March Madness: Day 5

Great 3-d content bargains and salesHow are you doing pacing yourself for March Madness this year? Has it been 5 days of must-buys, or are you still waiting for that offer you can’t refuse?

So, tell me, are your DAZ Studio and Poser ladies feeling pretty? Well they should be, as today it’s all about glam and girly. Character bundle Glamorous Riva gives you a lot for your money, but if she’s too pricey then take a look at the Sultry Hair at just $1.99 for PC members — you get a punch for each version of this hair, too!

Punches are like reward points. Every qualifying item you buy earns you a new punch for your punch card, and once you’ve earned 5 you get to move up a tier. Each tier increase means bigger rewards. On the 10th your punches will be converted into discounts. There are some helpful notes on the Day 1 post if you need more info on how this all works.

For product previews and quick access to the artist stores on discount today, visit the DAZ3D March Madness page.

While you’re busy getting great discounts on the artists you love, remember too to check the regular weekly deals and freebies. While you used to only get one free weekly 3d model, and one monthly one if in the Platinum Club, there are actually 5 models on the Freebie page today.

New Releases, plus Eligible Items from Yesterday

Release Date Model Artist Type 40% Price You Save Regular Price
5th Glamorous Riva Bundle Fisty, FWArt, ironman13, Sabby, SWAM Character Bundle $43.77 $29.18 $72.95
5th Gleam Cake One Light Set $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
5th OOT Styles for Hooded Cloak outoftouch Clothing Textures $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
5th Arrowhead for G2F 4blueyes Clothing (G2F) $5.86* $8.09* $13.95
5th Sultry Hair: Genesis, G2F goldtassel Hair (G1, G2F) $1.99* $14.96* $16.95
5th Sultry Hair goldtassel Hair (V4) $1.99* $14.96* $16.95
4th Canal Street dexsoft- games Set (large) $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
4th Hebe Outfit** Amaranth, Shox-Design Clothing (G2F) $13.17 $8.78 $21.95
4th Caressed by Light Khory Lighting $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
4th Death Cap HD The AntFarm Morph (G2F) $8.37 $5.58 $13.95
4th Jewelry Box Earrings PandyGirl Accessories (G2F, V4) $5.37 $3.58 $8.95
4th Flip Flops Karth Footwear (G2M) $4.77 $3.18 $7.95

*These prices apply if you are a Platinum Club Member. There are some great benefits, and this month you can take full advantage of the maximum discounts too — join the PC here if interested.

**I think the Hebe dress from yesterday has been left off in error. If so, the DAZ3D team will add it later, and I’ve included it here in that expectation. However, I can’t guarantee that they will do this. Sometimes things work in unexpected ways in these promotions.

While Glamorous Riva and the Platinum Club’s Sultry Hair means you can indulge today no matter how large or small your budget, don’t miss the other items. These are all very reasonably priced.

Gleam is a set of portrait lights that deserves a closer look. The girls in the promo look incredible. If you have the Hooded Cloak for G2F, outoftouch brings you some rich textures for it — I love the silver, sequin-look one.

Today Only Discounts on Selected Items

If the new items aren’t doing it for you today, well there are some big bundles and popular products appearing for one day only in the Featured Items section. Kimberly was a late entry to the list but she’s so adorable I made sure I added her in!

Again, Platinum Club members get the biggest discounts here on DAZ bundles — an impressive 58% off. If you’re buying bundles, definitely join as you’d make back your membership on the savings in no time flat!

Date Added Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
5th Michael 5 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Character Bundle $52.48* $72.47* $124.95
5th DAZ Horse 2 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Animal Bundle $52.48* $72.47* $124.95
5th Freak 5 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Character Bundle $41.98* $57.97* $99.95
5th AniMate 2 GoFigure Animation $35.97 $23.98 $59.95
5th Forest Bundle Andrey Pestryakov Set (Large) $35.97 $23.98 $59.95
5th Royal Court Bundle ART- Collaborations, NeilV1 Set (Large) $29.97 $19.98 $49.95
5th Modular Ruins Stonemason Set (Large) $20.97 $13.98 $34.95
5th Kimberly for Genesis Complete 3D Universe Character Bundle $18.57 $12.38 $30.95
5th FM Solar System Flipmode Set (Large) $15.57 $10.38 $25.95
5th Ryuu for M5 Forbidden Whispers, JSGraphics, Male-M3dia, ProFotograf Character $13.17 $8.78 $21.95
5th JeanZ for Genesis the3dwizard Clothing (G1) $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
5th Sheer Greatness! Zev0, draagonstorm Clothing (G1) $10.17 $6.78 $16.95

Artist Store Sales: Save 40% Today

Now let’s see who has a store on sale today. Although it’s usually the case that an artist is here for 2 days running, we’ve already seen some exceptions to that rule. It appears DAZ3D has its own logic as to who returns for a second day. The fresh batch of artists are easier to predict: if someone had a product in the new releases today, chances are good that their entire store will be on sale too.

Note: There seemed to be a problem with the P3D.Art link, and the store on sale was later changed to Predatron instead.

As in previous posts, I’ve tried to give you an indication in the ‘genre or speciality’ of what you’ll find in each store. This won’t necessarily represent every product, and of course that artist’s future projects might take them in whole new directions.

Date Added Artist Genre or Speciality
5th 4blueyes Clothing
5th Cake One Characters, Morphs, Expressions
5th Fisty Jewels/Accessories, Characters, Clothing
5th FWArt Characters
5th outoftouch Characters, Morphs, Clothing
5th Predatron Sets, Characters, Lights, Nature
5th SWAM Hair
4th The AntFarm Futuristic and Fantasy
4th Karth Clothing, Footwear
4th Khory Poses, Shaders, Dynamic Clothing
4th Shox-Design Clothing and Hair
2nd ironman13 Poses

An especially good selection if your art is character driven, but if rendering glam girls and fashion-conscious guys doesn’t do it for you, I highly recommend The AntFarm from yesterday’s selection. There’s so much that’s quirky and original there.

Though she’s doing a lot of character work now, I also recommend stopping by Fisty‘s store and taking a look at Gemologica. You can do so much with this amazing set of shaders, especially if you want to make your own models and could use some short cuts for getting great textures.

Thanks for checking in here at IndigoJanson today. I hope you found some fantastic savings! I’ll be back tomorrow, see you then.

Quick Link: DAZ3D March Madness page.

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