March Madness: Day 23

MM2014 23rd New ReleasesIt’s the end of week 3 of March Madness 2014. Have you kept something back for week 4? There’s been talk of a new male generation 6 character… but as it was quickly hushed I’ll say no more.

The good news, if you are in the camp that wants more men and more stuff for them, is that you could soon have something to spend your ‘punches’ (reward points) on. Or not. They are keeping us guessing. Today, though, there’s no guessing when it comes to the new releases. These are all available to buy right now, with their introductory 40% discount.

Charlie is the new girl in town, so if you own Victoria 6 (needed for her shape, but not to use her skin textures) give her a warm welcome. I don’t know exactly what a Hot Mess is but that’s the name of Charlie’s bundle, in which you get the character, her skimpy outfit and bikini. The 2 outfits are also available separately today.

If you like tattoos, Charlie has some incredible ones. She also has a range of beautiful eye colours and a range of realistic-looking makeup which is always a plus point if you like to try different looks. You can see all the options in her promo images, available along with promos for other releases on the DAZ3D MM2014 page.

New Releases, plus Eligible Items from Earlier Days

Release Date Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
23rd Hot Mess Bundle Demonica Evilius, Silver Character Bundle (V6) $16.17 $10.78 $26.95
23rd Bachelor’s Lair Dreamlight Set $14.97 $9.98 $24.95
23rd The Great Wizards Mec4D Character Bundle (G2M) $13.77 $9.18 $22.95
23rd Capucine Hair SWAM Hair $11.37 $7.58 $18.95
23rd Charlie Demonica Evilius, Silver Character (V6) $10.17 $6.78 $16.95
23rd Hot Mess Outfit Demonica Evilius, Silver Clothing (G2F) $9.57 $6.38 $15.95
23rd Capucine Hair Color SWAM Hair Add-On $6.57 $4.38 $10.95
23rd XBikini Demonica Evilius, Silver Clothing (G2F) $5.37 $3.58 $8.95
22nd Sweet-n-Sassy for Genesis 2 Female(s) Aave Nainen Clothing with Pose morphs (G2F) $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
22nd The Attic Bedroom Forbidden Whispers, FWArt Set $13.17 $8.78 $21.95
22nd Wet, Sweat & Rain Flipmode Skin wetmaps (G2F) $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
22nd Acoustic & Electric Guitars Bundle Merlin Studios Prop Bundle $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
22nd Battle Orc The AntFarm Character (G2M) $11.37 $7.58 $18.95
22nd Battle Gear Sickleyield, The AntFarm Clothing (G2M) $10.17 $6.78 $16.95
22nd Battle Rocks The AntFarm Props $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
22nd Guitar and Props Merlin Studios Props $7.77 $5.18 $12.95
20th Faylinn – 4 Seasons Bundle Fisty, FWArt, Sabby, Sedor Character Bundle $25.17 $16.78 $41.95

Charlie might be a head turner, but if you’ve had it up to here with female characters and their content, Mec4D has the antidote. Her new launch, The Great Wizards, is a character for Genesis 2 males that comes with a fiber beard, transmapped hair, a full outfit with 2 texture options (hair can also be changed to match), and a magical staff. Perfect for The Hobbit and LOTR inspired renders or anything fantasy.

Dreamlight’s sets are always popular, and today he brings us the Bachelor’s Lair. The great thing about this is that it includes skydomes, light and camera presets, meaning even beginners can get nice results.

Today Only Discounts on Selected Items

Whether your budget is large enough for you to grab some 3 figure savings, or down to your last 10 dollars, you can enjoy today’s selection.

Big budget? Carrara 8.5 Pro is on offer again, at the crazy price of $102.60 if you are in the Platinum Club (since a 3-month membership will only set you back $24 and comes with all kinds of perks, it makes sense to join the PC rather before buying). Here’s something else you should know: buy Carrara 8.5 Pro and you get the Victoria 5 Pro and Michael 5 Pro bundles included. Their full price is $124.95 each.

Small budget? As well as being one of the most generous artists out there and someone who consistently turns out high quality models and utilities, Sickleyield has a touch of genius. Yes, she’s done it again with Tied Up! This versatile prop for Genesis 2 seems to have been incredibly popular, and the price is certainly right.

Date Added Model Artist Type 40% price (*=PC) You Save Regular Price
23rd Carrara 8.5 Pro DAZ 3D Software $171.00 $102.60* $378.95 $447.35* $549.95
23rd aniMate2 GoFigure Software $35.97 $23.98 $59.95
23rd DzFire’s Building Pak 1 DzFire Sets $29.99 $20.00 $49.99
23rd Garibaldi Express Hair System (DS) future biscuit Hair Creator $26.97 $17.98 $44.95
23rd Cat World Regenesis HD Bundle RawArt Character Bundle (G1) $24.57 $16.38 $40.95
23rd Domina Bundle Shifting Images Character and Outfit $21.57 $14.38 $35.95
23rd Canal Street Dexsoft Games Set $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
23rd CyberMech 4.1 DzFire Bot $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
23rd Future Wilderness Luthbel Clothing Bundle (G1) $17.97 $11.98 $29.95
23rd Luxus Spheric Labs Render Engine $11.97 $7.98 $19.95
23rd Tied Up! Sickleyield Morphing Props (G2) $7.77 $5.18 $12.95

Artist Store Sales: Save 40% Today

Finally, a quick round up of today’s artist store sales. First-time appearances in this section today by DemonicaEvilius and Eva1, and only the second appearance of the month from the mighty Stonemason.

Eva1 has a small but very welcome collection of shaders. She was kind enough to sponsor the beginner’s contest in which I placed last year, so I’m the happy owner of those gorgeous Parquet Floors and can put her wood, metallic and urban shaders alike to excellent use. You will rarely if ever see her store in Flash Sales, so do buy while you’ve got the chance. Her products include sets not just for DAZ Studio but also for Bryce.

If you like DemonicaEvilius‘ work on Charlie, take a look at the rest of this store for characters with fantasy makeup, plus a selection of revealing outfits.

Also we see the welcome return of a DAZ Original category sale. This time it’s the turn of all things with a Teen theme: characters, clothing, accessories and more. Definitely have a browse as lots of youthful (but not restricted to teen) outfits are there. Some poses and all hairstyles (including the Victoria 5 Elite Ponytail) will work with your other characters from that generation.

Date Added Artist Genre or Speciality
23rd Demonica Evilius Fantasy Characters, Clothing
23rd Dreamlight Lighting, Props, Training
23rd DzFire Vehicles, Cyborgs, Props
23rd Eva1 Shaders
23rd Stonemason Sets (large) and Props
23rd SWAM Hair
23rd DAZ3D Category Sale Teens
22nd Aave Nainen Clothing
22nd Flipmode Sets, Clothing
22nd Forbidden Whispers Textures, Characters, Lights
22nd Merlin Studios Sets, Props, Nature
22nd The AntFarm Futuristic and Fantasy

Quick Link: DAZ3D March Madness page.

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