February 2014 Sales on DAZ 3D: 24th – End

Latest 3-d models on offer on DAZSo we begin the final countdown to March Madness… Are you ready for it?

If so, good news… the fever is starting early with not one, not two, but 6 popular artist stores on sale. These include Dreamlight’s training packages, putting them into the reach of us hobbyists and everyone with a budget to keep.

For a limited time, you can also pick up Victoria 5, Victoria 4.2, Aiko 5 or a 3-month PC membership for nothing if you spend over $50 in a single transaction. (Aiko 5 is such a cutie, if you don’t already have her I think she’d be my top pick.) Plus some of the most popular products from March Madness 2013 have 50% off — take a look and relive the memories.

What else is new? Well, last week saw the latest generation 6 figure, the sweet Stephanie, released. Small in stature but big in personality… did you love her at first sight or just leave her on the wishlist for later?

If you did grab S6, you might like Keshi, an exotic beauty created for Stephanie who has welcomed us to the week. Flipmode has added his own Eastern delight in a new environment: Oasis. This looked very nice indeed in his preview images. See these and other new releases here.

There’s no knowing yet what March Madness will bring (David 6 is one possibility though…), but these and other new releases this week are unlikely to be further discounted. If you want them now, grab them. If you’re not in a hurry, you can wishlist them and pick them up later in the year when the artists have a store sale.

Quick Links
Current Fast Grab offers can be found here. They will always show what’s new, even if this is an old post.
The free 3d model of the week is on this page — see top left. It’s completely free for PC members, free with purchase if not.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD
26th 3rd Weekly Freebie Grenade Bundle Valandar Free*
28th 1st Mar Fast Grab Bella Hair SWAM $5.99
28th 28th Artist Store Sale Entire Store Kibarreto 50% Off
28th 28th Fast Grab Legion for Genesis Bobbie25, Sarsa, Umblefugly $7.49
28th 28th Fast Grab Sensual Skin Resource for V5 DAZ 3D $7.49
28th 28th Fast Grab Celestial Pool ARTCollaborations $6.29
28th 28th Fast Grab Fantasy Basic Wear for Genesis DAZ 3D $5.99
28th 28th Fast Grab COLORation Bella PG-Graphics $3.89
25th 28th Giftcard Discount Giftcards over $50 DAZ3D 10% Off
25th 28th March Madness Flashback Selected Top Sellers from MM2013 DAZ3D 50% Off
24th 28th Category Sale: Stockings Stockings / Outfits with stockings Various 50% Off
27th 27th Flash Sale Entire Store 3D Universe 50% Off
27th 27th Fast Grab GoZ for Carrara DAZ 3D $17.99
27th 27th Fast Grab Twyla Hair goldtassel $5.99
27th 27th Fast Grab Belle of the Ball DAZ 3D $3.89
25th 27th Giveaway V5 or V4.2 or Aiko5 or PC Membership (3 months) DAZ3D Free with $50+ purchase
26th 27th Fast Grab Tequila Hair Bobbie25 $5.99
26th 26th Fast Grab Moonlight Mage Bobbie25 $7.49
26th 26th Fast Grab Kenna for V4 ARTCollaborations $4.19
26th 26th Fast Grab Brutish Armory Valandar $3.89
25th 25th Fast Grab Pretty Party Dress Bobbie25 $5.09
25th 25th Fast Grab Pretty Dress Textures Sarsa $3.59
25th 25th Fast Grab Bishonen for Michael 2.0 TiffT785 $4.49
24th 25th Flash Sale Entire Store Shimuzu 50% Off
24th 25th Flash Sale Entire Store SWAM 50% Off
24th 25th Flash Sale Entire Store Raiya 50% Off
24th 25th Flash Sale Entire Store – esha – 50% Off
24th 25th Flash Sale Entire Store Shimuzu 50% Off
24th 25th Flash Sale Entire Store Dreamlight 50% Off
24th 25th Fast Grab Mardi Gras Supersuit Ravnheart $4.49
22nd 25th Fast Grab Benjamin for M5 DAZ 3D $5.99
22nd 25th Fast Grab Secret Garden Shaded Haven FWDesign, ForbiddenWhispers $5.99
22nd 25th Fast Grab Checkard Armor Secret Garden Shaded Haven FWDesign, ForbiddenWhispers $4.49
22nd 25th Fast Grab Sosie V4/V5 Sarsa $4.79
22nd 25th Fast Grab Easy Going Poses for M5 Khory $4.49
22nd 25th Fast Grab Pin Up Poses for V5 Val3dart $2.69
24th 24th Fast Grab Pumps for V5 dx30 $3.89
18th 24th Weekly Freebie Slime Beast Valandar Free*

More ‘fine print’ on dates and exclusions can be found on the first post in the series. Check the rotating banners at the top of the Store page for the ‘buy this, get discount on that’ type offers.

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