Why You Need Genesis 2 Female and Male Starter Essentials

Beautiful and Free Models to PoseLast week I explained how you can get a gorgeous male model and beautiful female model to work for you for free! Your every wish… their command. You don’t have to pay them or even feed them.

No, they are not Barbie and Ken, but 3-dimensional digital models. Their names aren’t all that catchy, I’ll be honest. They go by Genesis Female 2 and Genesis Male 2.

I suppose you could call them starter versions of the highly-popular 3D couple Victoria 6 and Michael 6. You’d have to pay to get Vicky and Mike in your digital content library, though. You get the head-turning couple featured on this page for free. (As I explained in the earlier post, you get the software you need to use them for free too, so there’s no catch here.)

So, before I move on to part 2 of using digital 3-d assets to make some great 2-d images for your blog, let’s take a closer look at those assets themselves.

Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials

In the digital world, women win the popularity contest. As annoying as it can be, a quick glance at images being made with 3D female characters could fool you into thinking that all anyone does with them is pin-up art. The rest of us also need female characters, even if we dress them more warmly. So, put simply, they sell well.

That means they are developed more quickly and are released before their male counterparts. Genesis 2 Female was released in summer 2013, along with Victoria 6 (to use V6, you need Genesis 2 Female – but you can use G2F without buying Victoria).

Just to be crystal clear, you get Genesis 2 Female as a free download, provided you have the free DAZ Studio 4.6 software.

Genesis 2 Female comes with the attractive Bree skin materials, which include 2 bump maps (one for realistic close-up skin, the other designed for working at a distance). Her default eyes are blue but you get 6 different options from an even lighter blue through green to a deep brown.

There are 3 makeup options (each also has a no-eyebrow variant, as some people prefer to create their own brows). With 3 lash lengths, you can decide how much mascara that girl’s wearing too.

Different looks for Genesis 2 female

OK, this is not great art, but I want to show you what you can do straight-out-the-box, with the free beach backdrop and beach light preset that you’ll get with the Genesis 2 Male. No insider knowledge or special skills required.

When it comes to dressing up, your Genesis 2 Female doesn’t have to be naked. She has the basic clothing pictured which is suitable for gym or beach. You can change the colour of it – there are 6 colour combinations in the materials folder.

Also in your Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials download, you’ll find the stunning Persian Beauty outfit. You saw it in the last post, here’s a quick recap.

Persian Beauty outift for Genesis2

The pictured hair, Toulouse, is included too, and it is a lovely one with 16 different shades, including a full range of blonde, red and brunette, plus a couple of fantasy colours. You can also swap in different colours on the strands only, giving you tons of options.

You can use the hair as is, or use one of the many morphs to change its look. There are 20 styling morphs and 7 adjustments. This is a versatile hairstyle that can also be used on male characters, as well as any other female characters you might add later.

As you saw in the last post, there’s a ready-to-render scene for G2F, using the exotic Shaded Haven set. This has its own light preset to make setting up your first scene simple.

Posing is also easy with 20 preset poses, which range from sitting and lying to leaping and running. One of the pose presets has been used here. In fact, only starter essential items have been used in this post.

Genesis 2 Male Starter Essentials

With Michael 6 bursting onto the scene in November 2013, DAZ Studio software owners were able to download Genesis 2 Male for free. (There are also Poser companion files for both the male and female Genesis 2 figures.)

Genesis 2 Male uses Phillip skin materials, and has a shaved and a hairy variant. I was expecting his options to be boring compared with G2F and her makeup, but I was wrong. There are all kinds of ways you can vary his skin materials. Many of them are to do with hair – facial and body. His beard area alone has 8 options.

As with G2F, you’ll get a subtle bump map for realistic close-ups and a stronger one for distance work. He has an impressive 10 eye colours and also a tattoo (upper arm) option. You can turn on vascularity if you want to create the look of veins, for instance on the upper arms.

Change the look of the G2Male

You see his surfer outfit here. The surfboard is included, and there are poses so you can place him together with his board in the scene. He has no default hair, but does the hat pictured, which like the rest of the surfer clothing has 4 textures to change its look.

What else? You get the beach backdrop (it’s a cyclorama so includes the ground plane) which is speedy to render, and a light preset which has been used in all images on this page.

Also included are 20 poses: fighting, running, flying (Superman-style), catwalk posing, and more.

Virtual Models - Female and Male

OK, So Now Do I Have to Buy Victoria 6 / Michael 6?

No, you can use these free 3-d figures and their content as is. There are extra morph packages for them if you want to change their shape. Make them look old, change them into children, it’s all possible. There are several ethnic morph packages for their heads too.

You can think of Victoria 6 and Michael 6 as elite figure packages. Most clothes are made for G2F and G2M, but will also fit V6 or M6, and the other figures in generation 6. However, female clothes won’t always fit on male characters and vice versa – something which has changed from Genesis 1 / generation 5.

Third-party vendors (PAs) sell additional character sets (morphs plus unique skin materials). With these, always check that they will work with Genesis 2 Female or Genesis 2 Male. Some are designed for a specific paid-for character such as Michael 6, Teen Josie or Girl 6. Results on the base figure (of the same gender) can vary.

Here’s a quick render I did using FW Darc, who was a generous Christmas Giveaway 2013 model from FWArt and Fisty. Sadly he’s not currently available to buy, but I wanted to show you how a character by an independent artist can give your Genesis 2 base figures a whole new look.

Elf Character for Genesis2

How to Get Starter Essentials Female and Male for Genesis 2

It’s easy. You get it as part of the free DAZ Studio 4.6 download. Just make sure that you do download the files called Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials (around 368 MB) and Genesis 2 Male Starter Essentials (99 MB). You can do it through the download installer or manually. I don’t think you need the PoserCF files if you are not using Poser, but in any case they are quite small if you download these too.

To sum up: You can get your hands on these versatile models for nothing. My advice is to use the free stuff, have fun, and only buy additional morphs, skin textures, hair or other content if you find you can’t live without it.

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