March Madness: Day 6

3-d models on sale: March 6thSix days into the March discount month, and it’s looking good! 3d content libraries everywhere are getting freshened up to make way for shiny new sets, characters, outfits and other goodies.

We’re having another day that’s all about the girls today. Not just Genesis Female 2 and her character shapes, but also the original Genesis generation and even long-time queen of 3D, Victoria 4.

Further down in this post you will also find the special featured items for today. These are not brand new releases, but some of them are quite recent and not normally discounted by so much so soon. With Pro bundles making a regular appearance alongside big-name artists such as Stonemason and (Ron) Deviney, plus software applications (Carrara 8.5 Pro today!), there are huge savings to be found here for the savvy shopper.

Though they appear at the bottom of both this post and the DAZ3D March Madness page, you will not want to miss the artists on sale today. Just about everyone gets a turn during March so keep a close eye on this section for your own favourites.

To make your savings today even more rewarding, catch the current money-off promotion. Spend over $50, get $10 off your order. The discount should apply automatically, no need to enter a code.

New Releases, plus Eligible Items from Earlier Days

Release Date Model Artist Type 40% Price You Save Regular Price
6th Public Shower Bundle Pack Bluebird 3d Set, textures, lights $24.57 $16.38 $40.95
6th Short Sleeve Mini Dress for G2F Trendy Renders Clothing (G2F) $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
6th Mara For Victoria 4 and Genesis Artemis3d Character $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
6th SciFi Bodysuit for G2F DAZ3D, Xena Clothing (G2F) $7.12* $9.83* $16.95
6th Shredded Dress for G2F DAZ3D, 3DLust Clothing (G2F) $6.28* $8.67* $14.95
6th Fun Textures for Short Sleeve Mini Dress Trendy Renders Clothing textures $5.97 $3.98 $9.95
5th Glamorous Riva Bundle Fisty, FWArt, ironman13, Sabby, SWAM Character Bundle $43.77 $29.18 $72.95
5th Gleam Cake One Light Set $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
5th OOT Styles for Hooded Cloak outoftouch Clothing Textures $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
5th Arrowhead for G2F 4blueyes Clothing (G2F) $5.86* $8.09* $13.95
5th Sultry Hair: Genesis, G2F goldtassel Hair (G1, G2F) $1.99* $14.96* $16.95
5th Sultry Hair goldtassel Hair (V4) $1.99* $14.96* $16.95
4th **Hebe Outfit Amaranth, Shox-Design Clothing (G2F) $13.17 $8.78 $21.95
4th **Flip Flops Karth Footwear (G2M) $4.77 $3.18 $7.95

* These prices that have an additional Platinum Club discount. If you’re not yet in the PC, you will pay 60% of the regular price (i.e. 40% discount), as with the other March Madness items. If you like what you see among the Platinum Club discounted items, it’s well worth signing up for 3 months or a year, whichever suits your budget and buying style better.

** This morning (European time) the Hebe dress and Flip Flops were included in the Featured Items. These both missed getting their full turn in recent days, which is probably why they reappeared for a while today. On the other hand, the Gleam light sets by Cake One were initially missing from today’s selection over on DAZ3D. Just as expected, they were added later on and Hebe and Flip Flops were removed. I hope you had a chance to grab those if you were interested in them.

Today Only Discounts on Selected Items

Again, look out for bigger discounts for PC members — you can save a fortune! Today’s showstoppers are Carrara 8.5 Pro and the Dreamlight package that bundles up some of his most popular tutorials, sets and lighting.

Stop Press! Since I published the first edition of this post, earlier today, Victoria 6 (who is the newest Victoria) has been added with her Starter Bundle. This includes outfits, hair, poses, and an additional V6 character too.

Date Added Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
6th Carrara 8.5 Pro DAZ3D Software $171.00 $102.60* $378.95 $447.35* $549.95
6th 3D Magician Enchanted 15-in-1 Bundle Dreamlight Tutorials, Sets, Light Sets $298.17 $198.78 $496.95
6th David 5 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Character $77.97 $54.58* $51.98 $75.37* $129.95
6th Victoria 5 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Character $74.97 $52.48* $49.98 $72.47* $124.95
6th Aiko 5 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Character $59.97 $41.98* $39.98 $57.97* $99.95
6th Victoria 6 Starter Bundle DAZ3D Character $47.97 $33.58* $31.98 $46.37* $79.95
6th Garibaldi Express Hair System for DAZ Studio future biscuit Hair Creator $26.97 $17.98 $44.95
6th Streets Of Asia 3: Courtyard Stonemason Set (large) $19.77 $13.18 $32.95
6th Rons Vintage Collection deviney Brushes $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
6th DAZ Monstrosities Infernal Behemoth DAZ3D Character $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
6th Subsurface Toolbox Dimension Theory Shaders $7.17 $4.78 $11.95
6th Subsurface Gummy & Plastic Shaders Age of Armour Shaders $5.97 $3.98 $9.95

Along with the enormous savings, there are some really nice items and bundles here today. It’s good to see shaders included. Everyone will be glad to see Stonemason here again too. His sets are so well done that they are universally popular.

Ron’s brushes are always well worth getting any time they have a discount. I think his Vintage Collection is rather lovely and can see all kinds of uses for it. You can use his brushes in GIMP as well as PhotoShop. I have GIMP 2.8 at the moment and I use them without problems (today’s Vintage pack includes 10 PSD layer styles and I believe those won’t work, but the .ABR brushes and anything that’s a .JPEG definitely will. I haven’t tested a .PAT in GIMP though).

Artist Store Sales: Save 40% Today

Date Added Artist Genre or Speciality
6th 3DLust Clothing, Sci Fi
6th Artemis3d Characters
6th Bluebird 3d Sets, Clothing, Tutorials
6th Lantios Light Sets
6th Marieah Shaders, Clothing
6th Trendy Renders Clothing
6th Xena Clothing, Footwear
5th 4blueyes Clothing
5th Cake One Characters, Morphs, Expressions
5th Fisty Jewels/Accessories, Characters, Clothing
5th FWArt Characters
5th ironman13 Poses
5th outoftouch Characters, Morphs, Clothing
5th Predatron Sets, Characters, Lights, Nature
5th SWAM Hair

Mariah is one of the artists on sale today, and she’s someone whose creations I use daily. Her seamless tiles are invaluable if you make your own models, or would like to try it. They are also very useful for giving bought clothing a whole new look.

I know many keen users who swear by Lantios for lighting, so take a look at his many versatile light sets if that’s something you could use a quick solution for. Bluebird 3d has been producing some great sets recently, and the other vendors new today will keep your characters looking their best with new looks and trendy outfits.

Need more variety? There’s plenty of that from yesterday’s bunch of artists. Predatron, who was added late in the day yesterday, surely has someone for everyone. SWAM is one of the popular hair stores if your characters are tired of the same old hairstyle, and Cake One has just the product for you if you want the perfect smile or expression.

Quick Link: DAZ3D March Madness page.

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