March 2014 (Regular) Sales on DAZ3D: 3rd – 9th

Fast Grab and Freebies March week1I’ve been making daily March Madness updates this month to keep you up to date with new products plus who and what is on sale.

However, you can still get your weekly freebie throughout March, plus if you keep your eyes open you might spot a Flash Sale too. And Fast Grab has a selection of items at 70% off. While older than those in March Madness, that’s a discount you just can’t beat!

About the freebie… for a short time on Tuesday morning (European time) it was a rather nice Living Room by ARTCollaborations, which a number of us were lucky enough to pick up. Then the powers-that-be decided that this week it would be an Alien Module instead. For those of us who have more use for everyday sets than sci-fi stuff, have no fear — the Living Room will no doubt show up either next week or in the weeks to come. By the way, last week’s Grenade Bundle is still listed if you didn’t get that one yet. A lovely Deco Bus Stop by Jack Tomalin has also been added as the PC monthly freebie too.

Quick Links
Find the current Fast Grab offers here.
You can get your Free weekly model here. (It will be in the top row, and is free with purchase if you’re not yet in the Platinum Club. More small print on restrictions, durations and exclusions here.)

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD
4th 10th Weekly Freebie Alien Module Nathy Free*
8th 9th Giftcard Discount Giftcard of $100 or more DAZ3D 5% off $100+, 10% off $200+
7th 9th Fast Grab Red Raven Bobbie25 $7.49
7th 9th Fast Grab Magna Hart for Genesis Anna Benjamin, Bobbie25 $7.49
7th 9th Fast Grab Epic Wings for Genesis etujedi $5.99
7th 9th Fast Grab Noctem Lesthat, Val3dart $5.39
7th 9th Fast Grab Expressive for Genesis 3DCelebrity $2.69
6th 6th Discount Spend of $50+ Any, except Giftcards $10 off
6th 6th Fast Grab Manly Men M5 DAZ 3D $6.89
6th 6th Fast Grab Zac Hair SWAM $6.59
6th 6th Fast Grab Floor Scales Ness Period Reproductions $2.09
4th 6th Fast Grab Jess for V4 DAZ 3D $3.59
4th 5th Fast Grab Facial Expressions for V4 DAZ 3D $4.49
4th 5th Fast Grab Serenade Hair DAZ 3D $4.49
4th 5th Fast Grab Luminous Serenade DAZ 3D $2.99
4th 5th Fast Grab Desire Hair SWAM, goldtassel $5.99
3rd 4th Fast Grab Trendy Baby Sarsa, Bobbie25 $5.39
3rd 4th Fast Grab Just Rings Goth inception8 $2.99
3rd 4th Fast Grab Denver Hair 3DCelebrity $5.99
3rd 4th Fast Grab Bella Hair SWAM $5.99
3rd 4th Fast Grab R&R Time blondie9999 $4.49
3rd 4th Fast Grab Preppy Textures Guarie $3.59
3rd 4th Fast Grab DAZ Studio 4 Auto-Fit Tool DAZ3D $2.09
3rd/4th 3rd/4th Flash Sale Entire Store Magix 101 60% Off
26th Feb 5th Mar Weekly Freebie Grenade Bundle Valandar Free*

The ‘late night’ flash sale above is listed as 3rd/4th as it depends which timezone you were in. Personally, I’m less than impressed at the ‘Late Night Lunacy’ concept that was used for the Magix 101 Flash Sale (though happily the vendor is on sale quite often). ‘Late night’ might mean it happens in the evening in the US, but is the early hours of the morning when we’re fast asleep in Europe. Since it’s a fast grab, and unpredictable by nature, we can’t even set an alarm unless we want a month of broken nights. That kind of late night is the kind we can do without, so I hope it’s not a sign of things to come for the rest of the month.

Anyhow, make sure you do remember your freebie each week this March and maybe you’ll pick up something you want at just 30% of its usual price in Fast Grab? You never know!

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