outfit Xena $5.99
7th 9th Fast Grab Cryo Chambers Valandar $4.49
7th 9th Fast Grab Stellar Fury Valandar $3.59
6th 6th Fast Grab Outland Marauder for Genesis Bobbie25 $7.49
6th 6th Fast Grab AH-9200X Fast Attack Aircraft drawbridgep $4.49
6th 6th Fast Grab The Rhinoman Valandar $3.29
6th 6th 2013 Favorites Aiko 5 Pro Bundle DAZ 3D 70% Off = $29.99
6th 6th 2013 Favorites Glute and Breast Movement Zev0 70% Off = $4.79
6th 6th 2013 Favorites The Church Bundle Merlin Studios 70% Off = $10.49
6th 6th 2013 Favorites Sickle Rigging and Morphing System Sickleyield 70% Off = $8.99
6th 6th 2013 Favorites Garibaldi Express Hair System futurebiscuit 50% Off = $22.48
5th 5th Fast Grab The Elverado Outfit SWAM, Silencer $5.99
5th 5th Fast Grab Bonnie for Elverado SWAM, Silencer $3.59
5th 5th Fast Grab SpeedLights Outdoor Light Set 1 etujedi $4.79
4th 8th PC Exclusive 2013 Top Sellers Various 40% Off
4th ‘Limited Time’ Category Sale M4 and V4 Items Various 50% Off
4th 8th Category Sale Teen Josie and Jayden 6 Various 30% Off
4th 8th Category Sale Young Teens 5 Various 50% Off
4th 4th $10 Discount Any Any Spend over $50
4th 4th Fast Grab Hospital Bed Valandar $5.39
4th 4th Fast Grab Anime Nurse Uniform (Genesis) Bobbie25, Sarsa $5.09
4th 4th Fast Grab Feeling Sick Cold Stuff Cimerone $4.49
3rd 5th Fast Grab Reby Sky Bundle DAZ 3D $23.99
3rd 5th Fast Grab Reby Sky for Genesis DAZ 3D $8.99
3rd 5th Fast Grab V4 Unimesh Clothing Bundle Various $20.99
3rd 5th Fast Grab V4 Unimesh Clothing Bundle 2 Various $20.99
3rd 5th Fast Grab V4 Unimesh Clothing Bundle 3 Various $20.99
3rd 5th Fast Grab Dragon Clutch DAZ 3D $26.99
3rd 5th Fast Grab Dragon Clutch 2 DAZ 3D $26.99
3rd 5th Fast Grab Ultimate Millennium Dragon Bundle DAZ 3D $26.99
3rd 5th Fast Grab Ultimate Canine Bundle DAZ 3D $26.99
3rd 3 hours Discount Any Any $1 Off: spend over $5
3rd 3 hours Discount DAZ Originals / New Release DAZ3D / Various $2 Off: spend over $5
2nd 3rd Artist Birthday Sale Entire Store Canary3d 50% Off
3rd 3rd Fast Grab Corsetted Xena $5.99
3rd 3rd Fast Grab DLD Leather Shaders for DAZ Studio Digital Lite Design $4.49
3rd 3rd Fast Grab Valentine Candy blondie9999 $4.49
28th 3rd Feb Weekly Freebie Outdoor Fun Tossing Games ARTCollaborations Free*

I predict (OK, I took a quick peek) that we are going to see some Valentine-themed items over the first 2 weeks of February in Fast Grab and other store promotions. If you want romantic sets or sexy outfits this is likely to be a good time to buy. I am of course referring to digital models here! You are guaranteed to see some revealing clothing on sale for Victoria and the Genesis girls… and to a lesser extent (because life’s unfair) for Michael and the male Genesis figures. Update: not a great deal of this yet, maybe next week?

A Quick Word About Promotions

As you might know, DAZ3D also run a number of conditional (buy this, get discount on that) offers during each month. Are these good value?

Let me rephrase that: are they good value for you? If you love to buy up new releases, and are investing in Genesis 2 (generation 6), then they are worth keeping an eye on.

For example, as I write this there’s a ‘Light Up My Life’ promotion. Along with the usual 30% off new releases, you can get ‘up to 60% off‘ related purchases. Actually, you get 30% off the related purchase if you just buy one, 40% off if you get 2, 50% off if you get 3, and reach the full 60% if you buy 4 related items along with the new release. Phew!

Because this gets so messy — and because their usefulness depends on each person’s circumstances, wishlist and budget — I don’t normally get into the details of them here. If you do want to figure out if these sales can benefit you, I recommend you cast an eye over the rotating banners at the top of the Store page.

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