March Madness: Day 22

3-d Content on sale todayDay 22 and I’m not sure what became of the ‘limited time’ offer some of us saw briefly yesterday on Victoria 6 Pro. If you saw the banner and then couldn’t get the product, it was probably withdrawn due to unforeseen problems (the disappearance of a forum post on the topic suggests this). Fingers crossed it will return on a later date.

If it’s any consolation, there are some monster deals in March Madness today — literally. We have The AntFarm to thank for the new Battle Orc, along with his rocky prop set and fearsome outfit.

Not your cup of tea? Merlin Studios’ release could be music to your ears. He brings us an electric guitar plus all the props you’ll need. You can also buy this new launch bundled with his popular acoustic guitar. I’m a big fan of his work, and though at first I didn’t think I’d need this new model set, I can suddenly see all kinds of scenes that would put it to use. How many teen characters are about to drive their parents insane by inviting the rest of their band round for a session in the new Attic Bedroom?

If you just want to work with lovely models in a variety of poses, you’ll need to take a look at Aave Nainen’s new dress — it is compatible with a crazy amount of G2F poses, meaning if you use a matching pose you’ll get a realistic look that’s normally hard to achieve. For something different, pick up Flipmode’s Wet, Sweat and Rain skin overlays for even more realism. They come with raindrop props and light presets to help you get the best from them.

New Releases, plus Eligible Items from Earlier Days

Release Date Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
22nd Sweet-n-Sassy for Genesis 2 Female(s) Aave Nainen Clothing with Pose morphs (G2F) $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
22nd The Attic Bedroom Forbidden Whispers, FWArt Set $13.17 $8.78 $21.95
22nd Wet, Sweat & Rain Flipmode Skin wetmaps (G2F) $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
22nd Acoustic & Electric Guitars Bundle Merlin Studios Prop Bundle $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
22nd Battle Orc The AntFarm Character (G2M) $11.37 $7.58 $18.95
22nd Battle Gear Sickleyield, The AntFarm Clothing (G2M) $10.17 $6.78 $16.95
22nd Battle Rocks The AntFarm Props $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
22nd Guitar and Props Merlin Studios Props $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
21st The Pit Dreamlight Set with Lighting $20.97 $13.98 $34.95
21st Bio Squad Blaster JoLab1985 Armour and Weaponry $9.57 $6.38 $15.95
21st Sabby-Bunny) FWArt, Sabby Character (G2F) $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
21st Taylor Dress Silver, WildDesigns Clothing (G2F) $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
21st Fantasy Fountain Dreamcatcher Set $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
21st So Theatrical Lilflame, WitchDidi Masks and Eye Patches (G2F) $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
21st Inked Vol. 3 Shanas Soulmate Tattoos (G2) $6.57 $4.38 $10.95
21st In Style For Taylor Dress Artemis3d Clothing Textures $5.37 $3.58 $8.95

Today Only Discounts on Selected Items

Want more monsters, brutes and fantasy creatures to go with that new Battle Orc? You’re in luck!

Yes, you might just notice a theme in the featured items today. Whether you prefer the original unisex Genesis base or the gender-split of Genesis 2, there are creatures here for you. There’s even an Aiko 4 character in the mix.

This is the first time I’ve taken a proper look at RawArt’s Giantology and Dwarfology morphs (you also get character materials for the Giant). These products are both fantastic value. They also introduce some amazing diversity to your Genesis characters. Remember, dial the morphs in to a smaller percent and you can create less extreme, more real-world looks for your regular characters.

If you want to work only with Genesis 2, you’ll find the Creature Creator for Genesis 2 Female(s) pack essential. It does only work with female characters, but there will surely be a male equivalent at some point. With fur, scales and zombie skin materials, a zombie outfit, and all kinds of head and body morphs, you can create just about any humanoid fantasy creature you can imagine. Also a must-buy for making alien races. Witches, faeries, and altogether weirder creatures can be yours with a click of the mouse. Oh and you’ll get 58% discount if you are in the Platinum Club.

Date Added Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
22nd Fantasy Races Valandar Characters (G1) $23.97 $15.98 $39.95
22nd Creature Creator DAZ 3D Characters (G2F) $17.97 $12.58* $11.98 $17.37* $29.95
22nd Upland Troll Armour Bundle Predatron Figure and Armour $16.77 $11.18 $27.95
22nd Thunder Struck DzFire Vehicle $14.97 $9.98 $24.95
22nd Warhound Predatron Figure $14.97 $9.98 $24.95
22nd Troll for Genesis DAZ 3D Character (G1) $14.97 $10.48* $9.98 $14.47* $24.95
22nd Dwarf for Genesis Ghost of Macbeth Characters (G1/M5) $13.17 $8.78 $21.95
22nd Skull Rock The AntFarm Set $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
22nd Pabu for Aiko 4 -Godin-, Thorne Character (A4) $10.17 $6.78 $16.95
22nd Dark Elves Ignis Serpentus Characters (G2F) $8.97 $5.98 $14.95
22nd Giantology RawArt Character (G1/F5) $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
22nd Raw Dwarfology RawArt Morphs (G1) $5.97 $3.98 $9.95

Artist Store Sales: Save 40% Today

I try not to play favourites as we all have different artistic interests, but from today’s store sales I have to recommend Merlin Studios. This fantastic artist puts so much detail into his work. You often get a whole host of props with his sets, plus lighting, skyboxes and even camera presets. If you like the Medieval/Gothic look you’ll find enough sets here to create your own historic world. He also recreates some architecture and gardens of the East in all its beauty.

While everyone else has appeared at least once, this is Merlin’s first time in this March Madness’ artist sale section. But it’s also a good time to catch up with returning artists. Aave Nainen is always worth a look for clothes, Flipmode has those versatile environments we all enjoy, and The AntFarm is pure originality. Plus the character artists (or a good share of them) are back again to offer your figures a whole new look.

Date Added Artist Genre or Speciality
22nd Aave Nainen Clothing
22nd Flipmode Sets, Clothing
22nd Forbidden Whispers Textures, Characters, Lights
22nd Merlin Studios Sets, Props, Nature
22nd The AntFarm Futuristic and Fantasy
21st Artemis3d Characters
21st Dreamcatcher Medieval Props/Sets
21st Dreamlight Lighting, Props, Training
21st JoLab1985 Bio-Armour
21st Sabby Characters
21st ShanasSoulmate Textures and Tattoos
21st Silver Characters, Textures

Quick Link: DAZ3D March Madness page.

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