March Madness: Day 13

3D Software and Products on SaleDay 13 of a month of 3D content sales and it’s a lucky day for Bryce fans, among others. That winning team of David Brinnen and Horo is back with another bundle of scenes and tuition: Underground Overground. As the name suggests, this one puts the focus on underground caverns and caves, along with trees, forests and water above. With 45 scene files and hours of video, the bundle’s a real treat.

Or maybe you prefer character work to landscapes? Then you’ll want to take a look at Mec4D’s amazing Queen of Hearts outfit and wig that will transform your Genesis 2 women. For something that turns heads for more conventional reasons, Aave Nainen has added to her lovely wardrobe of clothing with a new G2F dress. It’s so pretty and summery, just the thing for the warmer weather that most of us hope to see soon.

Need shoes? You could team it with Karth’s Flip Flops, also for the Genesis 2 Female characters. Then pose her outside of that gorgeous Cape Cod Style Home from 3D Collective, and you’ve got the perfect render!

See preview images for all these new products, plus shortcuts to the artist store sales on the DAZ3D March Madness page

New Releases, plus Eligible Items from Earlier Days

Release Date Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
13th Blue Collar Bungalow Bundle NFX studios Buildings $20.97 $13.98 $34.95
13th Under- ground Over- ground David Brinnen, Horo Bryce7.1 Pro Scenes and Tutorials $20.97 $13.98 $34.95
13th Playful Flirt Dress Aave Nainen Clothing (G2F) $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
13th Queen Of Hearts Mec4D Clothing/Hair (G2F) $13.17 $8.78 $21.95
13th Cape Cod Style Home NFX studios Buildings $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
13th Flip Flops Karth Footwear (G2F) $4.77 $3.18 $7.95
12th Domina Bundle Shifting Images Character and Outfit $21.57 $14.38 $35.95
12th Domina Outfit for G2F Shifting Images Outfit $14.37 $9.58 $23.95
12th Domina Character Shifting Images Character $10.77 $7.18 $17.95
12th i13 Visions of the Past ironman 13 Set with Props, Lights and Cameras $10.17 $6.78 $16.95
12th The Under- ground Well Porsimo Set (modular) $9.57 $6.38 $15.95
12th Advanced Light Presets for AoA’s Lights Dimension Theory Lighting Presets $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
12th Fayre Ravenhair Clothing (G1, G2F) $5.99 $1.19* $10.96 $15.76* $16.95
12th Advanced Distant Light Age of Armour Lighting $4.77 $3.18 $7.95

Today Only Discounts on Selected Items

Once again, there are big savings to be had for Platinum Club members today. We get extra discounts on anything with DAZ 3D as vendor or co-vendor, and today there’s a lot, starting with Carrara 8.5 Pro.

If you’re not yet a member, go ahead and join the Platinum Club to get the maximum discount. On a large purchase like Carrara, you actually save more than a 3-month membership costs, so it’s like DAZ is paying you to be a member!

You can also save more today as a PC member on the Alice in Wonderland theme, with the Mad Hatter outfit for M4, the Morphing Fantasy Dress and its Wonderland expansion, and the Curious Tea props all just $1.19 each.

Teen Josie 6 and DAZ Horse 2 bundles also see bigger discounts: the total saving on either one works out at about the cost of an annual PC membership. Or you can pick up Hexagon 2.5 for just over $8, compared with the usual $20.

Date Added Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
13th Carrara 8.5 Pro DAZ3D Software $285.00 $230.98* $264.95 $318.97* $549.95
13th Teen Josie 6 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Character $74.97 $52.48* $49.98 $72.47* $124.95
13th DAZ Horse 2 Pro Bundle DAZ3D Animal $74.97 $52.48* $49.98 $72.47* $124.95
13th Decimator for DAZ Studio DAZ3D Utility $60.57 $42.40* $40.38 $58.55* $100.95
13th Super Dress and Leggings Dogz Clothing (G2F) $13.17 $8.78 $21.95
13th Hexagon 2.5 DAZ3D Software $11.97 $8.38* $7.98 $11.57* $19.95
13th Morphing Fantasy Dress Ravenhair Clothing (G1) $5.99 $1.19* $10.96 $15.76* $16.95
13th MFD Wonderland Expansion Ravenhair Clothing Add-on (G1) $5.99 $1.19* $10.96 $15.76* $16.95
13th A Curious Tea LaurieS Props $5.99 $1.19* $10.96 $15.76* $16.95
13th Wonderland Mad Hatter for M4 Bobbie25 Clothing (M4) $5.99 $1.19* $10.96 $15.76* $16.95

It might not have PC discount, but don’t skip the Super Dress and Leggings from Dogz if you are working with the Genesis 2 female characters. You’ll have to look far and wide to find such a versatile outfit. It’s packed to bursting with material zones, morphs and extra textures.

Artist Store Sales: Save 40% Today

If you want to learn to make your own 3D content, or get better results from the software and products you already own, there’s a category sale today on Tutorials. Learning resources aren’t often discounted by much, so this is a golden opportunity to stock up on them. In time, they could end up saving you a lot as you make your own models and light rigs rather than relying on pre-bought ones.

3D Universe fans will also be happy today, with this artist joining the other talents whose stores are on sale. It’s looking to be one of those days where there’s something for just about everyone, so have a root around and see what catches your eye. Happy shopping and see you tomorrow!

Date Added Artist Genre or Speciality
13th 3D Universe Toon and Characters
13th Aave Nainen Clothing
13th Elor Once Dark Martial Arts, Outfits
13th Horo Bryce
13th Imaginary House Sets and Props
13th Karth Clothing, Footwear
13th Lantios Light Sets
13th NFXstudios Architecture
13th Pretty3D Clothing (sexy)
13th Silva Ant3d Poses, Sets, Textures
13th Category Sale Tutorials
12th Age of Armour Lighting, Shaders, Props
12th DestinysGarden Shaders and Lighting
12th Dimension Theory Lighting and Shaders
12th -esha- Clothing and Footwear
12th ironman13 Poses and Expressions
12th Porsimo Weaponry
12th Shifting Images Fantasy Clothing

Quick Link: DAZ3D March Madness page.

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