March 2014 (Regular) Sales on DAZ3D: 10th – 16th

Fast Grab and Freebie Deals in MarchWe all know that DAZ3D has some sweet deals in March, but remember to go beyond the March Madness event and check the regular sales and savings. You can save 70% on Fast Grab items, plus each week there’s a new freebie (released each Tuesday/Wednesday).

I keep track of these deals for you in a weekly post. It starts out each Monday as just a few things but as the week goes on I’ll add to it, so be sure to check back.

Fast Grab does get a bit neglected during annual sales, so don’t be surprised if there are fewer items or less frequent updates in store than usual. Whatever’s happening, though, I’ll be keeping up with it over here so that we all have a record we can check back with. As for Flash Sales, these will no doubt be back in force next month, until then enjoy all the new March releases with 40-50% discount which I’m listing in my daily posts.

Meanwhile, get your free Alien Module while you can, as a new weekly giveaway will be coming very soon. Drum roll… and the new weekly model is Vintage Luggage by Slosh — a very welcome prop set for historical or Steampunk scenes. Thanks Slosh!

Quick Links
Go here for Fast Grab products — available for a limited time with 70% off the full price.
Also pick up your weekly freebie if you are in the Platinum Club. If you are not, but are buying something else this week, you can get it for free too — just make sure it’s in your cart along with the model you are buying.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD
12th 18th Weekly Freebie Vintage Luggage Slosh Free*
14th 16th Fast Grab Fair and Beautiful: Pure Hair Retro Renderwelten $3.59
14th 16th Fast Grab Fair and Beautiful: Hitomi Rings Renderwelten $2.99
14th 16th Fast Grab Fair and Beautiful: Coco Hair Renderwelten $2.69
14th 16th Fast Grab Fair and Beautiful: Harlow Hair Renderwelten $2.69
14th 16th Fast Grab Fair and Beautiful: Sea Nymph Hair Renderwelten $2.69
14th 16th Fast Grab Vivid Motion Pure Hair Rock’n’Roll Renderwelten $2.69
13th 13th Fast Grab Cowpokes for Kids 4 Lourdes $8.99
13th 13th Fast Grab Kids 4 Ring Bearer Bobbie25 $5.99
13th 13th Fast Grab Josie’s Jewels Fisty $2.99
11th 13th Fast Grab Cold Blooded Ignis Serpentus $2.99
12th 12th Fast Grab Die Sturmspinne Valandar $2.99
12th 12th Fast Grab Maximum Overkill Valandar $2.99
11th 11th Fast Grab Heracles for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49
11th 11th Fast Grab Tribal Shaman Sarsa $3.89
10th 11th Fast Grab Stigian Princess Hair goldtassel, Lesthat, Val3dart $5.99
10th 11th Fast Grab Raysee Doll 3DSublimeProductions $3.59
10th 11th Fast Grab Multi Tool Knife Valandar $3.59
4th 11th Weekly Freebie Alien Module Nathy Free*

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