March Madness: Day 20

Bargains on Day 20 of MM2014Is it me or is this month flying by? You’ll certainly hear the flitter of wings today, on day 20 of the March month of sales. The faeries have landed and they are all over this Thursday’s edition of the 2014 March Madness page.

Heading the bill today is the Faylinn – 4 Seasons bundle, which can also be bought as 3 separate products: the 4 Faylinn characters inspired by Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter; an outfit with 4 textures to match the seasonal themes; and some fairy poses to make creating your fantasy scenes even easier. While I’m not a big buyer of poses, Sedor does create lovely ones and the couple ones in this set are especially nice.

Etoixeia is another elfin character with fantasy makeup and body paint inspired by the 4 elements. For once the men aren’t left out as Darc (who you may remember as the star attraction of the Christmas Giveaway) reappears. This attractive male with his elf-like features and pointed ear option was custom sculpted for use on the Genesis 2 Male base.

New Releases, plus Eligible Items from Earlier Days

Release Date Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
20th Faylinn – 4 Seasons Bundle Fisty, FWArt, Sabby, Sedor Character Bundle $25.17 $16.78 $41.95
20th FW Faylinn – Seasons FWArt, Sabby Character (G2F) $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
20th Etoixeia Enchanted Pixie, Forbidden Whispers Character (G2F) $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
20th Four Seasons Faylinn Outfit Fisty Clothing (G2F) $11.37 $7.58 $18.95
20th FW Darc Fisty, FWArt Character (G2M) $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
20th BWC Fairy Poses Sedor Poses (G2F) $8.37 $5.58 $13.95
20th Cat World Regenesis HD – SabreTooth RawArt Character (G1) $6.57 $4.38 $10.95
20th Primroses – esha – Nature Props $5.37 $3.58 $8.95
19th Rural Chateau Bundle Jack Tomalin Two Sets (with lights and props) $23.97 $15.98 $39.95
19th Rural Chateau Jack Tomalin Set (with lights) $14.97 $9.98 $24.95
19th Rural Chateau II Jack Tomalin Set (with lights and props) $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
19th EJ Niebla And Claw Rings Emma and Jordi Character (with accessories) $9.57 $6.38 $15.95
19th Kangaroos and Joeys Alessandro AM Animals (with fur presets) $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
19th DAZ Studio 4 Cliff Face Shaders David Brinnen, Forbidden Whispers Shaders $8.37 $5.58 $13.95
19th Cloaked Beauty Sarsa Clothing Textures $5.99 $1.19* $4.96 $9.76* $10.95
19th Jepe’s PlateZ III Jepe 2D Special Effects $5.09 $11.86 $16.95
19th Ring Skirts Cute3D Clothing (G2F) $4.77 $3.18 $7.95
19th Crowd Control Barriers First Bastion Props $4.77 $3.18 $7.95

For a fairyland setting, you of course need flowers, and – esha – brings an offering of pretty springtime primroses to add colour to your scenes.

RawArt’s SabreTooth addition to Cat World Regenesis HD gives us a different spin on fantasy. He may have a soft and furry LAMH hair preset, but it will take more than a tickle behind the ears to make this brute purr!

If, like me, you are still tempted by Jack Tomalin’s Rural Chateau, this will be your last chance to buy it with a reward point. It’s not cheap but it sure is beautifully made, and quality like that can be worth the extra cost.

Poor Jepe yesterday had his new product, PlateZ III, mispriced. I hope the extra sales on it made up for any loss. It’s true that we all love a glitch, but few would want to see the artists out of pocket.

Today Only Discounts on Selected Items

Naturally enough, today’s featured items almost all complement the fairyland and fantasy theme. For the perfect setting, you have not one but two forest choices, each offering a wonderful variety of outdoors environments.

Will you go with Andrey Pestryakov‘s Forest Bundle and get all four seasons in one go (plus an expansion pack that includes extra props with seasonal options)? You could further add to it with the plant props from Andrey’s Nature – Plants Pack 1.

Or will you pick Stonemason‘s richly detailed environments: Enchanted Forest and Return to the Enchanted Forest? To make the first of these sets even more magical, you can also get your hands on Dreamlight’s Rays of Dreams light sets.

Date Added Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
20th Forest Bundle Andrey Pestryakov Environments $35.97 $23.98 $59.95
20th Modular Ruins Stonemason Set (Modular) $20.97 $13.98 $34.95
20th Return To Enchanted Forest Stonemason Environment $20.97 $13.98 $34.95
20th The Enchanted Forest Stonemason Environment $20.97 $13.98 $34.95
20th Nature Plants Pack 1 Andrey Pestryakov Nature Props $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
20th Rays of Dreams (Enchanted Forest) Dreamlight Light Sets $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
20th Jungle Ruins 2 Stonemason Props (Modular) $10.17 $6.78 $16.95
20th Tropical Cave Andrey Pestryakov Environment $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
20th Squee the Little Fae Dragon Mada Creature $8.37 $5.58 $13.95
20th Wither HD RawArt Character (G2M) $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
20th No Suit RawArt Clothing Morphs (G2F) $4.17 $2.78 $6.95

Stonemason fans can also go wild today with Modular Ruins and Jungle Ruins 2, which will add ancient and weathered manmade props to your outdoors scenes.

Meanwhile, Squee the Little Fae dragon can be your fairies’ new best friend!

As for me, I think I’ll be hiding from RawArt’s terrifying Wither in the gorgeous Tropical Cave.

Artist Store Sales: Save 40% Today

There seem to be a lot of artists to pick from today. Some of these we’ve seen here many times now (-esha- is now level with ironman13 and outoftouch for the most times on sale so far this month). Others such as RawArt and yesterday’s new entries Jack Tomalin, Jepe and Alessandro AM, are only making their second appearance.

While most artists seem to average out at 4 turns on sale (so far), a good many appeared twice and haven’t been back. So don’t count on any of these vendors coming up again — except in an end of month catch-up (and that probably won’t include anyone who was in the mid-month catch-up).

Date Added Artist Genre or Speciality
20th -esha- Clothing and footwear
20th Countess Characters
20th Cute3D Clothing and Footwear
20th Emma and Jordi Jewels, Characters, Expressions
20th Fisty Jewels/Accessories, Characters, Clothing
20th FWArt Characters
20th RawArt Creatures, Monsters and Fantasy Characters
20th Sedor Poses
19th Alessandro AM Animals, Fur and Hair, Environments
19th FirstBastion Environments, Sets, Props
19th Forbidden Whispers Shaders, Textures, Lights, Characters
19th Jack Tomalin Sets and Props
19th Jepe Characters, 2D Special Effects
19th Porsimo Weaponry
19th Pretty3D Clothing (sexy)
19th smay Clothing, Characters, Expressions/Poses

Quick Link: DAZ3D March Madness page.

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