March Madness: Day 3

Sales on DAZ3D March 3rdDay 3 of the 2014 March Madness event brings us more new releases, featured models and independent vendor store sales.

We also see a second fantastic new release that, if bought, will qualify you for an extra 10% off on top of the regular 40% discount for 1 product or 50% for 2. This is Faveral’s Viking Village Bundle, which joins the Stephanie 6 Pro Bundle in qualifying you for the additional 10%.

Faveral does some of the most beautiful, large-scale work available on DAZ3D. The Viking Village includes almost 30 buildings, docks, water, and a gorgeous skybox of Norwegian fjords. Buy it in the bundle and you also get 26 props that include Viking long ships, to bring the era to life.

Read more about the treasures in Faveral’s store further below. Right now, let’s turn the spotlight on all of the tempting products that are on offer today.

Quick Links:
DAZ3D March Madness page.
More details on rewards, exclusions, and discount stacking.

New Releases, plus Eligible Items from Yesterday

Release Date Model Artist Type 40% Price You Save Regular Price
3rd Viking Village Bundle Faveral Set (large) $29.97 $19.98 $49.95
3rd Persian Princess for G2F Renderwelten Clothing $15.57 $10.38 $25.95
3rd Blue Collar Garage Bundle NFXstudios Buildings $14.97 $9.98 $24.95
3rd EJ Simone Emma And Jordi Character (G2F) $9.57 $6.38 $15.95
3rd Gobbo da Goblin HD Valandar Character (G2M) $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
3rd Burnish and Bright Nails Draagon Storm Make Up (G1/G2) $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
2nd HDR ProSets – Urban Storm Dimension Theory Lighting $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
2nd Maja Character and Hair Valea Character $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
2nd Tied Up! for Genesis2 Sickleyield Props $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
2nd Sci Fi Light Weapons Nightshift3D Weaponry $7.17 $4.78 $11.95
2nd i13 Tender ironman13 Poses $7.17 $4.78 $11.95
2nd Natural Patchwork1 -esha- Footwear (texture) $4.17 $2.78 $6.95

As far as themes go, there’s a touch of the exotic, and a strong whiff of past glory on the breeze today. By the way, if you like characters, but EJ Simone looks too decorated in the main promo — take a closer look. Underneath, you’ll discover a fresh-faced beauty with a Celtic complexion.

Remember, if it was a new item yesterday, today will be your last chance to buy it during March Madness — unless of course there is a catch-up day. (There has been in previous sales, but it could be at mid-month, end-of-month, or if we’re really unlucky it might not happen at all.)

Today Only Discounts on Selected Items

Along with new releases, a selection of other items are on sale for today only (although those Sci Fi Bladed weapons are back again). These fit nicely with the historic warrior theme, along with some animation software that the animators will want to snap up.

I’ve used the Platinum Club price (marked with a *) for the characters and models where DAZ3D is the vendor or co-vendor. PC members get an extra discount on these, making it 58% off. Today you can save up to $72.47 (Michael 6 Pro Bundle).

If you’re not yet in the club, why not join and make the most of these savings — you can take a 3 month membership if you’re not ready to sign up for an annual one. (OK, I admit it, I wasn’t a member this time last year and now kick myself looking at what I could have saved.)

Date Added Model Artist Type 40% price (*=58%) You Save Regular Price
3rd Michael 6 Pro Bundle DAZ 3D Character $52.48* $72.47* $124.95
3rd CrazyTalk Animator PRO Reallusion Animation Animation $107.97 $71.98 $179.95
3rd Freak 5 Pro Bundle DAZ 3D Character $41.98* $57.97* $99.95
3rd CrazyTalk Animator Standard Reallusion Animation Animation $29.97 $19.98 $49.95
3rd Horned Barbarian Bobbie25, Sarsa Clothing (G1) $8.38* $11.57* $19.95
3rd Barbarian Pretty3D Clothing (V4) $16.17 $10.78 $26.95
3rd Barbarian Wanderer Valandar Clothing (G1) $7.54* $10.41* $17.95
3rd Age of Warriors Celt 1 Betomelo Clothing (G1) $14.97 $9.98 $24.95
3rd Age of Warriors Celt 2 Betomelo Clothing (G1) $14.97 $9.98 $24.95
3rd Stolz Phoenix1966 Character (M4,G1) $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
1st Sci-Fi Bladed Weapons Nightshift 3D Weaponry $7.17 $4.78 $11.95

Artist Store Sales: Save 40% Today

Last but definitely not least, take a look at who’s on sale today. If you need a second item for your 50% off, there is so much choice here.

I’ve already mentioned Faveral. From detailed buildings to entire towns, you’ll find so much to love in this store. The focus is on Medieval and other historical eras, plus a series of French village style architecture. Provence and Opus Magnum are just two of this artists most popular releases of recent years.

I invested in the stunning Medieval Docks and speak from experience when I say that these are top quality models. They create the perfect sets for your historic renders and some work well for more modern European settings which have kept a little of that ‘olde worlde’ charm.

Also new to the PA sale section today are EmmaAndJordi, Draagonstorm, Renderwelten, and of course the prolific Valandar who also makes a number of the weekly freebies that add so much variety to our runtimes.

Date Artist Genre or Speciality
3rd Draagonstorm Make Up, Shaders, Dynamic Clothing
3rd Emma And Jordi Jewels, Expressions, Characters
3rd Faveral Large-scale environments, Buildings
3rd Renderwelten Hair, Eyes, Poses
3rd Valandar Props, Weaponry, Clothing
2nd Dimension Theory Lighting and shaders
2nd -esha- Clothing and footwear
2nd ironman13 Poses
2nd Markcus Dunn Clothing utilities
2nd Nightshift 3D Sci fi and Steampunk
2nd Sickleyield Morphs, clothing, utilities, props
2nd Valea Hair, characters

With all this choice, it should be easy to get yourself 2 items at half price today. Find preview images and more information on each product and links to the artist stores on the DAZ3D March Madness page.

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