March Madness: Day 10

March 10th Deals on DAZ3DTell me, are you feeling mad about the deals this March? Or do you need some new reasons to get excited? If it’s the second, let’s see if today’s selection of new releases in the world of 3D will get you jumping for joy…

With the recent release of the petite female character S6, the Stephanie 6 HD add on is a welcome addition. Now you can render Steph in high definition! Even better, this is a DAZ3D release so Platinum Club members get extra discount of 58%.

My personal favourite today is the Dogz Europe for Genesis 2 Females head morphs. Dogz is on my don’t-miss list of vendors. His attention to detail and quality is impressive, and his product range is both useful and appealing. National stereotypes are dangerous waters for any artist to tread in. However, Dogz has used real models, so each woman is just one look from one individual native to that country. As a whole, there’s a nice variety here and they make great starting points for a new library of characters.

Quick Links:
Want to jump straight to the DAZ3D March Madness page to see your March punch card or previews of items?
If you buy a 3-month or annual membership of the DAZ Platinum Club you can bump your discount on DAZ3D’s own items up to 58% — plus get a host of other benefits.

New Releases, plus Eligible Items from Earlier Days

Release Date Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
10th Stephanie 6 HD Add-On DAZ 3D Character Add-on $23.97 $16.78* $15.98 $23.17* $39.95
10th Steam Punk Nest Dreamlight Set $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
10th Xinxue Hair AprilYSH Hair (G1, G2F) $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
10th DS4 Natural Ground Shaders David Brinnen Forbidden Whispers Shaders $8.37 $5.58 $13.95
10th OOT Styles for Night Guard outoftouch Clothing textures $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
10th Europe for Genesis 2 Female(s) Dogz Morphs $7.17 $4.78 $11.95
9th PhotoStudio Point and Shoot 2 Destinys Garden InaneGlory Lighting and Props $13.77 $9.18 $22.95
9th Goth Rider 4blueyes Clothing (G2F) $11.97 $8.38* $7.98 $11.57* $19.95
9th Autumn 4blueyes Clothing (G2F) $11.97 $8.38* $7.98 $11.57* $19.95
9th Wild Hunt for Goth Rider bucketload 3d Clothing textures $7.77 $5.44 $5.18 $12.95
9th i13 Signals And Vibes ironman13 Poses (G2F) $7.17 $4.78 $11.95
9th Dress Shoes for M6 dx30 Footwear (G2M) $5.37 $3.76* $3.58 $5.19* $8.95

We also have a multi-purpose set from Dreamlight that could be useful for all kinds of scenes, fantasy hair from popular 3D hair designer AprilYSH, and a handy set of ground shaders from David Brinnen and ForbiddenWhispers — surely a winning combination!

The fantastic Night Guard outfit that so many of us own for either Genesis or the Genesis 2 Males (or both) is given 4 great new looks by outoftouch.

Today Only Discounts on Selected Items

The new releases are joined by some great deals on other recent items plus a selection of all-time favourite products from the store.

We’re seeing a lot of pro bundles here for Generation 6 (the latest generation, aka Genesis 2). Today it’s the turn of that lovable teenager, Teen Josie 6. You can also pick up the Victoria 6 and Olympia 6 HD Add On packs to go with the new Stephanie 6 HD one.

All of the above attract an additional Platinum Club discount, so PC members pay only 42% of the full purchase price (saving 58%). PC members can also pick up the popular Night Guard outfit for their Genesis 2 men for just $1.19, which is a steal!

Date Added Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
10th Teen Josie 6 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Character $74.97 $52.48* $49.98 $72.47* $124.95
10th PD Howler 9.1: Project Dogwaffle staigerman Software $53.37 $35.58 $88.95
10th The Tourist Bundle Diane, Predatron Hair, Outfit, Props and Poses $41.97 $27.98 $69.95
10th Olympia 6 HD Add-On DAZ3D Character Add-On $23.97 $16.78* $15.98 $23.17* $39.95
10th Victoria 6 HD Add-On DAZ3D Character Add-On $23.97 $16.78* $15.98 $23.17* $39.95
10th La Dolce Vita Bundle Larsen Set and Props $23.97 $15.98 $39.95
10th SteamPunk Working Class Oskarsson Clothing (G2M) $10.17 $6.78 $16.95
10th Steampunk Weapons Nightshift 3D Steampunk Props $9.57 $6.38 $15.95
10th Steampunk Tools and Machinery Nightshift 3D Steampunk Props $9.57 $6.38 $15.95
10th Night Guard Ravenhair Clothing (G2M) $5.99 $1.19* $10.96 $15.76* $16.95
10th Eastern Beauty XP Pointblank Morphs (G1) $5.97 $3.98 $9.95
10th Dial-a-Girl Tokyo Edition Tengu23 Morphs (G2F) $5.37 $3.58 $8.95

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a lot there that I would love to get my hands on. Predatron and Diane always make a great team, and their Tourist bundle is bound to be lovely. Larsen also produces some very interesting models, though it was a while before I discovered his/her work. It’s well worth having a browse in Larsen’s store if you like beautifully-detailed architecture (as I do).

I’m disappointed that neither Diane nor Larsen appear in the store sales, as I have items wishlisted for both. Fingers crossed for later this month.

Artist Store Sales: Save 40% Today

We do have some good ones today though. AprilYSH has gorgeous hairstyles, and I know both Dreamlight and Predatron sales are always very popular. As I mentioned earlier, Dogz has some fantastic items to choose from.

You won’t want to miss David Brinnen’s store not only for the DAZ Studio shaders but also all things Bryce. ForbiddenWhispers, meanwhile, can turn his or her hand to everything from character work to architectural textures — all with impressive results — so I’ll just say go have a look for yourself.

Finally, it’s time to doff your cap and puff on your pipe as we go Steampunk, with a side excursion to the Victorian era. Yes, DAZ is having a category sale on Steampunk and Victorian 3-d products. Prices range from just $1.19 (PC members) up to selected bundles at $41.98 (The Kids 4 Pro bundle is there!). There are 208 products in total, including characters and sets, and plenty of outfits.

Date Added Artist Genre or Speciality
10th AprilYSH Hair
10th David Brinnen Shaders, Bryce
10th Dogz Clothing, Accessories, Morphs
10th Dreamlight Lighting, Props, Training
10th ForbiddenWhispers Textures, Characters, Lights
10th outoftouch Characters, Morphs, Clothing
10th Predatron Sets, Characters, Lights, Nature
10th Category Sale Steampunk and Victorian
9th 4blueyes Clothing
9th bucketload3d Clothing textures
9th dx30 Footwear
9th InaneGlory Lighting

Quick Link: DAZ3D March Madness page.

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