April 2014 Deals on DAZ 3D: 1st – 7th

First Week April Fast GrabIt’s almost a relief to welcome April and say goodbye to the crazy sales that happen each March in the world of 3D content. Don’t lock up your credit card just yet though. The catch-up event for March Madness on DAZ3D looks to go on for a few extra days. And in any case, there’s still Fast Grab and maybe even some flash sales to look out for.

There will also be 5 new weekly freebies this month (totally free if you are in the Platinum Club, free when buying something else if not) and PC members also have the new monthly freebie to look forward to. This used to be exclusive to club members but it looks like these days non members can get it with a purchase, so we can all get excited about the April model. If you are reading this before the new model appears, make sure you get hold of Jack Tomalin’s Deco Bus Stop, which was the free 3D model for the month of March. This might also be your last chance to get hold of Valandar’s Security Systems which is a great prop for sci-fi and other action renders.

Oh and on April 1st, be sure to pick up the Emperor’s New Clothes clothing textures — available for free for one day only. 😉 Update: it’s still there, so I’ve added it to the list. If you’re as curious as I am about this magnificent freebie, why not go ahead and add it to your order…

Quick Links
Head on over to the Fast Grab store page for any of the 70% deals. They can change daily so you’ll need to act quickly.

For the monthly and weekly model giveaways, go to the Freebies of the store.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
2nd 7th Weekly Freebie Fine Dining Fisty Free* $10.95
1st 30th Monthly PC Freebie Resort Lagoon petipet Free* $16.95
5th 6th March Madness Catch Up All MM2014 Products All Participating Artist Stores March Madness pricing 1=40% off, 2=50%
4th 6th Fast Grab Mimic Live DAZ 3D $14.99 $34.96
4th 6th Fast Grab Skeleton Dungeon DAZ 3D $8.98 $20.97
4th 6th Fast Grab Shashala Sorcerine Outfit Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
4th 6th Fast Grab Fantastica Hair SWAM $5.99 $13.96
4th 6th Fast Grab Genesis Creature Creator Heads DAZ 3D $5.39 $12.56
4th 6th Fast Grab Genesis Creature Creator Bodies DAZ 3D $5.39 $12.56
3rd 3rd Fast Grab V4 Hero Pro Pack DAZ 3D $53.99 $125.96
3rd 3rd Fast Grab Citizen Wicked Hereafter Xena $5.39 $12.56
3rd 3rd Fast Grab Garbage Cans Valandar $3.89 $9.06
2nd 2nd Fast Grab Kameez for Genesis Bobbie25 $7.49 $17.46
2nd 2nd Fast Grab Feather Hair goldtassel $4.19 $9.76
2nd 2nd Fast Grab Feather Male Hair goldtassel $3.89 $9.06
1st 2nd Bonus Freebie Emperor’s New Clothes for Asgard Cleric DAZ 3D Free $9.95
30th March 2nd Discount $200+ Gift Card DAZ 3D 15% off $30+
1st 1st Fast Grab V4 Elite Texture Ariana DAZ 3D $8.99 $20.96
1st 1st Fast Grab Lovely Girl Cute3D $5.99 $13.96
1st 1st Fast Grab Hadara Hair Cimerone, Propschick $5.99 $13.96
31st March 31st March Extreme March Madness Extreme March Madness All (excludes New items) March Madness pricing 1=40% off, 2=50%
31st March 31st March Fast Grab Classics Bundle for Genesis DAZ 3D $35.99 $83.96
31st March 31st March Fast Grab Women’s Business Wear for Genesis Bobbie25, Sarsa $5.99 $13.96
31st March 31st March Fast Grab Women’s Business Wear Textures Sarsa $3.89 $9.06
26th March 31st March Fast Grab Supersuit Super Hero Content Bundle DAZ 3D $14.99 $34.97
26th March 2nd Weekly Freebie Security Systems Valandar Free* $6.95

Did you catch the Extreme March Madness flash sale? It only lasted 6 hours. I bought a couple of things, one from a vendor who very rarely goes on sale and hadn’t taken part in March Madness. Other people bought their entire wishlists!

I’ve got to say, I think both the weekly freebie (Fine Dining from Fisty) and the monthly freebie (Resort Lagoon by petipet) look sensational. The petipet model is a whole lot of fun in one package, and Fisty’s one is just so useful and exactly what I was needing. Thanks to both of you, and also to Valandar, ARTCollaborations, Jack Tomalin, and everyone else who contributes their talent and work to these very welcome free model initiatives.

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  1. Holly Day says:

    These savings look quite attractive and it seems that these past days were the right time to get hands on the tools that one wants.

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